6 incidents in bed that everyone can face

Sexual intimacy is not always as perfect as on television or in romance novels. Unfortunately, quite often in real life during an intimate relationship, many situations arise that can not only upset the soul mate, but also cause a negative reaction to all subsequent contacts. Therefore, you can forget about orgasm altogether. But not everything is as depressing as it might seem. After all, there are no hopeless situations. Let’s think about how you can get out of this awkward situation without undesirable consequences.

Situation 1. They called the partner by a false name

Of course, every person has a rich sexual experience. It often happens that at the most inopportune moment our brain begins to remember and give out events, emotions of the past, as well as the names of people (even casual acquaintances) with whom fate brought us together. If it suddenly happens that during intimacy you called your partner a false name, you should not go into hysterics. Calm down and give it time to cool down and recover. After that, apologize and convince your partner that at the moment he is your present, and the past is over.

Situation 2. Accidentally released gases

The situation, of course, is not a pleasant one. Do not forget that this process is not alien to anyone, and during sex, when all attention is focused on getting pleasant sensations, there is a high probability of letting it out of control. If the body has played a cruel joke with you at this moment, do not be embarrassed, relax and try to joke about it. Remember that you are an ordinary person, and this can happen to anyone.

Situation 3. Isolation of liquids

In life, there are moments associated with the involuntary release of fluids from the body (urination, breast milk, etc.). By the way, everyone has their own fetish. There are people who get aroused at the sight of a pissing partner. If, due to any circumstances, the release of fluid was provoked, simply do not focus on this. 

Situation 4. Suddenly a child walks in

When you’re in a marriage bond, these awkward moments are hard to avoid. Of course, you can choose certain days and send the child to grandparents or come up with something else. But, unfortunately, the physical needs of the body cannot be controlled. If this situation arises, don’t panic. Interrupt the carnal pleasures for a while, get dressed, take the baby to his bedroom, answer all the questions he asks (given his age), ask him not to bother you anymore and feel free to return to your room.

Situation 5. Bad breath

Everyone can face this problem: ate something, staleness of morning breath, etc. You can’t get away from this – a physiological feature of the human body. If you have a good sense of smell, or you are greatly annoyed by this incident, just be careful not to offend your lover, ask to brush your teeth, and the problem will be solved.

Situation 6. Problems with orgasm

Another individual feature of each organism. If you notice something is going wrong, talk to your partner first. Perhaps you or a loved one has some special preference. If you cannot get rid of the problem on your own, contact a specialist for help. If you value your sex partner and want your relationship to grow stronger, be understanding about any awkward moments. Very little time will pass, and there will be fewer incidents, and more understanding and trust. This is the beauty of a permanent relationship. 

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