How to get an orgasm in 5 minutes. Detailed instructions for women

How to always have fun in sex? You can learn to cum in 5 minutes. This skill is also useful for masturbation, because it will take less time. To learn, additional accessories will be required, but for the price they are available to everyone. The methods are available to most young ladies, their use is safe.

The secret to quick orgasm

How to speed up an orgasm? There are several recommendations, for example, to increase the excitement of fantasies or a long foreplay. But there is no guarantee that this will work. And not every couple is able to prepare for sexual intercourse for a long, long time.

You can also develop vaginal muscles, learn to get jet and multiple orgasms at first alone. But this also requires quite a lot of time. Training will take from 3 months to several years. While these are proven methods, not everyone has the patience to master them.

Fast methods don’t require training . They are based on the use of sex toys and intimate cosmetics. Special compositions and effects can cause pleasant sensations almost instantly. And you can use them in pairs, which is very convenient. 

Exciting cosmetics for women

Exciting creams help to get an orgasm. They are applied to the genitals, which causes a rush of blood to the perineum. And this already activates the nerve endings. All touches seem more intense, this contributes to maximum sensations.

There are creams only for arousal . They are immediately absorbed into the body. It is necessary to rub a little bit of the product into the skin before sexual intercourse. Most often applied to the clitoris or entrance to the vagina. Exciting lubricants exist , they still help slip. They are not absorbed, but create a film effect. It is not sticky, but slippery. Moreover, she may still have a warming or cooling effect. Which remedy will cause an orgasm in 5 minutes? Anyone. But sometimes you have to try a few to find the most suitable. 


Vibrators for quick orgasms

You can use a stimulant to cum almost instantly. Most often, a woman acts on the clitoris to experience a pleasant sensation faster. And vibration or vacuum massage can be applied.

  • A vibrator for quick orgasms. These are very powerful things. Gentle sensations are suitable for gradual arousal, for orgasm in 5 minutes a significant speed is needed. Touching causes the body to respond instantly, you do not even need to fantasize. These things often include massagers, their effect is well felt. 
  • Wave stimulant. Massages the clitoris with air. In this case, not only its external, but also its internal part is activated. The effect is very strong, orgasm occurs after 2-3 minutes even at low speeds. Of course, you have to adapt a little during the first experiments, but then everything turns out instantly. Ideal when waves are combined with vibration. 

All of these devices can complement familiar sex. They touch the clitoris at the time of copulation. They do not interfere with the movements in pairs.

And if you combine cream and vibration?

The maximum effect is achieved when using an exciting cream and sex toys. Then the sensations roll so that pleasant experiences are difficult to avoid. But this is not suitable for all women. Sometimes it seems very intense, and even painful.

Application together is possible, it is safe. But you need to focus on individual experiences. Sometimes it is better to apply cream and massage with your hands, and this seems more pleasant than the strongest vibration.

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