7 passionate poses in sex on the day of the saint in Valentina

Nothing remains until Valentine’s Day. Surely many of you have already thought about how best to meet the holiday. For those lucky ones who have a couple, the holiday promises a romantic transition into a languid evening in the arms of the second half. We will share ideas for a passionate night of love for you!

7 positions for passionate sex

Sex on Valentine’s Day is a special process. Although we strive to love all year round, it is on this day that tenderness and passion reach their peak. I want love making to give you maximum pleasure, and these positions will help you with this.

1. Position “Face to face”

This position guarantees maximum contact during intimacy. Partners can look each other in the eye, hug, caress each other, kiss. This is why it is one of the most sensual positions for couples in love. 

2. Position “Waterfall”

Another variation of the face-to-face pose, but here it is better for the partner to sit on the edge of the bed. This will give the man great maneuverability during intimacy, because in a sitting position it is easier for him to lift his girlfriend, setting the beat of the movements.

3. Position “Man standing”

This is a good position for sex in the shower. However, you should be extremely careful. It is better to lean your friend’s back against the wall, giving more stability. This pose is suitable for adrenaline lovers. Make sure your loved one has strong hands! 

4. Missionary position “Jack”

Do you want to bring some originality to sex? Then change your usual missionary position by sitting on the bed with your knave. Of course, each couple decides for themselves which of the partners will be on top, but I recommend trying both options: the girl on top and the guy on top.

5. Position “Corkscrew”

The pose got this name for a reason. It is a bit like the process of opening a corkscrew cork from a champagne bottle. This option will suit fans of sex positions for the most flexible, because the girl has to make a “birch”!

6. Position “Swing”

Funny name, isn’t it? The man moves back and forth between the legs of his girlfriend, as if swinging on a swing. This is a cool option for deep penetration positions. It is especially worth taking a closer look at if your beloved has the dignity of modest sizes. 

7. Position “Spoons”

Affectionate sex with orgasm in this position is guaranteed. Many girls admit that it is in the “Spoon” position that they experience maximum pleasure, because a partner can enter into his beloved one, while caressing her breasts with his hands, stroking her hips, playing with a cliter and affecting the most popular erogenous zones: neck, shoulders, ears. This is an interesting option for slow sex positions. It is good both after a hard day before going to bed (when there is no strength to be active, but you want passion), and in the morning, as soon as you wake up.
Not everyone now has a loved one, does this mean that you will have to deny yourself a night of love? Of course not. The main thing is that the coitus is protected, but otherwise our guide to sex without obligation will help you . 

7 secrets of passionate sex

But do not dwell on only one posture. Consider some tricks to ensure that intimacy is pleasant and passionate.

1) Invite your partner to take part in an erotic game. 2) Master the technique of edging , balancing on the brink of sexual pleasure. 3) Try using aphrodisiacs like chocolate, seafood, strawberries, and so on. Of course, you shouldn’t be too experimenting, don’t use too strange aphrodisiacs. 4) Learn the secrets of the pompur sexual technique to experience and give a hitherto unknown pleasure, experiencing an orgasm without even moving. 5) Use arousing kissing techniques to explore your partner’s erogenous zones in different ways. 6) Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try different RPG ideas. 7) Find out which foods should not be eaten before sex. This is very important, as many couples have a romantic dinner on February 14th, which (if the advice on choosing food is not followed) can interfere with the quality of sex. 

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