5 unpleasant consequences of sex

Like any physical activity, sex carries the risk of minor and significant injuries. It is worth knowing about the likely threat in order to protect yourself and your partner. We present to your attention the Top 5 most likely troubles from which no one is immune in the process of intimacy.

1. Fracture of the genital organ

Although there are no bones in the penis, it can also be broken. If during an erection, the male organ is sharply bent, then its porous tissue can be damaged. You can understand that “trouble” has happened by the very strong painful sensations of the man and the formation of a purple bruise. Be careful with your partner as you experiment with poses and aids.

2. Deterioration of vision

Remember how at a young age boys were afraid to masturbate because self-gratification supposedly causes blindness? In fact, this is nonsense and a myth. But in the process of sex, there is indeed a possibility of eye damage. When a person experiences a violent orgasm, there is a powerful rush of blood to the organs of vision, which at best will result in bursting blood vessels, and at worst – a temporary loss of vision.

3. Blockage of the airways

Since some sexually transmitted infections are transmitted even by the oral route, then, giving a blowjob, many partners still use contraception. In this case, there is a high probability of a condom getting into the woman’s larynx, which in turn is fraught with blockage of the airways or the rubber product getting into the gastrointestinal tract. And the material from which the contraceptive is made is not digested by the human body.

4. Deafness

Many couples love to indulge in loud smacking each other in the ear. In fact, this is a very dangerous entertainment. Kisses and caresses with the tongue of the auricles are allowed in foreplay, but too loud sounds in the area of ​​the auditory canal can lead to serious consequences in the form of deafness.

5. Wounds on the skin

The most common unpleasant consequences of bed pleasures are abrasions, scratches, bruises and burns resulting from rubbing against carpet and other surfaces. In some cases, such injuries can cause significant discomfort. As a rule, knees, back and elbows are affected more often than other parts of the body. Be more attentive when having sex in non-standard conditions and positions. If you feel uncomfortable or painful , do not ignore these sensations.
Unfortunately, the pleasure of intimacy can be overshadowed by such injuries, so it is important to consider all the risks, including allergic reactions to latex, semen, fruits. Do not forget about pets, who often try to participate in the sexual process, protecting their owners from “attack” or playing. Forewarned means they are armed, so everyone will enjoy them without unpleasant consequences.

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