Exciting conversation for those who are bored in bed

Some couples make love in complete silence and only occasionally show themselves a little out of breath or timid moaning. For some, this behavior is considered the norm, while others, after a while, begin to get bored and perceive sex as something familiar and mundane. Intimate conversations will help you get rid of routine and boredom in bed , you just need to learn how to do it right. Conversations at the moment of foreplay and intimacy increase the excitement and help to better understand the wishes of the partner , which he would not talk about under normal conditions. Some people prefer to hear and say something romantic and lyrical, for example, to confess their feelings, others need a stronger word, using obscene expressions or vulgar phrases.  


First experiment

However, for most people, deciding to have a frank conversation is like walking naked in the central square, there is some discomfort, embarrassment and a fear of appearing vulgar or stupid . It is better to start small, whispering tender words, compliments in your partner’s ear, describing feelings or talking about fantasies, only this must be done very carefully and unobtrusively, because the reaction of a loved one can be very ambiguous. If everything went smoothly, then more explicit words and expressions can be used. By changing the timbre of the voice and the speed of pronunciation, you can achieve a hitherto unknown excitement, which will lead to an enchanting discharge of both. 

What should I say?

There are no special restrictions, you can playfully ask your partner: “Do you want to see how I caress myself between my legs” or “Look how my nipples are swollen, I’m just burning with desire”, then you can add revelations by turning to the man: “Take me roughly / gently my pussy is ready. “

Everything seems to be simple and extremely clear, but how to remove all internal prohibitions in order to dare to such revelations? And who should take the initiative, man or woman? As a rule, women start, because they are more emotional and sociable creatures, but it also happens the other way around, when men do not hesitate to express themselves. For those who cannot overcome shyness and start a conversation in bed, there are many ways to remind themselves and warm up their partner. 


Writing a message, even burning with shame, is much easier than saying with your own eyes. Those who are just learning the basics of intimate communication, it is better to avoid outright vulgarity and confine themselves to messages such as: “It was the best night in my life, we can repeat it” or “Your body is wonderful, it just drives me crazy, I can’t wait for the evening.” If you are sure that your loved one will understand correctly, you can send a more explicit SMS , for example, “Well, where are you, my panties are completely wet.” Naturally, all your partner’s thoughts throughout the day will revolve around the upcoming event. 

Talking on the phone

Telephone revelations of couples who meet are especially relevant. A couple of days spent in separation and you can start revelations. The only condition: not to speak quickly and clearly pronounce the endings, and there should be playfulness and flirtation in the voice. Phrases that work flawlessly with any man: “Today I reviewed our old photos, I saw one where you are with a naked torso, now I’m just going crazy with excitement” or “I am trying to concentrate on the report, and all thoughts are about your naked body.” The main thing is not to be hostage to stereotypes and not to be ashamed of a loved one in this matter .


A special highlight in a relationship will be revelation through video communication. On Skype you can not only tell, but also show how much your partner is loved and desired. Seeing and hearing the lust of a loved one, few people will remain indifferent and indifferent.

And one more important point: a frank conversation, whatever it may be, personally, by phone or by means of messages, should not be stereotyped or overly pretentious, otherwise it will quickly get bored.

Virtual sex

Previously, this form of sex was limited only to correspondence, then it became possible to see each other. But today this is not the limit. A person today can even be touched; this can be done with the help of sex toys. Individual models are now remote controlled. And you can control the device even from another continent. How it works? You will need 2 smartphones – one next to intimate goods, the second anywhere in the world. A special application is installed on both, the devices are connected to the Internet and you can play. Sexual comments of each inclusion will not be superfluous, will allow you to better understand what you like, what else is worth doing for maximum pleasure.

Virtual Sex With Mutual Masturbation

But giving bliss to your partner is only part of the possibilities. 2 sex toys can be synchronized with each other, the movements of one will be transmitted to the other. For example, a man in his masturbator will feel the vibrator movements. It turns out that people are no longer separated in sex even by distance. To connect again, you need the Internet and smartphones. And it is important that then such sex toys will be appropriate to use in pairs, when people meet live, the possibility of their use is almost limitless.

Long distance sex is a new opportunity for humanity, but it does not replace hugs. To make the action interesting, you will have to talk and describe your feelings. It is communication that makes people closer, not vibration or rotation.

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