Best Sex Toy For Adult Girls

Today I want to share with you my impressions of acquaintance with a new sex toy for adult girls. It is called Kegel Master and is declared by the manufacturer as a trainer for intimate muscles of the new, 2nd generation. First, it is worth clarifying for those who do not know what kind of device it is and why it is needed in principle. To begin with, the condition of the pelvic floor muscles directly affects the overall well-being and intimate life of every woman. And since they can lose their “shape” and tone, they (like other muscles) should be trained. This is especially true after childbirth, as well as when menopause appears on the horizon with your “friend” – accidental urinary incontinence. It is equally important to work out with the Kegel Master simulator for all those women who lead a sedentary lifestyle and vice versa – go in for heavy sports or deal with heavy physical exertion. Well, I must say that the quality of sex is completely different. Moreover, you can not only pleasantly surprise a man with your capabilities, but also enjoy yourself. So, I am exactly the woman who spends most of the day associated with professional activities in a working chair, so I have plenty of time to get to know Kegel balls better. I started with the classic vaginal balls, which did not impress me at all, and I threw them safely, switching to smart modern devices. I want to say right away that your own interest plays an important role in this matter, otherwise you will forget about them, like me. Moreover, if you do not really know what is happening, and it is not clear whether they are “there” shrinking correctly or not. Exercise machines like this one are undoubtedly inspiring. Firstly, you can monitor your progress, and secondly, you can be sure that the training is going as it should, and you are doing everything right. At the end of the day, I got into the habit of meditating on my smartphone, but not communicating on social networks, but watching a bird fly there from the application to the device. And also to grow a “tree” that grows along with success, and has long been close and dear. Motivation is there! But I started, of course, with a program for beginners, and there are six of them . Each next one is more difficult and more difficult, and if the first was given to me unusually easily, then I had to start making efforts, which, of course, bore fruit, and I felt the effectiveness of the training. Now I’ll tell you about the technical features and usability. I thought the manufacturers heard my prayers after using the previous version. Everything works as it should, the desire to train grows every time, and the Kegel Master trainer itself has become my best friend or beloved girlfriend – call it what you want. Also, the new Kegel Master has an elongated cord with a sensor at the end and a petal that holds the toy, guiding it closer to the pubis. In fact – small elementary changes, but how much useful they brought with them. No wonder they say: “All ingenious is simple”! And if the previous version of the simulator all the time (and especially when I wanted to give my all 100%) fell inside, where, by and large, it was not useful, and I had to be distracted to find the cord with my hand, now I just forgot about this misunderstanding. Maybe someone will say that this is not important, but believe me, this is the same feeling as changing from an expensive car into a grandfather’s wreck, or moving from an apartment with all the amenities to a house where windows are blown out. Moreover, I have a goal, and I do not intend to be distracted on the way to achieving it, constantly thinking about some kind of string! The manufacturer also claims that the simulator has the function of high vibrations, which themselves provoke muscle contraction. Yes, good, yes, great, but I want to achieve results myself and be proud of myself. Although, why not? You will try and tell. If it seemed to you that I was singing odes and praises to my new Kegel Master , then in fact I am just very pleased with it, or more precisely, I am glad that the simulator evokes extremely pleasant emotions from use and performs its function perfectly! For the rest, you must always remember that everything depends on you and no one will do anything for you. Therefore, do not forget about the importance of training regularly and always look for some kind of stimulus. For example, I really like it when such a hard-to-reach G-spot is stimulated during sex, but thanks to the exercises, I learned to make it more accessible by light muscle tension. Well, the man, of course, enjoys a narrow and tight vagina as a bonus. Even earlier, I wrote instructions for squirting , where I said that it relaxes muscles in an incredible way, and the more often it happens, the sharper the muscle tone decreases. But at the same time, training with Kegel Master neutralizes this nuance, and thanks to them, it is much faster and easier to achieve squirt . As parting words and good wishes, I would like to remind all of us – beautiful, smart, forever young, and, of course, sexy girls – that a person consists of habits, of which good ones should be cultivated, raised and cherished. Therefore, do not be lazy to get yourself another one, and (going to bed or just having free time during the day) train, monitor your progress, and listen to admiration for your achievements from the virtual assistant. Well, you can buy the original MAGIC MOTION KEGEL MASTER 2 exercise machine at Your new pink friend (and coach rolled into one) is already waiting for you. Inspiration and great results!

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