5 ways to make sex brighter, or not a single technique

In the modern world, sex has long ceased to be a reason at least for acquaintance, not to mention something more. Yes, love each other the way you want. But in this case, the word “love” is a euphemism. And sex is not the same sex.

Faced, shall we say, with difficulties or crises in relationships that negate all efforts to obtain sexual satisfaction, or vice versa, in search of new sensations, not many women read serious psychological literature, preferring light articles. And often they talk about the technique of mechanical sex, postures, movements, entourage, and the emotional component is completely overlooked. So it turns out that everything seems to be technically correct, but there is no spark. Did you not open up to the end, or even your cheekbones were brought together? Paraphrasing the classics, how can you not sit down, are you still not suitable for musicians? You can experiment with different partners, different poses, places of sacred action, accessories, but you still can’t get the desired result if it’s not just about sexual release, but about a deeply emotional experience.

And in fully established pairs there are difficult periods. The orgasm suddenly disappeared from the love game. Even intricate techniques no longer add spice. Passions have subsided, fed up with experiments. When the idea of ​​dancing on the table or starting with wine and candles does not start, because it is banal, and already boring. Everything became gray and mundane. Violent orgasms have sunk into oblivion.

Let’s not sprinkle ashes on our heads. How to diversify your sex life? No not like this. How to return vivid sensations to your bed and move sleep-naps closer to morning? We will leave the song about love-carrots for teenagers and ladies’ novels. Remember the salvation of drowning people whose hands are involved? The sexiest human organ is the brain. He is able to recreate a lot of things in real life. It is only necessary to slightly move the convolutions of this very brain and involve the creative forces of the organism in solving the issue. How to do it?

Step-by-step guide to action

1. Status

First you need to return sex to its spiritual status. Treat sex as a high art, an act of creation, and not a trivial release of sexual tension. Then your creativity will join the business, and this is energy of colossal strength and capabilities. More resources are used to achieve a larger goal. All human systems and organs are involved in the process, each cell generates the necessary energy. And further. Good sex is about trust. After all, in sex we are defenseless. They are most open towards a partner and towards themselves.

2. Purpose

You can get something, I don’t know what, only in a fairy tale. In life, in order to achieve a goal, you need to know it by sight, by name. Outline for yourself what kind of emotions, sensations, in which parts of the body you expect from sex. Feel these sensations at the tactile level with the surface of the skin, the spine, each cell. Recreate them visually, seeing their color, overflow, feel their taste, smell.

3. Recall All

Remember how much trepidation, tenderness, affection, how much energy you put into your most, most memorable sex with a man, whom you wanted from just one glance, not even getting close to the limits of your reach? And this music sounded in you, enveloped you, captivated you. It was? It was. This body included a powerful tool – creativity, your emotions. It translated your desire with every cell, intensified the sensations, intoxicated and inspired. And it was only necessary for a man to touch this perfect, ideally tuned instrument …

And if it was not? Then it is simply necessary to come up with, dream up, imagine, dream. Recreate or imagine those sensations, those experiences that you want to achieve, as if already being inside them, immerse yourself in your feelings.

4. Anchoring

There is such a concept in psychology – an anchor. This is a kind of trigger, touching which, human memory, including bodily and emotional, launches a whole associative array. To put it simply, it works like a conditioned reflex: you saw a rose and came up in your memory a rendezvous with a high school boy who picked an armful of roses for you in a night flower bed, and then you pulled the splinters out of his hands and gently kissed the wounds.

Such an anchor can be deliberately placed on anything, bringing it to automatism. And the memory will helpfully reproduce the desired picture, the desired emotions. In our case, we will anchor sexual experiences. You do not need to program yourself that the “fountain of feelings” will turn on if your partner touches your third cervical vertebra with his left big toe, twisting in an intricate pirouette according to the picture from the Kama Sutra. But you yourself, with a light touch, naturally “turn on” your secret “activation point” of bright, thrilling sensations, for example, an earlobe, or an image that you associate with enchanting sexual emotions.

5. Erotic trance

We experience the most vivid and acute sexual sensations when an act occurs, as it were, in a state of altered consciousness, a kind of trance. This trance is individual for each person and for each specific act. But its basic elements are similar. An example of such a trance can be used as a basic one and simulate your own pattern at your discretion. By launching the “activation point”, we recreate in our imagination the desired state, the expected sensations at every point of the body. We find ourselves in a state of trance. With each deep breath, a warm wave of soft light spreading through the body rises up the spine from the genital area, sounding a bewitching melody. The intoxicating, intoxicating smell of incredible tenderness fills everything. Add taste sensations: light sourness, or searing pungency, or … to your taste. On a long exhalation, all this tangible wave will subside, like molten air, pouring over every cell of the body. Feel it with the entire surface of the skin, and the scalp too, deep inside the body – in the chest, spine, lower back, in the inner ear, in the eyes, in the nerve endings. On inhalation, all the force of your energy gathers in a bundle at the point of the sexual center – two fingers below the navel, and on exhalation it spreads in a deep and heavy wave, like an ocean, throughout the body. Feel it on your inner thighs, under your knees, above your heels, in your palms, at your fingertips. On inhalation, all the energy is alternately collected at the point of the solar plexus, then at a point in the center of the chest, in the fossa at the neck, at the crown, as if it rises higher and higher with each inhalation. And in the same way, on exhalation, it spreads in a wave throughout the body, penetrates with an electric discharge. Give in to emotions, choose your rhythm, strength and intensity of their vibration. Thus, the feeling of the energy of tenderness, affection, love is present initially, in the process it becomes sharper, captures totally, grows and explodes with a million energy rays. Get into resonance with your partner. Adapt to his breathing rhythm, movements. Feel his condition. Become one with him. Mirror his movements, his touch, his strength and passion. Do not just caress the erogenous zones – through these zones influence his emotions. And then whatever you like best: you can take him away with you, or follow him. Sex is an incredible dance of two, exciting, captivating. 


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