How to learn to kiss with tongue

A kiss is a form of manifestation of feelings between a man and a woman. The question of how to kiss with the tongue is asked by young girls and guys, adults who are in a relationship.

It can cause a storm of feelings and emotions in a girl, but this is only possible by correctly applying the theory in practice.

We will reveal to you all the secrets of the right kiss on the lips, with tongue and suction.

Why do people kiss?

The reason why people kiss is a way of expressing feelings and emotions towards their lover. Women perceive a kiss as a way of expression.

Types of kisses

There are more than 50 types of kisses in the Kama Sutra. They are classified into:

  • On the lips. Usually used to show sympathy, on first dates.
  • With tongue and suction. This is a closer relationship. It is necessary through a kiss to learn how to express your feelings correctly by regulating the pace and rhythm.
  • No lips. The technique involves gentle touching of the face, neck with eyelashes, nose and other parts of the body. For a man, such a kiss is a way to show his tenderness and move on to a more passionate foreplay.

kissing technique

It is worth remembering that each type has its own technique. To make a kiss memorable for a long time, you need to follow a few simple rules. This will help to avoid embarrassing situations and make the moment of the kiss no less passionate than the continuation of the evening. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to kiss passionately:

  1. So, you need to take care of the upcoming kiss in advance. Prepare your lips. With weathered, rough lips, pleasure is unlikely to be obtained. Consider exfoliating and moisturizing.
  2. Just before you kiss, try to overcome the barrier of touch. Gently, as if by accident, touch your partner’s hand, try to hug. You should not pinch, take closed poses (crossed arms, hidden palms), these gestures can push the person away from you.
  3. A French kiss or a passionate kiss is considered the most passionate. His technique is in the contact of partners’ languages. A French kiss should start with a classic one – on the lips. Gently open your mouth and try to touch your partner’s lips with your tongue, if he doesn’t mind, you can continue on.
  4. The next goal for you is to get your tongue to your partner’s tongue. Don’t stick your tongue too deep into his mouth. It is enough to touch only with the tip of the tongue, you can play a little with it.
  5. No need to make unnatural movements. Be calm, gentle, but do not forget to show your passion towards your partner.
  6. Try to understand what your partner wants from you during the kiss. Try to copy the movements of his lips.
  7. Light biting of the lips and tongue is welcome, do not forget, everything should be in moderation.

Is it possible to learn to kiss if there is no partner

To learn how to kiss correctly, it is not necessary to have a partner. necessary. to make you want to learn the classic kissing technique:

  • You need to start replaying kissing scenarios in your head until these scenes confuse you.
  • The next step is to learn how to regulate your breathing. You can practice on a balloon, do not hold it with your hands. Fix it with your teeth, lips. Inflate smoothly without sudden movements. This exercise will help to train the lungs. During the kiss will not intercept your breath and will not have to interrupt the pleasure
  • To master the technique in practice, you need to take a tomato, peach, apricot or plum:
  1. Gentle. Touch your lips to the fruit or vegetable gently, try not to damage it.
  2. Retractor. To master the technique of such a kiss well, make a small hole in the skin. Trying to imitate a kiss, gently and gently suck out the juice.
  3. Passionate. To practice this type, you need a larger fruit. During such a kiss, in addition to the lips, the face is also captured, the most important thing is to be able to overcome shyness and insecurity.
  4. To kiss correctly and pleasantly, try to work out the technique of movements. While practicing the technique, imagine how it will actually happen.

Common Kissing Mistakes

  • Don’t push your tongue too deep into your partner’s mouth. This, at a minimum, is not a very pleasant sensation, but at the maximum, it can provoke a gag reflex (when the tongue touches the throat of the chosen one, a tickle is created that causes a gag reflex). In everything, a measure is necessary if you do not want to end the kiss ahead of time.
  • There is no need to make random movements. All movements of the tongue and lips must be thought out, for which each movement is made. Chaotic, sweeping tongue movements are unlikely to please your partner.
  • Suction and biting of lips and tongue. Of course, there are fans of this technique, but you also need to be careful with this, until you find out exactly the preferences of your partner. He may not like this technique at all. You can gently, slowly bite your lip, tongue.
  • Remember to control salivation. Few will like it.
  • Control your movements. Do not stand like a pillar, touch each other with your hand, hug your girlfriend. Hair, neck, lower back are a kind of erogenous zones, from which both women and men are crazy.

Helpful Hints

We have already dealt with the technique. There was only one question left, how to make the first kiss unforgettable? You can talk about this topic for a very long time, but theory will lead nowhere if there is no practice. Only in this way will you understand what you both like.

It can be either a tender kiss without tongue or with tongue, perhaps both of you will be crazy about a passionate French kiss. We are all individual and therefore there is no perfect formula.

There are some simple tips to make the process easier:

  • Be yourself. You don’t have to play the hero of the movie. Often, romantic scenes from films cannot 100% convey how to behave in a given situation. Rest assured. Nothing makes you successful like your self-confidence.
  • Listen to yourself and your partner. Your feelings and emotions will be able to guide you, and a kiss based on emotion, rather than theory and thoughtful scenario, will most likely be ideal for both of you.
  • Take care of fresh breath. Bad breath can turn even a man in love away.

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