Stack and flogger – what is the difference what to choose

It is impossible to imagine BDSM games without erotic flogging. For this, a variety of devices are used: stacks, flogers, rods, whips, belts. The first two devices are especially popular: the stack and the flogger. What is the difference? What to choose to get maximum pleasure from an erotic game?

What is a stack and flogger?

Stack is an object for erotic flogging, characterized by a flexible shock part with a springy effect and a solid handle. It is not susceptible to deformation: its configuration remains unchanged. The stack acts quite sharply, often leaving marks on the skin, so it is recommended to avoid cross-cutting it through the tendons to prevent serious injuries. It consists of two parts: a hand loop and a long stick braided in leather with a loop at the end. 

Floger is the subject of BDSM games, which is aimed at long-lasting effects of a different nature. It consists of a solid handle and a movable upper part up to 80 centimeters long. Typically, the flogger is made of genuine or artificial leather with or without cores. The intensity of the impact depends on the weight of the object: the lighter it is, the softer it will be, and vice versa. It is worthwhile to prevent overwhelming so that the phloger does not leave small bruises. Especially often this happens when used in a small enclosed space, when there is no place to swing and competently calculate the force of impact. There are special “massage” phlogers that are made of dense suede or leather, their weight is slightly more than average and they are usually core. 

What is the difference between stack and flogger?

The first difference between two objects for erotic flogging is that they belong to different types of percussion. The stack focuses on flexibility, while the flogger is mobile.

The stack is intended for experienced people who are ready for thrills and pain, since the blow from it will be much stronger than from a regular whip. The floger is ideal for beginners, as it allows you to adjust the strength of the impact. Gradually, from soft to hard, the person adapts to pain and becomes ready to use other objects.

The traces that remain after hitting the stack and the flogger are also different. The stack leaves strong enough marks on the skin, while the flogger does not injure it when used correctly.

What to choose?

Floger is one of the safest devices for erotic flogging , as it provides the most soft blow, which can be strengthened if necessary. As a rule, it is used for the back and buttocks. Avoid contact with the spine and kidneys, for this newcomers cover them with a thick layer of tissue. Stack is a great choice for those who love the thrill of BDSM. But both partners must have a stop word that will indicate an immediate termination so as not to cause harm. It will be quite difficult to calculate the strength of a blow to novice when using this item, since the load is distributed in a rather specific way, but experienced people can easily wield it. When using the stack, it is important not to hit the wrists or forearm, otherwise there is a chance to damage the nerve endings, which can lead to serious consequences. Mainly should be guided by the degree of preparedness of the participants of BDSM games. Experienced people can buy any stack they like. But beginners must definitely choose a floger. It is desirable that it be small in size, soft. 


Drum tracks

The floger warms up the body, often used to prepare for flogging with heavier devices. Under its influence, the skin turns red, but there are no long-term traces. Redness lasts up to 4 hours, then passes without a trace. Rarely there are overlaps, these are red marks that last up to 2 days. But their appearance is a mistake; the experienced Top does not allow such things.

Bright traces from the flogger are possible with a “broach”. But this can be realized if each end of the flogger is weighed down by inner cores. But this is already a heavy attribute that newbies should not use.

The stack allows for point hits. They are painful. And while leaving bruises. The intensity depends on the strength of the impact, the time of the shock and the sensitivity of the skin. Bruising can last up to 2 weeks, in the process of healing change color.

Traces from the flogger are invisible, from the stack are always obvious. This is important to consider when buying. 

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