Edging is a sexual technique of unlimited pleasure

Do you want to try something new in order to push the boundaries of pleasure and make sex spicy? Then it will not be superfluous to try out an amazing sexual practice called edging . 

What is Edging ?

Edzhing ( edging ) translated to English means being on the edge of something, and in this context we are talking about orgasm. It is no secret that the duration and power of orgasm varies from person to person: some lucky ones enjoy long and intense organisms, while others are modestly content with weak and short orgasms. The beauty of the edging technique is that everyone can learn to prolong pleasure with it.

Reasons to practice edging

This sexual technique is often used on several occasions. For example, to enhance the orgasm itself. Most often, the practice is used by men in order to prolong sexual intercourse. Some people use edging to stay on the brink of orgasm for a different purpose longer. The fact is that many people enjoy not only an orgasm, but also its threshold, when the mind and body are exhausted in the sweet anticipation of the coming pleasure. Edging can be practiced by both men and women. A great way to diversify a couple’s sex will be precisely balancing on the brink of pleasure, when one or both partners delay orgasm. Thus, many reach the coveted at the same time orgasm, which miraculously strengthens relationships not only on the physical, but also on the emotional level. After all, what could be more beautiful than a joint experience of simultaneously reaching the peak of bliss? In addition, edging allows you to experience a powerful orgasm even during a solo performance. That is, with self-satisfaction without a partner.

How to apply edging ?

Many people compare the edging process with a roller coaster: pleasure rises , then falls, then rises again. To master this technique, apply sensuality training. In general, both boys and girls use the same techniques for edging . 

1. Interruption of stimulation 

Just stop all stimulating activities for a while to cool down a little. However, do not take too long a pause, otherwise the enthusiasm will pass.

2. Attenuation of stimulation 

This method is both better and worse than complete interruption of stimulation. Worse, because with strong arousal, even light touches and kisses can trigger orgasm. And it’s better because with continued stimulation there is a guarantee that the body will not lose the desired state and will balance on the brink of orgasm.

3. Mental distraction 

This method allows you to cool your ardor without pauses or weakening the stimulation. This method is often used by men who are prone to early ejaculation, so as not to disappoint the slower in reaching orgasm partner. You just have to think about something mundane.

4. Sexual meditation 

No, you don’t have to sit in the lotus position, stick out your little fingers and moan “ oom ”. Sexual meditation is something completely different. Try to contemplate yourself, to listen to every response of your body. By completely dissolving in the moment, we seem to slow down the running of time.
These are the most common techniques for the edging technique . The researchers report that a variety of natural and artificial drugs are also used to balance the edge. The substances in these drugs can suppress the production of various hormones, such as oxytocin. However, we do not recommend using such methods, as they can have extremely unpleasant side effects.

As we said above, edging can be used with sex with a partner and with masturbation. It can also be used for mutual masturbation and petting , especially in cases where for one reason or another it is necessary to refrain from vaginal sex. If you have critical days or do not have contraception at hand, and you really want an orgasm, feel free to use edging in foreplay! Want to make your intimate life even brighter? Then don’t miss 100 Tips for Better Sex. We live in a tremendous time when a bleak morality is finally shattered. Women are allowed to enjoy sex and the desire for new sensations is no longer considered shameful. Be sure to enrich your intimate life with the edging technique , because it is a great way to learn to understand both your body and the body of your partner. 

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