8 sex positions that will help you lose weight

To stay slim, you don’t have to starve yourself, run to a plastic surgeon, or haul a barbell with a stern look. Sex is a great way to stay not only in good shape, but also in a great mood. These 8 positions will help you lose weight or simply strengthen your muscles.

“Missionary position”

Let’s start with the classics. The girl lies on her back, hips apart. The man lies down on top, resting on his hands.

For her: since the girl’s movements are limited in the missionary position, the main load falls on the gluteal muscle group and the internal muscles of the thigh.

For him: the more actively a man moves, the better the buttocks, abs and arms are worked out.


The man lies or sits on the bed. The partner sits on top, pressing her hips to the man’s legs.

For her: the muscles of the press, legs and buttocks work. The tighter the legs are pressed against the partner, the higher the load on the inner thigh.

For him: if the gentleman shows signs of activity and begins to move with his partner, he will connect the muscles of the lower press and buttocks.

“Doggy style”

The partner drops to all fours. A man, kneeling, is attached to the back.

For her: in this position, the muscles of the back are active, you just need to bend from time to time, like a cat. When resting on the elbows, the muscles of the chest are connected.

For him: the muscles of the press and buttocks are involved. By holding your partner by the soft spot and guiding her movements, you can strengthen your biceps.


The female partner lies on her back with her legs raised, which resembles a slingshot. The man is standing or sitting, holding his partner by the hips.

For her: “Slingshot” allows you to develop the abductor and abductor muscles of the thighs. If you have long dreamed of learning how to sit on the twine, then the pose will serve as an excellent warm-up.

For him: as in all other poses, the muscles of the buttocks and the press work. When standing, a load on the legs is added.


Partners sit facing each other. The girl sits on top of the man. Both rest on the palms and feet.

For her: all muscle groups work. By transferring weight to your arms, you can strengthen the deltoid muscle.

For him: as in the case of a girl, in a man, all muscle groups are involved in this position. However, more stress is placed on the abs and arms. The heavier the partner, the more prominent your muscles will be.


Perhaps one of the most difficult poses for both partners. The man stands holding the girl in his arms. She wraps her legs around him, holding her shoulders or buttocks with her hands.

For her: a great pose for strengthening the hips and buttocks. Few will last long, but even in a couple of minutes you will feel how every muscle is straining.

For him: all muscles work. Especially the arms and legs. Be careful. In this position, it is easy to injure your back or your partner if she falls.


Both partners sit facing each other. The partner sits down on the man’s knees, wrapping her legs around him. Both partners can move.

For her: The pose will help tighten the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Imagine doing a belly dance — making a circular motion with your pelvis or doing a “wave” with your belly will strengthen your abs and narrow your waist.

For him: since it is mainly a girl who moves, a big load for a man falls not on his legs, but on the press. Help your partner move as you engage the muscles in your arms.


It will not be easy for you. Both. In any case, if you are extreme lovers, then why not practice in this position as well? The partner makes a “bridge”, and the girl sits down on top (do not completely go down, even a strong man will be hard).

For her: the main load on the legs. Moving up and down and going up on tiptoe can strengthen the calf muscles. Good load on the hips and buttocks.

For him: the main burden on … actually – on everything. In case of careless movement there is a risk of damaging the lower back, so it is better to make the “bridge” over the pillow.

Some of us diligently go to the gym and exercise, while others vow to exercise from Monday. Or from the first day of the next month. Summer. In the new year. Etc. But even an inveterate lazy person is unlikely to want to shirk sex. So why not combine business with pleasure?

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