10 sex positions in which a woman dominates

Tired of having a man in your bedroom? Then we propose to diversify intimate life with piquant sex positions in which a woman dominates. And to make it easier to achieve orgasm, combine these positions with the use of the most popular sex toys.

1. Missionaries Vice versa
The most basic position in sex is called “Missionary”. In it, the woman lies on her back, and the man penetrates her body, lying on top of her partner. Typical patriarchy in general. Boring, outdated. Try to switch roles – have the man lie on the bed and the girl sit on top of him.

To enhance orgasm: stimulant for couples

An unforgettable experience will be given by the leader of modern toys – a stimulant for couples. Devices of this kind are guaranteed to provide a pleasant experience for both partners. One part of the stimulator is inserted into the vagina, and the other is located outside the vagina on the clitoris. As a result of using the toy, the man will feel a tighter penetration, the woman will feel a pleasant feeling of fullness. There will also be additional stimulation of the clitoris – the most important organ of female pleasure. It’s not for nothing that these stimulants are on the list of sex toys that every couple should try. 

2. Private dance
Want to drive a man crazy? Then perform a striptease for him, which smoothly turns into an erotic lap dance. By the way, knee dance poses can also become sex positions. Well, we thought about the excitement of men. What about lovely ladies? Stimulation of the clitoris will help them reach the peak of bliss (since access to it is open).

To enhance orgasm: clitoral butterfly vibrator

In this case, clitoral butterfly stimulators will help to achieve a sweet orgasm. Some butterflies stimulate the clitoris by attaching a projection (like a tiny penis) inside the vagina, and some are held in place by straps. The latter option is best for a private dance.

3. Liana
Not the easiest position, to be honest. It is best to try it for couples in which the man is strong, and the girl is fragile and weighs little (after all, she will have to lie on his body, leaning with all her weight). The partner can help the girlfriend move by guiding her body with his hands. But it is better to enjoy the right to dominate yourself. For more vivid sensations, a girl should wrap her legs around the man’s calves. Actually, that’s why the pose is called “Liana”, because a girl – like a vine – entangles a guy with her legs. The tension in the muscles in her legs will increase the blood flow so that the sensation of sex will be more intense. By the way, here’s a little trick – to make your arousal and orgasm more powerful in any position, just try to tighten your leg muscles.

To enhance orgasm: wave clitoral stimulator

No matter how pleasant the position is, it is not always easy to achieve a quick orgasm in it. How to be? Apply stimulation with a dodgy sex toy. For example, you can use a vacuum-wave clitoris stimulator, which will suck and caress the “bead” while the girl wriggles on the penis of her chosen one. Position “Liana” is simply created for such a sex toy, because in this case, access to the clitoris is open and you can have fun with it.

4. Spider
An ideal pose for girls who crave active movements. To create a deep range of motion along the penis, it is best to squat with your feet resting on the floor or on the surface of the bed. This position allows a man to actively caress a woman’s breasts. By the way, if such fun is to your liking, ask your partner to explore options for fondling nipples during foreplay and sex. 

To enhance orgasm: cock ring with vibration

Do you want to prolong sexual intercourse? Then suggest the man to use the cock ring. Cock rings are put on the penis, preventing the outflow of blood, thanks to which the man does not cum longer. For more enjoyment, vibration rings are recommended. Many of these rings have special sections designed to stimulate the clitoris. So an orgasm is provided for both partners.

5. Doggy-style
Passionate pose is equally liked by lovers of fast movements and fans of leisurely sex. It is worth changing the angle a little, as the position helps to feel new emotions – and all thanks to different angles of penetration. The posture of women pleases the fact that you can actively move towards your partner, sitting on the man’s penis with the desired strength or depth. And the guys from “doggy-style” are delighted, because in it they have an amazing view of the girl’s buttocks. And if all your life you thought that the main thing for guys is the chest, then you were wrong. The overwhelming majority of men primarily look at an elastic ass. If you love this pose, be sure to check out the Doggy Style Pose variations in our selection. Ask your loved one for variety for the sake of freezing in place and allowing you to be active in a kneeling position.  

To enhance orgasm: BDSM toys for spanking and whipping

In this position, it is possible to apply the spanking technique – erotic slaps on the ass. By the way, about spanking. Are you brave enough to experiment with BDSM techniques? Calm down, it doesn’t hurt! More precisely, there will be a slight pleasant pain that arouses desire. In “Doggy” it is good to use all kinds of BDSM toys for whipping: whips, paddles, stacks, and so on. Thanks to the blows to the buttocks, blood will begin to rush to the genitals. In addition, the spanking causes vibrations that affect the erogenous zones. All this provides a growing arousal and, as a result, causes a strong orgasm. 

6. Jack
In this unusual position of sex, access to the clitoris is open, which means that it is worth stimulating it. Hmm, what kind of toy would you use this time? I propose to take a closer look at the vibrating massagers so popular among ladies. Both the partner and the partner can hold such a massager.

To enhance orgasm: Vibrator massager

The frictions created by the massager will help to stimulate not only the clitoris itself, but the entire bosom area, including the labia minora and labia majora. A nice bonus: vibrations will also be transmitted to the guy’s penis when he is in the girl’s body.

7. Back entrance

Many men (understandably) dream of anal sex. Taking possession of a partner in the most extravagant way is a dream that some guys never come true. Why? Because many women (for no less understandable reasons) are afraid of anal sex. Well, I have good news for men: it will be easier for you to persuade a lady to have anal sex if you promise her complete freedom of action. Let her control the depth of penetration and the angle of entry of the penis, sitting on top of her partner.

To enhance orgasm: rabbit vibrator

But let’s be honest – even women who enjoy anal sex don’t always have an orgasm from it. To enhance the extravaganza of feelings, try to combine anal penetration with stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot. And for this purpose there is nothing better than fun with a vibrator class “Rabbit”. Most of these vibrators have a floating penis head (often curved to reach the G-spot). These toys are called rabbits because of the processes that look like rabbit ears. These ears vibrate at different speeds. When the vibrator is inserted into the vagina, its ears reach the clitoris. Their movements stimulate not only the head of the clitoris, but also its so-called clitoral legs.

8. Riding a chair

Just a stunning pose that has many virtues. A man can caress his partner’s breasts, a woman can actively move. The good thing about this pose is that it has both G-spot stimulation and the ability to play with the clitoris. However, there is a way to make the pose even more enjoyable. To achieve a powerful orgasm during vaginal sex in this case will help … butt plug! Do not rush to shout “fu!”. I regret all those years when I kicked off suggestions to use cork. She really makes sex more enjoyable!

To enhance orgasm: butt plug

Lubricate the plug liberally with lubricant and insert it into the anus, and then ask the man to insert the penis into your vagina. With the plug, penetration will become well, oh, very tight – every movement of the penis will cause pleasant friction. Well, if you choose not just an ordinary plug, but a plug with vibration, then you will feel these very vibrations both in the ass and in the vagina. A man will also be delighted with new sensations, because the vibrations of the cork will be transmitted to his penis. 

9. Lady’s saddle

Do you want to feel like a true lady? Then try one of the seated sequential positions. A girl needs to throw both legs to one side – just like the riders of past centuries did when they rode in ladies’ saddles.

To enhance orgasm: vibrating finger tip

It is a sin not to use the opportunity to caress the clitoris while riding a man. If your fingers are tired, we advise you to pamper yourself with a wonderful device such as a fingertip. These attachments often have a textured surface that can create frictional pressure on the clitoris. Lovers of intense sensations will appreciate the models of attachments equipped with motors, thanks to which the toy creates pleasant vibrations. The attachment can be put on a finger by both a girl and a man. 

10. The Frog Princess The
girl takes a pose resembling a sitting frog. Just an unmatched option for those who dream of mastering the secrets of the pompur technique – the ancient sex practice of bringing a man to orgasm by compressing intimate muscles. Especially skillful girls can orgasm and make a man orgasm by freezing in place and contracting exclusively intimate muscles. More often than not, both women and men culminate in friction and thrusting, so squeezing will be a pleasant new experience.    

To enhance orgasm: vaginal balls and Kegel trainers

To train intimate muscles, you should perform Kegel exercises using special vaginal balls and special egg simulators. They will not only improve health, but also improve the quality of sex. Modern models can surprise with thoughtful functionality: some balls and eggs vibrate pleasantly, some also connect with a smartphone, and special applications on the phone help to track the results of training. Start exercising with the Kegel trainer to reach a new level of sexual prowess. There is no place on the way to the best in life orgasm of feigned modesty and passivity. It is important to try new things, to change roles, to apply amazing technological innovations among toys. After all, they were created for this – to give us sensual pleasure. Give each other vivid impressions and do not be afraid to use all kinds of intimate toys in sex. We wish you fun experiments and unforgettable orgasms! 

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