Sex scenarios and sex toys for the new year: how to have an unforgettable holiday night

Recently, my friends and I discussed plans for the New Year. I honestly admitted that I want to spend a holiday night in bed with my boyfriend. Naturally, there was no talk of a sweet dream under the chimes, the girls perfectly understood what we were going to do. One of the ladies present gave out a sacramental phrase:

– Sophie, don’t you know how you will celebrate the New Year, so will you spend it? What do you want to be had for the next 365 days ?!
– Why think so radically? I just want to have fun in the coming year! – I answered without hesitation.

This, at first glance, silly female chatter prompted me to write a selection of hot ideas for the tangerine holiday itself. Everyone who wants to receive and give pleasure for a whole year will find for himself an interesting version of the “matinee” (or rather “night light”) for adults.

Classic ideas

This paragraph contains options for indecisive lovers.

1. Slippery track

As a person with an engineering education, I can say with confidence that without good lubrication, any mechanism will break down. Rust will appear, mechanical wear will accelerate. The human body is also a machine. It is extremely foolish to insert the piston into the groove when dry.

On New Year’s Eve, it is worth pampering yourself and your partner with unusual lubricants . Buy a jar with a flavored product or with ingredients that provide an additional stimulating effect (heating, cooling, etc.). Fortunately, the stores offer a wide assortment – there is plenty to choose from. 

2. Massage room

The second stage of our erotic excursion will be total relaxation. And what is better than a full body massage to relieve muscle tension? That’s right – nothing. On the occasion of the holiday, do not limit yourself to working out the cervical spine. Walk through all the nooks and crannies of your partner. To facilitate sliding and intensify tactile sensations, I recommend using a special massage oil. 

3. Pheromone trail

After ringing, sorry, after marriage, many men fall into a state of a well-fed coma. They stop perceiving the spouse as a sexual object. In many respects, this unpleasant fact is explained by a decrease in sensitivity to the individual smell of his wife. In other words, your beloved has sniffed.

It is not necessary not to wash for days, so that a persistent trail of pheromones stretches behind you . Back in the late 80s of the last century, chemists learned to synthesize erotic components and bottle them with perfume. Apply a few drops of magic perfume on the area behind the ears and on the décolleté, you will see – your husband’s behavior will change. 

4. Board games

Who said that board games are the lot of young children. Kits for adults are now being produced. The first thing that comes to mind is erotic forfeits and cubes with positions, but if you scan the vast expanses of the Global Network, then you will surely find a lot of intimate toy souvenirs.

5. Marathon sex

According to statistics, men reach orgasm earlier than women. There is no need to be ashamed of this fact, but you should not discount this information. If you are in doubt about your resilience (or the resilience of your boyfriend’s boyfriend), it’s best to play it safe.

The simplest thing is that you can buy lubricants , sprays with lidocaine or menthol. They have a local effect and are not absorbed into the bloodstream. Apply the product to the penis, wait a little and start bed frenzy. If you do not want to get “under distribution” and freeze your nerve endings, then I recommend putting on a condom additionally.

For men with chronic premature ejaculation, herbal supplements have been developed , as well as pharmaceutical preparations that increase potency. All of this can be purchased without a prescription, but, just in case, consult your doctor and take a test for individual tolerance.  

Innovative ideas

This paragraph contains options for those who want to diversify their intimate life.

6. Costume party

New Year is the time for matinees. Shake the old days and dress up as a sexy bunny or a kitty, or a depraved Snow Maiden. Nothing limits your imagination – choose an image to your liking and start dancing around your partner’s genital organ.  

7. The game of special agents

Are you planning on going to a loud party? This is not at all a reason to deny yourself erotic pranks. Play secret agents with your loved one.
As you know, the arsenal of spies includes an impressive number of miniature devices.

Before going out, you can insert balls into the vagina (with or without vibration – you decide). Another option is to use a tiny remote-controlled gadget. This will allow your spouse to directly influence the sensation by controlling the stimulation using your smartphone.   

8. Sword fighting

Dildos are classics of intimate entertainment. Simple as doors, it is not difficult to understand their use. The ” double ” should go especially well on New Year’s Eve . Beginners will need a dildo of small diameter and length, avid experimenters can choose the size according to their own preferences. I love naturalistic products with a scrotum, but you will be guided by your taste. The second indispensable attribute of a memorable holiday is your man. I will describe in a nutshell the optimal sequence of actions. Do an enema in advance, go through the stage of foreplay. Saddle your partner, insert his penis into the vagina and lie on his chest. Then you need to relax and gently place a well-oiled dildo in the anus. Your bodies will tell you what to do next. I guarantee that both lovers will get a lot of pleasure from sword fighting through the thin vaginal septum. 

9. Tremors

It would seem, what could be more commonplace than vibrators? But I dare to convince you. Today, manufacturers are releasing devices that you never dreamed of. The most simple ones have only one mode, but I want to talk about real electronic monsters. Advanced models have built-in heating, lighting and even music. They can be managed via Skype or WhatsApp . If your partner cannot celebrate the New Year with you, then high-tech devices will come to your rescue. 


10. Engagement

Penis size matters, but not as much as is commonly believed. I will never tire of repeating (and scientists will agree with me) that a huge penis is bad. The largest number of nerve endings are concentrated at the entrance to the vagina and on the head of the genital organ. Restraint rings will help you squeeze the maximum pleasure from regular penetration, plus – by compressing the base, they prolong sexual intercourse.

Advanced ideas

This paragraph contains options for the daring experimenters.

11. The third is not superfluous

Your beloved “persuades” you into group sex, but you are unable to restrain the impulses of jealousy? Don’t worry, a smart woman will always find a compromise solution. The third person in bed does not have to be a living person. Do not accidentally think that I am calling you to necrophilia. Masturbators and dolls will create the illusion of an outsider. And there are no rivals, and the faithful is satisfied.  

12. Anal leprosy

The anus is underestimated in modern society. It contains one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. Step into a new era in your life with rough toys. Beads, corks, tails are just a short list of interesting products.

To create a festive atmosphere, I advise you to pay attention to the Christmas trees – embossed devices on a rigid mount. Just do not hang a garland and rain on them. Remember, erotic games are acceptable only if basic safety rules are followed.

13. The game of proctologist

I am probably being overly meticulous, but I prefer to divide products intended for anal stimulation into clear categories. You have already met the first of them, I propose not to pull the cat by the tail and move on to the second, namely, prostate stimulants. Obviously, these items are intended for a male audience. We women want to have a healthy partner next to us. Take care of the prostate gland of your beloved by giving him a special massager for the New Year. The toy can complement the image of a sexy nurse and immediately try the device. 

14. Prosthetics

Finally, the last category of my personal classification anal -vaginalnyh devices – Strap and falloprotezy . We live in the XXI century, the time has come to take off the blinders and recognize the existence of lesbians and men who dream of changing roles with their chosen one. Experimenting and looking for personal preference is a good thing. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to have an incomparable experience. Try same-sex sex or ask your spouse to be a girl for a while.

15. Rise of the Machines

The idea is not cheap, but the sensations are worth the increased material costs. Men sooner or later fizzle out, but cars never. A special technique for enjoyment will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern bedroom, and it will be interesting for both partners to use it. Women will gladly ride an erotic stallion, and men will watch the races or turn into cowboys themselves. A kind of New Year’s Eve in the style of the Wild West.

Specific ideas

This paragraph contains options for a sophisticated audience who knows a lot about erotic games.

16. Puppet theater

Congratulations, we’ve gotten to some of the most daunting ideas. I will keep the trend of gradual increase in the degree and suggest you try New Year’s fisting in the style of a puppet theater. The meaning of the venture is as follows – one of the partners becomes like a toy mitten, and the second becomes a puppeteer.

The leader places either a fist or a large-diameter unit in the follower’s body. It is advisable to preliminarily think over the scenery, pull on a blanket or sheet (imitation of a scene), and write a script. The puppet must respond to stimulation (move in sync with the manipulation of the sex toy) and remember to pronounce the text at the same time.

17. New Year’s spanking

I would have betrayed my own principles if I had not mentioned BDSM. Why are bondage games categorized as hardcore? Don’t rush things, I’ll explain everything to you. Indeed, there are many light elements of sado- maso : handcuffs, fluffy flip flops , eye masks, soft whips. But guys, it’s New Year’s Eve! Why should we be content with little? To dominate is to dominate, we live once. Let’s style the room like a red room from “50 shades …”, fill the bedroom from floor to ceiling with all kinds of fixtures, install a cross with chains. Don’t forget about gags, floggers , flip flops, and whips. You will never visit such a bright party anywhere else. 

18. Electroconvulsive therapy

An amateur’s pleasure, but why not. Do you harbor a grudge against the chosen one? Shock your spouse. Oh, I’m overdoing it a little, for sensual revenge it is quite enough to pass a small charge of current through his nipples or scrotum. However, keep in mind that he can repay you in kind.

19. Deep vacuum

This is my all-time favorite category of adult products. At one memory, goosebumps go through the body. Most people associate vacuum pumps with penis enlargement devices, but this is just one of the many uses for amazing devices. Recently, they are more often used precisely to bring tons of raisins into a boring sexual intercourse. The multiple increase in orgasm is due to the intense rush of blood to the pelvic organs. By the way, there are also cute petite nipple pads .  

20. Nerves of steel

Before the curtain, steel products appear on the stage of our New Year’s erotic theater. With the advent of sex products on the market for vaginal speculum and anal probes with dilators, lovers can literally look at their partner’s rich inner world. Disgusting? Not at all, quite funny and pumps up your intimate skills . After such an experience, your relationship will stand up to any test.

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