Is it possible to have an orgasm from prostate massage?

A happy family life depends on the health of both partners. Especially from male power, which you need to monitor throughout your life.

Massaging the prostate gland is a general strengthening procedure and a good way to tone up. However, some men are interested – is there a prostate orgasm during a massage?

Useful procedure or anachronism?

In Western medicine, the procedure is not as common as in the expanses of the former USSR. It is classified as an unrecognized or outdated technique, as, for example, the diagnosis of “vegetovascular dystonia” is only in Russia and the CIS countries.

Indications for massaging depend on the type of prostate disease, the stage and the effectiveness of the response to treatment. The male gland is a sponge -like organ

producing a secret containing useful substances necessary for the delivery of sperm to the uterus.

If the metabolic processes in it are disturbed, the blood flow worsens, inflammation begins, pathogenic microorganisms accumulate in it. The organ swells, begins to put pressure on the surrounding tissues, forming a chronic disease.

Because of this, problems with erection, quality of orgasm and urination begin. In order for the gland to be in a normal tone, there was no stagnation of the secret and properly supplied with blood , prostate massage is included in the treatment regimen for the disease.

The massage therapist is a urologist or a nurse. Massage no more than once every two days. You can feel improvements after 2-3 procedures, as evidenced by patient reviews. An important marker of problems with the gland is pain on palpation.

In a healthy man, the sensations will be most unpleasant. In chronic prostatitis, touching the gland will be painful, it is swollen to the touch, enlarged, atonic . That is, not elastic and not elastic to the touch.

With all the benefits, you should not carry out the procedure often – if abused, you can injure the organ itself, provoke hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or more serious diseases of the rectum.


Massaging is not always possible. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma) or malignant neoplasms are clear contraindications.

Stones in the prostate that are larger than 1 mm can also cause complications in the form of a relapse of the disease, blood impurities in the seminal fluid, etc.

You can not massage with:

  • Acute prostatitis with high fever, signs of intoxication;
  • External or internal hemorrhoids in the acute stage;
  • With other diseases of the rectum (fissures, proctitis and paraproctitis, polyps)

In such situations, prostate massage is not performed, replacing it with other procedures, or they look at the dynamics and cancel immediately after the condition worsens.


To give better elasticity to the organ and ease of massaging, the urologist recommended drinking 0.5-1 l of liquid before the procedure (preferably plain water) and not urinating for 1 hour. It is not recommended to perform massage with a strong desire to defecate or urinate.

Is it possible to achieve orgasm with massage?

During the procedure, only stimulation of the prostate occurs. The seminal tubercle and testicles are not involved, the work of which, together with the prostate gland, sexual arousal and hormonal response, gives a feeling of orgasm, satisfaction and psychophysiological relaxation.

Subjective pleasant sensations and a sense of relief are possible, but they are not true for everyone, but only speak of emptying the gland from excess secretions. There is no such thing as a prostate orgasm.

It is impossible to cum, get high or ejaculate from massaging. If someone says that he cums from massaging the prostate, the person is misleading others.

How to massage correctly to get a pleasant feeling?

To massage the least traumatic and painless, you need to use petroleum jelly or lubricant , perform movements gently, without the use of force. The procedure is performed strictly according to medical methods.

Massaging a man’s prostate for pleasure is a dubious occupation, since this is a medical procedure, not a sexual practice.

The best way to empty the gland and get pleasure is the usual, and most importantly, constant vaginal sex with your beloved woman, in which you do not have to excite yourself on your own, and the hormonal response of the body will be complete.

Prostate massage with subsequent ending and orgasm is recommended by urologists and sexologists as an option for couples in which the husband has problems with potency due to chronic prostatitis.

Such actions will help achieve an erection and empty the prostate gland and seminal ducts through normal intercourse.

Self massage technique

If it is not possible to see a doctor, and there are no special devices, you can perform a massage at home.

You will need:

  • Lubricant (lubricant, gel, cream) or petroleum jelly;
  • Sterial gloves or condom;

Can be performed in two positions, depending on convenience and physiology:

  1. Lie on your side on a couch, sofa, or any comfortable surface. Bend your knees and press them to your chest. Having lubricated the anus with the indicated means, insert the middle or index finger inside.
  2. Having wound it to its full length, inside move it to the side of the penis, to feel for a spherical dense organ. It is located at the level of the external male reproductive organs.
  3. Having found it, start making light, stroking movements. If everything is done correctly, then during movements you can feel the tension inside the gland.
  4. Stimulate the prostate from top to bottom, changing the dynamics of movements, strength and angles. Thus, the secret will move along the prostate gland towards the exit.

The second position for the procedure is to kneel and elbows, arch your back, exactly repeating the instructions described above. The position is chosen depending on the convenience.

There are also purchased devices with which you can massage the body with great convenience on your own.

How to get an orgasm with a massager

Massage with hands or devices does not give a similar effect, does not lead to ejaculation.

You can get an orgasm, that is, cum from a prostate massage, only by performing in parallel, sexual actions on your own or with a partner.

Is massage harmful only for orgasm?

In the absence of contraindications, massaging is not harmful. Moreover, after 40 years, candles with the secret of the cattle prostate in combination with massage are an excellent means of preventing prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases for any man.

The combination of procedures and medication should be performed once a year. Massage will increase the duration and quality of sexual intercourse, the strength and durability of erection, metabolic processes in the gland.

What do the doctor’s say

If there are no contraindications or concomitant diseases, urologists recommend stimulating the prostate in this way with complex treatment regimens for chronic prostatitis. You should not try to get an orgasm from prostate massage, it’s impossible.

Palpation and a light type of procedure are some of the best ways to diagnose prostate diseases, and massage courses are good prevention.

Do not try to do massaging at home yourself or by forcing your wife or other relatives to do it!

Improper execution can cause injury and aggravate the condition of the patient or even damage a healthy organ. Outwardly simple to perform, this method requires knowledge of anatomy. Urologists study the technique of the procedure in educational institutions.


The procedure is used for the treatment and prevention of the disease after 40 years. It has many contraindications, consult your doctor before performing a massage.

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