10 interesting places for summer sex

So, you waited for summer, you were surprised to find that you can have sex not only under two blankets in socks. I want change and lightness, I want the passion to be like in the movies, but even if there is no Malibu rescuer next to you, everything is quite achievable. You just need to get out of the stuffy apartment for sex to sparkle with new colors. In the summer, romance and passion can be found literally everywhere. That is why we have made for you, curious experimenters, a selection of places where summer sex will be simply excellent.

1. Water and pools

Naturally, when we talk about warmth and heat, we immediately think of rivers or pools. It is also natural that naked and hot bodies immediately come to mind. Offhand, you can recall several films at once, where the heroes-lovers glide smoothly in the water and have beautiful sex. In practice, however, you need to prepare very well for the process, otherwise, after the pool, go on a not-so-romantic date with a venereologist together. Water is a kind of incubator for infections, but as long as they do not get into the mucous membrane, there is nothing to be afraid of. This does not mean that the blue dream must be abandoned. Just choose really proven pools. A pretty good option is the sea, because of the salt water. But local rivers and lakes are best avoided as a testing ground for sexual games. Also remember that condoms don’t work in water, and water washes away natural lubricant. A real salvation will be a special lubricant , which to some extent saves from infection, and does not allow you to lose moisture in liquids. 

2. Cable car

If you are afraid of heights, then it’s time to eradicate this fear empirically. If the city has a cable car, then you don’t need a word more. Surprise your partner with originality and extreme, and, in fact, the option is very safe and does not require any preparation. The main thing is to make sure that there are no booths full of tourists driving behind and in front of you.
An additional fee for the staff of the attraction will allow them to agree to stop the mechanism somewhere in the middle of the route, if the length of the road is not too long and the day is clearly non-touristy. Just imagine how interesting it is to freeze in zero gravity, so that there is a city and forests around, and you seem to soar in the sky. Advice: do not rock the booth too much, otherwise even if there was no fear of heights, it may appear. 

3. Music plays on the boat

Any water vehicle, and now you are already daring experimenters and passionate lovers. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you go out on the river in an inflatable boat or rent a yacht at sea – all options are good. Only in the first, perhaps, there is more extreme, any awkward movement and you have the opportunity to have sex in the water. The most affordable, but convenient option is to rent a motor boat. Choose a remote backwater and start exploring each other. A little life hack – so that romance completely blows your mind , go on a water journey at night. It is impossible to convey in words what kind of beauty it is – to be on the water, when the stars are reflected in the surface, and the moon is shining overhead. 

4. Roof 

Well, we cannot miss the theme of the summer starry sky, we cannot. Why do you think teenagers constantly hang out on the roof? Because they understand romance. The whole city in the palm of your hand, you are higher to the sky – there is nothing better for two people. In fact, you will be surprised how many uncovered roofs are in cities. An attempt may be crowned with success already on the first trial version. Also, if you are completely lost, sit on city forums – they discuss not only open, but also the most beautiful roofs.
Then everything depends on your imagination. You can have sex while standing, like generals on a parade, looking at houses and buildings. You can take a blanket and champagne with you in order to arrange true relaxation in general. Just be prepared to grab it all and run if the watchman arrives. But even that has teenage romance.

5. Music festival

Summer is the time for the festival, it is enough to look at the poster for June in Moscow to be convinced of this. Now such large-scale festivals are being held that you can dance and sing at them for several days in a row, trampling the grass and warming yourself with cocktails. An atmosphere of love, happiness and freedom reigns on them. Even stale crackers begin to dance, not to mention those who have been waiting for their favorite group for months. And festivals are also an island of free love , there is something of a hippie in it. You will not surprise anyone here with hot kisses, and a couple who have quieted down in a secluded corner will not shock people. And there are a huge number of such corners here, ranging from toilets and ending with a tent city. Your best bet is to find some bushes near the stage to get into the decibels directly. By the way, this gap is also suitable for free people who just want to have fun and try sex without obligation. Stock up on condoms, otherwise you can pick up the spirit of sexually transmitted diseases with the spirit of freedom. 

6. Dancing

Summer is also a time of activity, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Pump up for the beach and add passion to your relationship at the same time. Any pair dancing will do – tango, salsa, social dancing, and so on and so forth. Needless to say, these are very sexy and contact dances? Some of them literally imitate flirting or eroticism. Once your body gets used to it, you will begin to feel incredible sexual energy and attraction to each other.
Then, one fine evening, arrange a dance in the dark or with a minimum of light (for example, light candles). There is a very small chance that all this will not end with passionate sex. It will be absolutely gorgeous if you stay in the dance hall until late or rent it for yourself. Around the mirror and your movements. By the way, if you are a lonely lady, then take a closer look at your instructor. Dancers are the best lovers.

7. Tent

Outdoor recreation for adults has its advantages. This, of course, is a real sex trip for a couple – just have time to eat and sometimes swim. Moreover, we have already prepared for you the best sex positions in a tent, so the field for experimentation is very large. And when you finally, having quarreled three times and cursing everything, put on this hellish construction, it’s just a sacred thing to celebrate it with hot sex. When you get tired of the tent, move under the light of the stars by pulling out an air mattress. Not a soul around, only crickets and frogs. Just stock up on mosquito repellents in advance, otherwise sexual intercourse will develop into continuous slaps on insects. 

8. Machine

If you don’t have a tent or you don’t want to mess with setting it up, it doesn’t matter. The express course of a young sexual fighter advises to get out into nature by car, and arrange hot fun in it. And yes, we have top positions for an uncomfortable car at first glance. You will be surprised how many and how diverse they are. The main thing is to make sure that the area is really deserted. Well, watch your hands and feet so that you do not accidentally press anything that will cause the car to go away without permission. In the summer, you can have sex on the hood, and for safety and convenience in the back seat. 

9. Wagon

It’s great if you decide to go somewhere further in the summer than your city. And it doesn’t matter that it’s not on the plane. After all, while you comprehend the romance of the railway, all this sound of wheels on the rails and lulling rolling, you can also comprehend each other. Then there will definitely be something to remember, especially if you are traveling in a reserved seat. In this case, sex requires special skill and silence, so as not to wake up the pensioner on the next shelf at night.
And if you have your own carriage, and even there is no one in it except you, then you don’t even have to think about it. The train shelves, by the way, are quite comfortable and allow you to try many poses. And extreme, again, is guaranteed.

10. Picnic

Well, and finally, we left the classics. To live the summer and not have sex in nature during a picnic is already bad manners. Even if you got out with friends on the bank of the river, nothing prevents you from retiring at some point away from the crowd. But the best thing, of course, is to go on a picnic together. A blanket, a basket of wine and a snack, mosquito repellent and an occasional playlist on your phone will make this day an unforgettable experience. Summer tends to end quickly (as does sex with a bad partner). But you have the opportunity to try a lot of interesting places and surroundings for your love pleasures. 

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