10 trendy sex toys as a gift for February 14

February 14 is approaching – a holiday of love and romance. Tired of giving Valentine’s Day cards in the shape of hearts, bees, roses and candy? Give your loved one a more valuable gift that will help you ascend to seventh heaven from bliss. Surprise your soulmate with a surprise with … sex toys! Hello, inquisitive reader! Are you a guy? Then read the article carefully, because interesting and spicy gift ideas for your girlfriend are waiting for you here. Well, if you are a representative of the beautiful half of humanity, then by chance show the article to your beloved or choose from our selection the most interesting intimate things for you by compiling your wish list of gifts. Well, let’s explore a couple of naughty ideas for a passionate Valentine’s Day? 


1. Vibrator rabbit
Fun Factory Miss Bi by Masha Davay

Not sure what to give your beloved woman? Give her a vivid orgasm, which she is guaranteed to experience with such an interesting sex device. Vibrators of the “Rabbit” class have become the real leaders among the most popular sex toys. Thanks to its clever design, the Fun Factory Miss Bi vibrator stimulates the most important points of pleasure.        

The head, made in the shape of a male penis, massages the female womb, and funny “rabbit ears” emit a variety of vibrations, stimulating the clitoris and labia. The movements of these very “ears” can resemble oral sex of varying intensity. Now imagine these sensations together: vaginal sex + Cooney = bright orgasm! This vibrator will be appreciated by girls who like the feeling of fullness. It is created due to the special shape of the trunk, extended towards the base. 

2. Hot Planet Pluto Squirting Vibrator

Do you want to experience all the richness of pleasure that only fingering can give you ? Bringing to orgasm by stimulating erogenous zones with fingers is an ancient technique, and to this day is considered a virtuoso form of foreplay. The art of love at your fingertips has reached a new level thanks to modern sex devices. Interested? Then pay attention to the Hot Planet Pluto squirt vibrator .    

Enjoy unmatched pleasure with this vibrating finger attachment. Such a vibrator can be used on yourself during masturbation or in petting, caressing your partner. The vibrating nozzle allows you to stimulate not only the clitoris, but also other sensory areas of the body – neck, nipples, back. But the main task of such a vibrator is to bring a woman to a strong orgasm by stimulating the cherished G-spot. Well, there it is a stone’s throw to squirt! 

3. Minna Life KGoal Kegel Trainer

Every modern woman has heard a lot about the magical effect of Kegel exercises, which allows not only to strengthen intimate health, but also positively affect the strength of orgasm. If 10 years ago Kegel simulators were basically simple balls and eggs made of different materials, then today the world of technology surprises us with simply amazing devices. These sophisticated simulators will help you master the pompur sex technique, during which orgasms are achieved not through friction, but as a result of compression of the intimate muscles. 

For example, the Mina Life KGoal simulator can help you track the effectiveness of your workouts by letting a woman know how much she is squeezing her intimate muscles. The device syncs with your smartphone and helps you better understand the training process. The device has a clever design that is created with the female anatomy in mind. The simulator is conveniently located inside the vagina, and its lever remains outside and serves as a kind of fitness tracker.   

4. Stimulator for couples Satisfyer Double Joy

Do you want your couple’s intimate life to sparkle with bright colors of sensual pleasure? Then pamper yourself with pleasant intimate experiments together with the original stimulant for couples. An amazing sex toy creates incredible sensations that even the most skillful lover cannot give in sex with penetration. An interesting design of the device was created in such a way that one half of it could be inserted into the vagina, placing the other half over the clitoris. The device not only creates a feeling of fullness and tight penetration, but also stimulates the labia, clitoris and G-spot.

Such a gift will be a great excuse to try sex toys with a partner! And if the dignity of the chosen one is too great for such fun, then the Satisfyer Double Joy vibrator can be used in solo masturbation.    


5. Gift set of flavoring lubricants JO Tri-Me Triple Pack – Gelato

Love can be delicious in every sense of the word. You can’t imagine life without oral sex? Then a set of high-quality oral lubricants with flavors will be an excellent gift for yourself and your loved one. Many people mistakenly believe that during oral sex, you can do without lubrication, because saliva replaces it. However, in reality, lubricant is much better than saliva. It does not dry out as quickly as saliva, it gives a smooth glide, prevents the appearance of chafing on the lips and intimate areas (arising from diligent manipulations). And also such lubricants excite pleasant aromas and tastes. In general, the advantages are countless, and therefore during a blowjob and cunnilingus it is better to use special lubricants for oral sex. The composition of JO Tri-Me Triple Pack – Gelato lubricants is thought out taking into account the wishes of the most fastidious gourmets. Lubricants do not hold back sugar, they are hypoallergenic, water-based (which means they can be combined with silicone sex toys). Of course, these lubricants are edible and you can safely swallow them without being distracted from the process of oral sex. In addition to the pleasant sensations and protection of lips from drying out during oral sex, flavoring lubricants are an excellent choice for those who do not really like the taste of a partner’s natural intimate secretions. In the set you will find three interesting flavors: ultra-popular salted caramel, delicate crème brulee, and spicy and refreshing mint chocolate. 


6. Vibrator Duckie 2.0 Romance 

This funny sex toy really looks like a toy – a funny duckling for the bathroom. By the way, for sexual amusements in the bath it was created. This unique vibrator-massager will not only cheer you up, but also give you a pleasant relaxation after a busy day. The waterproof toy runs on conventional AA batteries. Just turn on the duckling and it will begin to vibrate pleasantly, caressing the skin. Where exactly to caress? You decide!   


The Duckie 2.0 Romance vibrator looks cute and does not evoke associations with sex toys at all, and therefore it can be safely stored in the bathroom, without fear of inquiries from curious guests.  

7. Vibrating butt plug Gplug

Ladies who appreciate the spicy beauty of anus stimulation will surely love the vibrating butt plug. Her delicate vibrations of varying intensity will increase her partner’s arousal. In this way, the girl will be able to prepare herself for anal sex with penis penetration. The plug can also be inserted into the anus during vaginal sex if a woman wants to feel a feeling of fullness in the vagina when the penis is inserted into the bosom. The advantage of this model is that the Gplug anal vibration plug is made of bio-skin – an ultra-modern artificial material, from touching which it feels like you are touching delicate skin. 

8. Vibrating Finger Gring

A compact device for girls who value clitoral orgasm above all else. The textured surface of the ribbed ringlet will tickle the “pearl”, giving its mistress a voluptuous orgasm. However, you should not be selfish in the bedroom. The vibrating Gring nozzle will please guys too . With such a ring, you can also caress the penis of your beloved man, stimulating the most sensual areas – the bridle and crown framing the head of the penis. Among other things, the nozzle can also fondle any other erogenous zones of both partners.    

What about double pleasure? You will be surprised, but some sex toys can complement each other. For example, you can use the two mentioned models at the same time – a vibration nozzle for a finger ( Gring ) and a vibration plug for an anus ( Gplug ). If the toys are placed next to each other and turned on, then they are synchronized! Yes, yes, you don’t need to do anything else, these “smart” devices do not require any special technical knowledge from you. When connected to a plug, the vibrations of the ring are transmitted to it. In such an interesting way, you can enrich foreplay, simultaneous masturbation with a partner and sex with penetration. Well, of course, it is best to use these toys during fingering with clitoral stimulation of the ring and vibrations of the plug that caresses the anus.    

9. Vacuum-wave stimulator with vibration Cuddly Bird

The tiny “bird” is ideal for girls who love long-term stimulation of the erogenous zones. Equipped with a powerful motor, the toy produces a variety of modes. Do you want strong stimulation? Then press the “abdomen” of the toy to the erogenous zone. If you like a gentle tickling, then the “tail” of the device will give it to you. Well, for vacuum-wave stimulation, simply place the hole located at the top of the toy on the erogenous zone.

With this magnificent device you can give each other a sensual massage. The Cuddly Bird vacuum-wave vibration stimulator is ideal for those who seek to develop their sensuality or simply want to thoroughly study the reactions of their bodies to all kinds of caresses.    

10. Body stockings

What could be sexier than female legs in beautiful stockings? Only the entire female body, dressed in a stocking! Catsuit, bodystocking or body stockings – this is the name of the most delightful category of erotic lingerie. In essence, these are jumpsuits made of openwork lace, latex or mesh – the same fabrics from which stockings are made. However, the fabric covers not only the legs but also the torso. Do not even doubt that a man will go crazy with excitement and happiness when he sees his lady of the heart, dressed in a similar stocking, float into the bedroom with a pauvoy. Translucent matter will pleasantly excite the eye, causing burning desire. Do not take off this outfit before sex – make love right in your stocking. These types of lingerie are thought out in this regard – they have strategically important holes and holes that will allow you to have passionate sex without undressing. The plus of stockings on the body is that they are unusually slim girls with any type of figure. Of course, it is best to combine them with shoes with high and thin heels. Then the legs will look longer and more beautiful, and the whole figure will become thin and excitingly sexy. I will give a little advice for sweet couples who are eager to move to a new level of relationship by joining the knot. For those planning a wedding, I recommend wearing an amazing white bodystocking under the bride’s wedding dress. The groom will be beside himself with happiness on their wedding night!  


Gift box “Give Happiness”

The most exquisite gift will lose the aura of a pleasant surprise if you just put it in your hands without a beautiful decoration. Gift boxes will help create intrigue – it’s so interesting to open them, wondering what is hidden inside! Do you want to give not just a valuable intimate toy, but the festive mood itself? Then arrange your gift beautifully.

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