Penis ring: why is it needed, how to choose and use it?

An erection ring on the penis is worn on the recommendation of a urologist, of his own free will. It allows you to diversify your sex life, restore sexual dysfunction. A sex toy requires delicate handling, compliance with safety rules when wearing.  

What is a cock ring?

A penis ring is a device worn on the scrotum, head, base of the penis. It shrinks when maximum excitability is reached, squeezes the vessels – the blood cannot drain from the penis. As a result of wearing a sex gadget:

  • The erection is increased up to 1.5 times due to the more blood in the penis.
  • Increase sex by 5-7 minutes by increasing the duration of the excitability of the phallus.
  • Increase the arousal and pleasure of the partner during intercourse by stimulating the female genitals.

What are cock rings?

These are the main reasons why a healthy man uses an erection gadget. Urology doctors recommend wearing the device for weakened sexual dysfunction caused by:

  • psychogenic decrease in sexual function;
  • weakened potency after therapy for inflammatory diseases;
  • age-related decrease in erection, weakening of libido.

Important! An erectile gadget does not save you from impotence. There is practically no blood flow in male impotence, so squeezing the vessels will not change anything.

The ring is fully compatible with taking medications, lubricants and other drugs that stimulate an erection and the duration of intercourse .  

How to choose and dress correctly?

A weak erection is the main reason why experts and knowledgeable representatives of the strong half of humanity put a ring on the phallus. When choosing a sex toy, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Diameter . Should not exceed the same parameter of the penis. You cannot take a smaller size. This will lead to squeezing of blood vessels and mechanical damage to the penis.
  • Material . Hypoallergenic , safety, confirmed by appropriate certificates. To keep the device hygienic, it must be washed. This means that preference should be given to a waterproof product.
  • Options . If a model with a vibration mode is purchased, it should be foreseen in advance whether it will work from the mains or on batteries. The first option limits the area of ​​use by the presence of an outlet and a long cord.

Cock ring with vibration

It is recommended to purchase the device from well-known brands. This will save you from disappointment. Inexperienced men are wondering how to put on and use an erection ring to achieve the desired results:

  • visually increasing the size of the penis allows wearing on the base;
  • to prolong an erection allows placement on the scrotum;
  • the device is best held in the pubic area.

The vibrating element is turned towards their genitals or partner. It all depends on the desired effect. You can use two rings at the same time. One is put on the scrotum, the other on the phallus, which allows you to delay the climax and maintain an erection for as long as possible.

To put on the ring correctly, take into account the location of the device:

  • Base – erect a member, stretch the product, move it down from the head.
  • Testicles – First the testicles are cut off, and then the penis is inserted, but go on, not aroused.
  • Phallus and testicles – rings are put on each testicle, and the device itself is left on the top.

Cock ring in use

Think in advance why you should buy a sex toy, and only then choose a specific model.

Penis ring – how to use?

A sex device must fit snugly. There should be no pressure or pain. Try to lubricate the inside with lubricant . It is not recommended to replace the intimate agent with another lubricant. It can cause allergies. Pubic hair should be shaved off. Otherwise, they will be caught by the device and cause discomfort.

How to use an erection ring

Rings are produced in the following types:

  • Rubber and silicone. Best for beginners. The former are preferable. On the second, some people have individual intolerance. If you plan to use the device during sex, ask if your partner is allergic to silicone.
  • Leather Products. They have regulators – latches, Velcro. This allows you to control the degree of pressure, weakening or, conversely, increasing blood flow in the penis.
  • Metal and plastic. They are characterized by increased rigidity. They are ideal for prolonging an erection, but must be strictly sized. Otherwise, the phallus will be overly transmitted.

The device, regardless of the material, allows you to achieve the desired effect without any effort, it can remain on the penis until ejaculation.

Wearing rules

The order of putting on depends on the place of attachment and material. Each manufacturer must include detailed instructions. It must be fully respected.

Options for wearing a cock ring

The negative consequences of improper use of erection rings are the development of stagnant processes, mechanical damage to the head, trunk, base. To avoid this, several recommendations are required:

  • Do not wear vibrating models longer than 25, and simple ones – 30 minutes.
  • Do not use a sliding or, conversely, a small gadget.
  • There should be no defects on the ring. Scratches, injuries can damage the genitals.
  • A device with a vibrator is always tested on the hand first. It should not shock.
  • Sharing with a condom assumes the absence of antennae and spikes on the device so that the latex does not tear.

The device is removed after ejaculation, when the phallus becomes flaccid. It is removed from an excited organ only when it begins to hurt. In both cases, mechanical damage is possible.

Cock Ring Sex

The device can be used for penetrative sex, as well as foreplay. Many couples practice ” ringing ” before direct coitus. This brings new sensations. Especially when the partner is working on the man’s erection.


Devices with vibrating element more best suited for stimulation during intercourse. They can be used both for their intended purpose and removed. In the latter case, one or paired rings are put on the fingers, simply held by hands.

Reviews on the Internet indicate that men equally use a sex toy for their own pleasure and excitement of their partner, to get a new wave of sexual hobbies. It should be noted that even women who gladly put a ring on their lover’s penis write positively about the gadget.

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