Does smoking marijuana have a negative effect on the potency of men

No one will doubt that the destructive effect of drugs on the human body as a whole can neither bypass nor improve the sexual function of a drug addict. Most people understand the answer.

Some will object: “The negative comes from only strong, hard substances, the effect of marijuana on potency is very useful.” Euphoria, ease of communication, high, increased libido – this is the effect that occurs at the initial stage of substance use – the path to free sexual pleasures.

Is it so? Let’s talk about the effect of drugs on potency and fertility

To understand whether marijuana affects the change in potency, you need to get to know her better. No no! Nobody offers to try it! It is quite enough theoretical knowledge about the composition and mechanism of action, caused effects and complications.

Approximately 200 million people on the planet smoke weed. So it is called because of the fact that it is obtained from the flowers and leaves of Indian hemp. It contains cannabinoids, the strongest of which is tetrahydrocannabinol. Resin from hemp juice is used to make a stronger drug – hashish. Anasha, ganj , plan – slang names for one substance.

Long-term use of marijuana causes a decrease in sexual desire, erection, and sperm quality. The larger the single dose, the faster the potency is broken.

Marijuana smoking can also affect potency through the following mechanism: an increase in libido and disinhibition of behavior provoke a man to a large number of promiscuity, which is fraught with sexual infections with the development of prostatitis, followed by impotence.

Signs of cannabinoid toxicity

Marijuana is usually smoked, but there are those who like to chew or even eat. Intoxication occurs with a high content of cannabis and while taking a large amount of the substance:

  • 150-200 mg/kg of weight cause poisoning;
  • 300-400 clouding of consciousness;
  • 600-800 – overdose.

With intoxication observed:

  • dilated pupils that do not respond to light;
  • hyperemia of the face; hoarse voice;
  • increased appetite;
  • dry mucous membranes;
  • convulsions, trembling;
  • chills or fever;
  • disorder of consciousness with deafness;
  • hallucinations, delirium, loss of sense of time;
  • uncontrolled movements;
  • speech difficulties;
  • sopor.

Such a patient should not be left alone, a doctor should be called immediately.

Physiological consequences of taking

Upon entering the bloodstream, hemp cannabis quickly accumulates in adipose tissue and brain structures.

It is able to influence the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter for the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, heart, and blood vessels. The consequences of a decrease in acetylcholine are expressed in tachycardia over 100, increased pressure, crisis.

The work of the lungs, digestive system, salivary glands is disrupted.

When smoking in the lungs, emphysema often develops, and the susceptibility to oncological diseases increases.

Marijuana cannot directly cause death, but it is quite possible to affect the functioning of vital organs with a fatal outcome. The results of the autopsy of young men showed death from coronary thrombosis and heart attack.

Brain cell damage

The effect of cannabinoids on the brain depends on their concentration, so it is more pronounced when using hashish. In marijuana, their content does not exceed 4%, while in hashish it reaches 20%. The effect of narcotic substances of cannabis is estimated as psychotropic.

Thought processes are disturbed, short-term memory suffers, the perception of time is disturbed. Hallucinations are possible. Anatomical disorders of the brain under the influence of cannabis were not found.

Damage to the reproductive system

A short-term increase in libido is quickly replaced by apathy, depression. Interests lie in the field of finding a dose, not sex. The synthesis of cholesterol in the liver suffers, namely, it is the precursor of the sex hormone testosterone, the production of which also decreases. This causes a decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, deterioration of sperm quality. Psycho-emotional causes are combined with hormonal ones, the result is impotence. Also, the contents of the scrotum are reduced in size. Male testicles lose density.

Psychological consequences of drug use

Psychological changes are exerted by serotonin released into the blood. In the initial stages of smoking, a person experiences:

  • lightness in the body, as in weight loss;
  • a good mood;
  • causeless laughter;
  • increased talkativeness, sociability;
  • violation of the perception of objects, the surrounding space;
  • the world is perceived brighter, food is tastier, music is more beautiful;
  • the sense of time is lost;
  • increased sexual desire.

When using hashish, the psychological effects depend on the expected mood.

With prolonged use of soft drugs, when the doses are exceeded, or when combined with alcohol, instead of euphoria, a depressed mood, a feeling of anxiety, fear, and delirium occur. With a tendency to mental illness, schizophrenia can develop.

The long-term effects and behavior outside of drug use are the opposite of the described rise. Characteristic:

  • indifference, apathy, lack of interest in life;
  • social maladaptation;
  • quick change of mood;
  • narrowing of interests, as a rule, interest is aimed at finding a dose;
  • loss of concentration, memory loss.

How strong is the effect of cannabis

The effect of cannabis on potency depends on the type of drug used, the frequency and duration of use, the rate of addiction to it and the content of cannabinoids . Most doctors deny a decrease in potency with single and rare episodes of smoking a substance.

Resin from hemp juice in the form of hashish quickly causes mental and physical dependence and can have a depressing effect on many bodily functions.

Men who are addicted to hashish are more likely to experience infertility due to a decrease in the quantity, quality of sperm and reduced sperm motility. There are pathologically altered spermatozoa.

Sexual desire is reduced, erection is weak, often premature ejaculation, lack of satisfaction from sexual intimacy are the inevitable companions of a drug addicted man with experience. Hashish and impotence in a man are not alien to each other concepts.

Ingredients of the herb that are hazardous to health

In hemp, components hazardous to health are cannabinoids , the main of which is recognized as tetrahydrocannabinol. Psychotropic action begins immediately, the maximum concentration is reached in an hour, the next 6 hours the action continues.

Herbal drugs of a heavy type are derived from opiates. An example is heroin – the most dangerous. It is injected into a vein without observing the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, often with one syringe for several “wishers”. This increases the risk of contracting viral hepatitis C with an outcome in cirrhosis.

Short-term arousal is deceptive

One cannot but agree with this statement. The combination of two factors of a negative impact on sexual arousal (psychogenic and hormonal) quickly leads to irreversible results. Doctors have established that after 2-3 months of hard drugs, sexual function is practically unrecoverable.

Light drugs cannot act so quickly, but, by causing inevitable addiction, they encourage a transition to more severe forms.

Drug influence rating in descending order

Marijuana is not in the top 10 most dangerous drugs. She is ranked 11th. The rest are arranged like this:

  • heroin (derivative of opiates, synonymous with dope);
  • cocaine;
  • barbiturates;
  • methadone;
  • alcohol;
  • ketamine;
  • benzodiazepine;
  • amphetamine;
  • nicotine;
  • buprenorphine.

Many of them are drugs from the group of narcotic analgesics.

Points 5 and 9 stand out. The harmful effect of alcohol and nicotine on potency in men exceeds marijuana.

Expert opinion

Not everyone recognizes the pathological effect on the potency of marijuana, just like nasvay, which is not recognized by everyone as a drug. A mixture of tobacco, bird droppings, wood ash and slaked lime is thrown under the tongue. The dubious pleasure of drinking the mixture does not make nasvay less popular, especially among young people.

Addiction occurs quickly and from 1-2 peas a day, the consumer quickly moves to 20-30. Others rightly consider the use of these substances as an addiction. A positive answer to the question is obvious: “Does nasvay affect potency?”


Life without drugs is full of vivid impressions and joyful moments. Sex is one of the components of the completeness of the life picture. It is not worth risking health, including sexual health, for the sake of a short dubious pleasure.

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