Intimate hairstyles for men and women

Intimate hairstyles today can hardly embarrass anyone. Many beauty salons provide this service to men and women.

A neat intimate haircut perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the body, sets you in a romantic mood.

Mens intimate hairstyles

The desire of the stronger sex to ennoble the appearance, even in an intimate place, is quite understandable. The sexual revolution bore fruit – the girls became more relaxed at the moment of intimacy.

A young man who demonstrates grooming in the groin area can count on the most daring caresses from his passion.

Types of haircuts

On the male pubis, hieroglyphs, logos, automobile, football emblems look appropriate. Any attribute implying strength, power. Many gentlemen shape their groin area the way their ladies like it.

Let us name several common models for the design of the intimate zone:

  • “Baby”. This design is adored by women due to its hygiene. Clean-shaven pubis, genitals, inner thighs, allow you to indulge in oral sex without hindrance.
  • “Brazilian”. An intimate “hairstyle” with an even triangle cut on the pubis. The rest of the growth from the abdomen, buttocks, thighs was removed completely.
  • If a small hairy square flaunts above the genitals – this is “Accent”.
  • “Athlete”, styling when the hair does not peep out from under the underwear – no, no. The intimate area looks smooth even in narrow swimming trunks, which is especially appreciated by visitors to pools and beaches.

Each drawing made in the salon can be easily modified to suit your taste by adding or removing some design elements. Men cannot dye their “hairstyles”.

But the emblems of your favorite car or sports club should be colored: the paint makes the drawing expressive, meaningful. Especially artistic natures can create a real miracle on the pubis with braided pigtails, woven chains. Everything in order to surprise your passion.

Pros and cons in favor of haircuts

A male body without excess vegetation looks more attractive in any lingerie model.

A smooth body is more pleasant to caress during oral sex.

Some women prefer hairy partners, here you have to find a compromise. Although this approach is much more convenient for a man, there is no need to waste money and time. Brutal hairy males do not really like any refinement of their appearance.

Sensitive skin is at risk of irritation after shaving. In addition, the growing stubble prickles, itches, and can grow into the skin.

Womens intimate hairstyles

The beautiful half of humanity is offered a truly immense choice of intimate hairstyles, ornaments for them.

Types of haircuts

There are only a few main styles of intimate women’s haircuts:

  • “Brazilian model” – the absolute absence of hair, smooth skin in the bikini area. Sometimes there is a tattoo or tattoo on the pubis;
  • “Brazilian Triangle” – a small triangle of short hair on the “tubercle of Venus”;
  • “Runway” – hair is cut into an even narrow vertical strip. 
  • Hairstyle shaving or haircut in the form of various shapes: hearts, stars, flower outlines, butterflies, yin-yang, zodiac signs, letters, hieroglyphs.

There is a simple design rule for choosing the shape of a drawing. A pyramid-type drawing (with a wide bottom, a sharp top) will give solidity to the narrow hips. Full hips will visually become narrower if the pyramid is inverted.

Pros and cons in favor of haircuts

A woman feels beautiful everywhere, so she becomes more confident, more liberated.

Sexual relationships with a partner can become more diverse, trusting.

The hygiene of the intimate sphere is an order of magnitude higher.

After shaving, the skin remains smooth for 2-3 days. The growing hairs cause severe itching, which affects the well-being.

A partner, in principle, can be an opponent of such a “perversion” as an intimate hairstyle. Some young people like naturalness. They only agree that the beloved just cut her hair. Without curly “frills”, and even more so without shaving, which quickly begins to prick. 

Bikini masters tell a lot about this topic. One married girl decided to surprise her husband with a beautiful bikini design, thinking in this way to spice up the relationship. I arranged a romantic evening with candles, wine, rose petals.

When it came to the most interesting and her husband pulled off her panties, a silent scene ensued. At first, the young man was taken aback, speechless, and then doubled over with laughter! The romance was ruined. Moreover, for many days the husband could not tune in to a sexual mood, he was choked with laughter every time he saw his naked wife.

Other types of decoration, bikini design

How else can sly ladies turn their partners’ heads? They allow themselves to bleach and dye their hair, including by combining different colors, decorate the “Venus tubercle” with rhinestones, feathers, sparkles, and imitate a tattoo. This is called a bikini design, or simply an artistic haircut. Such beauty stays on the body for 10-15 days, subject to the use of high-quality materials, careful behavior of the bearer of luxurious “hair”.

What to buy for haircuts and bikini styling at home

To keep intimate haircuts and designs in perfect shape, they need to be tweaked regularly. It is expensive to go to the salon, time does not always allow. Many have learned to do their own hair. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

A mirror is needed, preferably with illumination and an enlarging effect on one side. You will also need a fine-toothed comb, tweezers, nail scissors, shaving foam or gel, an antiseptic, and cotton pads. You can make a stencil for drawing a picture yourself or look for stencil kits on the market.

The drawing is done on a stencil with a cosmetic pencil. For the simplest haircuts, this arsenal is enough.

Complex hairstyles

If you want to create something original, “like in the salon”, then you need to have more complicated things at hand: for example, a razor, trimmer or epilator. The machine can be disposable or reusable with replaceable attachments, a movable head.

With its help, it is easy to process hard-to-reach corners in the bikini area. The more blades in the machine, the better it shaves. But working with it requires patience, accuracy in order to avoid cuts and scratches. However, some irritation on the skin after using the machine will still remain for some time.


Designed to remove hair from any part of the body except the face. There are different models of electric epilators for women and men, for the treatment of the bikini area “bald” or along the line of the underwear. Epilators are disc, tweezers. 

The principle of their work is the same: capturing the hairs above the skin, removing them together with the bulb. The epilation procedure is painful, irritates the skin, so the epilator is good if its narrow head or gentle attachment can reduce pain.

The result in the form of smooth skin lasts for 2-4 weeks, but then ingrown hairs may appear. The epilation area must be well looked after, using ointments, creams to relieve skin irritation.


Trims hairs to the desired length, and is also suitable for female and male intimate haircuts of any complexity. It has several attachments, sometimes stencils are sold with it.

The difference between the trimmer and the epilator is that it does not pull out hairs from the bulb, does not cause unpleasant sensations. But, unfortunately, it does not provide perfectly smooth skin. But ingrown hairs, irritation, after using it does not happen. Therefore, the best option for a hair clipper is a trimmer.

Cosmetics for the care of the bikini area undergoing hair removal are also essential. You can buy them in pharmacies or specialty stores for hairdressers.


Whether an intimate haircut is needed or not is a personal matter for everyone. It’s not just about basic neatness, but also about new impressions. About a way to diversify sex life, to give personal relationships more romance, relaxedness. A short bikini cut will not only emphasize the beauty of the body, it will help you to more fully feel the intimate caresses of your partner.

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