5 ways to combat frigidity

Compared to men, it is more difficult for women to become aroused, and it takes us much longer to ignite the fire of passion. Often we are accused of frigidity, without taking into account the fact that the cause of sexual coldness can be a number of important reasons, such as infectious diseases, hormonal imbalance, stress, fatigue, negative experiences in bed, rejection of our body and other psychological aspects. Where medicine is powerless, we must personally help ourselves to get rid of frigidity and increase the degree of arousal. To do this, you need to go through certain stages. 

1. Conversation with a partner

Sexual satisfaction is the goal of both partners, so talking frankly about the problem will not hurt you. Share your thoughts, listen to the man’s suggestions, agree on the use of additional means in the intimate process: lubricants, sex toys.

2. Provocation of sexuality

Awaken your sexuality in any way you can. You know your preferences and weaknesses better, so figure out what can help relieve nervous tension and fatigue and ignite a spark of passion in your soul. Perhaps it will be a full day at the spa . You may be turned on by buying a new set of sexy lingerie. Or maybe a second wind will open after outdoor activities with friends. Do whatever you want, if only for the benefit of an intimate affair.

3. Change of scenery

If sex in your home bed no longer turns you on, this does not mean that you have completely lost interest in intimate fun. Try to transfer them to a different plane, change the scenery. The adrenaline that you get from sex in a different setting will kindle a fire with a trust between you and your partner for a long time .

4. Masturbation 

If you can satisfy yourself on your own, then there is no point in talking about some kind of frigidity. Stimulate yourself more often. You can even practice this in the presence of a partner. Let it also excite him and inspire him for sexual exploits. Make foreplay an art for you. Give them enough time. Share your fantasies with your partner and tell you how best to satisfy you.

5. Extraneous factors

Admit it to yourself honestly, what exactly turns you off of sex? Dig deeper and look your fears and complexes in the eye. In various cases, frigidity can be the result of fear of unwanted pregnancy, complexes about the figure, fears to seem too depraved and vulgar in the eyes of a partner. All of these anxieties tend to accumulate and negatively affect your feelings and sensations in bed.
By the way, frigidity is not always a disease or deviation. Sometimes indifference to sex is inherent in nature itself. And many women live quite happily with this. Sex in their life is present, but without the extravaganza of proper sensations. But this does not bother them at all. If you are not one of them, then try to deal with this problem on your own, and if it does not work out, seek help from a sex therapist. 

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