Top 6 Sexual Abnormalities

If you think that sex is a primitive sphere of life, where there is nothing new and interesting for you, then you probably do not know about intimate preferences that do not fit into the category of traditional ones. Today we will talk about some of these deviations that can bring physical pleasure to a narrow circle of people. Perhaps some of the listed types of sexual pleasures will seem so curious to you that you will want to diversify your experience and try something new and unusual.


Some people show an increased sexual interest in certain parts of the body. For example, manipulation of the nose, armpits, or feet may excite them.

For most people, an enema is not associated with anything pleasant, but there are those who get incredible pleasure from the introduction of liquid into the rectum. It is good if lovers of sexual exoticism limit themselves to ordinary water, because there are cases when experiments with the introduction of other substances through the anus ended in failure. So, for example, doctors had to save one such enemophile , who decided to fill himself not with water, but with epoxy resin, which hardened in the rectum, and it was required to remove it surgically.


This deviation is due to the fact that people get sexual satisfaction from urinating on a partner, or when urinating on them. It is also called “golden rain”. It is believed that this deviation is akin to masochism, when the highest degree of pleasure is achieved through humiliation and pain. 


This deviation mainly affects the representatives of the stronger sex. Plush-phobes are aroused by chuche crap animals . Sexual interest can be manifested both in a certain species of mammals , and in all at once.


The deviation consists in an increased sexual interest in partners with physical disabilities. Such people choose amputees with disabilities as a subject of desire. The extreme degree of this deviation is deliberate surgery to amputate body parts to achieve sexual gratification.


It is not unusual for a man to be turned on by a woman in high heels. A deviation is considered when the excitement is caused by the shoes themselves or other items of women’s clothing, for example, worn underwear.
There are other sexual deviations that we never knew existed. You may not understand them, but they really turn on someone and help to achieve orgasm: be it tears, feces, or just intimate phone conversations with strangers. Look for variety in sex, but do not forget that the line between experimentation and extremes is a very thin line, through which it is undesirable to cross.

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