Was there squirting: all about female ejaculation

In our articles, the semi-mystical concept of “squirt” has already been repeatedly mentioned (and here we even talked in detail about how to bring to squirt). The issue of female ejaculation is vividly discussed and is included in the ranking of the most frequent queries in search engines affecting sex. Let’s try to figure out whether there really is a jet orgasm and, if so, we will try to learn how to experience unearthly bliss by pouring a mysterious liquid on our partner.

Explanatory dictionary

It would be illogical and extremely rash not to get acquainted, at least superficially, with the basic terminology before our scientific research. The word “squirt” was borrowed from the English language (squirt) and literally translates as “jet”. The phrase “jet orgasm” speaks for itself – the moment of the highest climax is accompanied by an involuntary release of fluid in a holistic flow. The total volume ranges from a tablespoon to a coffee cup. Thus, all films featuring fountains and fireworks are nothing more than a quality hoax.

Usually, the first sexual experience with a squirting girl, as they call partners who are capable of ejaculation, causes mixed feelings. The man falls into a stupor, but complete delight replaces the confusion. The guys are extremely proud that they managed to bring the girl to an explosive orgasm. Perhaps I will upset the lovely ladies, but the popularity of squirt among a strong half of humanity is caused exclusively by selfish motives. In the company of friends, it’s nice to boast that your beloved girl is splashing a stream. Whatever the motives of increased interest in men, for women such an attitude makes it possible to receive incomparable relaxation.

What will you shoot with?

The phenomenon of squirt itself is not new. Mentions of female ejaculation have come down to our contemporaries since ancient times, but more or less serious research began to be carried out since the end of the 19th century. Even the notorious Sigmund Freud had a hand in the subject in his work “A Fragment of the Analysis of Hysteria (Dora’s Case History)”.

However, until the sexual revolution of the 60s of the twentieth century, squirt was bypassed, focusing on other burning issues of intimate life. The catalyst for the scientific and pseudo-scientific world was the book by Karl Stifer, published in the 80s under the title “The Third Aspect of Pleasure. The secret of female ejaculation. A small brochure caused a furor, the men began to build frankly insane guesses, trying to explain the source that fuels the “fountain of youth.”

1. Uterine mucus

One of the theories says that during intercourse, the glands of external secretion, located in the cervix, abundantly secrete a mucous substance, which at the time of orgasm bursts out in a stream. Later it was proved that this hypothesis is only partially true. Indeed, clots of mucus form on the cervix, but the amount of the substance is negligible compared to the flow of female ejaculation, and the substance is so viscous that it cannot technically be thrown out by the jet.

I want to ask, what did the respected scientists think, putting forward such an idea? In many porn films, actresses shoot when the penis is inside the vagina. If the source of squirt were uterine mucus, then the penis would not allow it to escape. Although, most likely, the researchers do not watch adult videos.

2. The secret of the Bartholin glands

If you are a little familiar with the female anatomy, then you know that there are special glands in the thickness of the labia majora. Their main task is to develop a natural lubricant, whose function is to prevent adhesion of soft tissues in a normal state and to facilitate the introduction of the penis during intercourse. The activity of the Bartholin glands depends on the degree of arousal, the better the guy “got” the girl, the more lubrication is produced. Sometimes it happens well, oh-oh-very much and it flows out, staining the sheets. Unfortunately, secretion has nothing to do with orgasm. Otherwise, as soon as the beloved touches us, the body would begin to convulse.

3. Anal opening

What? Are you guys serious? How could such a thing come to mind? What kind of “anal squirt” ?! For several years, a number of “famous sexologists” published articles in “decent publications” about the possibility of ejaculation through the “back door”. Thank God, it became clear to some adequate person that the theory was absurd and that they had forgotten. There are two possible explanations for why a woman gushes her booty. The first – she was washed with an enema, the second – she is sick with an upset stomach.

4. Urine

Gradually we are getting closer to the truth. Squirting is often associated with urinary retention. Women who have given birth need to be especially careful not to confuse the sinful with the righteous. Carrying a fetus leads to a weakening of the abdominal muscles and this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. In the process of arousal, blood rushes to the pelvic organs, increasing intra-abdominal pressure. The uterus and bladder drop slightly, the latter is at risk and does not cope with its task. Orgasm reduces alertness, the partner ceases to control herself and pee.

5. The true source of squirt

A moment of cognitive anatomy. I’m probably shocking you, but all people have a urethra called the urethra. Dear students, please look at the picture, read it carefully and memorize it (if necessary, write it down). In girls, the urethra (2) is surrounded by paraurethral glands (1), the secret from which is secreted through the orifices (3) and rushes out into the only possible natural outlet. The urethra is located in the immediate vicinity of the vaginal opening (4), so everything that happens in the holy of holies of the female body affects the urethra.

Achieving a jet orgasm is possible only with the help of targeted stimulation of the anterior wall. In the distant 50s of the last century, Ernest Grafenberg discovered a bumpy area that can increase in size during intercourse, which is similar to a man’s erection. In fact, the G-spot is nothing more than the paraurethral glands or (according to other sources) Skene’s glands. Certain body movements provoke secretory activity, lead to swelling and increased production of a slightly viscous transparent substance. A woman at the peak stage of arousal shoots a Yellowstone geyser from her urethra. The overflow of the glands feels remotely similar to the desire to urinate, so many believe that the girl is not squirting, but pissing.

Find 5 Differences game

We decided that for men, apart from raising self-esteem, there is little use from jet orgasm. It does not in the least affect the physical pleasure of a strong half of humanity. Now is the time to talk about tender girlish feelings. So, there are five qualitative differences between squirt and the familiar types of orgasm.

1. Special effects

Agree, the gushing is much more convincing than the hottest verbal assurances of orgasm. If vaginal and clitoral discharge can be easily imitated, then in the case of squirting, even a very talented actress cannot cope with a theatrical production. The release of fluid becomes indisputable proof of male consistency.

2. The unreality of what is happening

The sensations of squirting are outstanding, stunning in their sharpness, character. This is not a couple of fuzzy vaginal cramps or a sweet clitoral convulsive spasm, but an earthquake of 9 on the Richter scale. Orgasm covers not only the genital area, but is rolled by a frenzied tsunami throughout the body. The pleasure seems to electrify the ends of the hair. Hands and feet cease to obey their owner, vision and hearing fail, and the surrounding reality is distorted beyond recognition.

3. Duration of climax

Someone once calculated that the maximum time to obtain a vaginal orgasm does not exceed 3 seconds, and a clitoral one – 7 seconds. Squirt was able to excel in the field of the duration of pleasure. Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, the range of possible values ​​ranges from 9 to 27 seconds! It is also worth noting that the two usual types of orgasm are of a peak nature, that is, there is a sharp jump and a rapid decline in activity in the area of ​​the brain responsible for the perception of pleasure. But the encephalogram taken from the subject during squirt changes smoothly. A woman is in a state of peak phase longer, pleasure dies out gradually. By the way, I’ve always wondered how a girl wearing sensors can get an orgasm.

4. Aftertaste

If in ordinary cases, having reached a climax, the partner quickly comes to her senses and can safely do household chores, then after a squirt she will have to leave for an unrealistically long time. The effect of the experience lasts for several hours. Some ladies, a day after the gushing, felt weakness in the body and pulling urges in the lower abdomen.

5. Peace

Any orgasm can free a woman from negative emotions, what can we say about such a good shake as squirting. Relaxation reaches the absolute, many girls cry for no reason. In general, judging by forums and anonymous polls, positive reviews prevail over negative experiences.

Why So Many Girls Don’t Squirt?

There is a misconception that only the chosen ones of the gods can get a jet orgasm. The unique structure of the genitourinary system and preliminary training do not make the girl a master of fountains. Theoretically, any representative of the weaker sex is capable of sprinkling a partner without long and persistent preparation. A reasonable question arises: why only 2 women out of 10 squirted at least once, which prevents the other 8 ladies from achieving the same heights?

1. Stress

It is very difficult to stay calm in today’s world. Every day we are attacked by hundreds of minor and dozens of major problems. We are in constant stress, stress has turned from a temporary state into a way of life. It is not surprising that many women do not experience ordinary orgasms, and even more mind-blowing squirt does not shine for them.

2. Inability to relax

A strict upbringing makes little girls squeezed and insecure women. They find it difficult to relax during sex, they do not show interest in new techniques and unusual fantasies. Earlier it was believed that a true lady is obliged to resemble a marble statue even on the marriage bed, unfortunately, this stereotype is almost impossible to eradicate.

3. Psychological barriers

Reason # 3 is derived from reason # 2. Public opinion forms a system of internal taboos in beautiful heads. A blindsided view of intimacy does not allow girls to reveal the potential of hot and passionate mistresses hidden in them. Plus, popular culture incorrectly displays the representatives of the weaker half of humanity in the process of getting pleasure. I laugh furiously when I see in bed scenes supposedly erotic films of actresses with impeccable styling, and someone sincerely believes that at the moment of climax, girls should remain style icons.

4. Physical indecision

Some ladies intentionally squeeze their muscles to prevent the release of fluid. This is a deliberate attempt to avoid gushing out in fear of the phenomenon itself.

5. Negative experience

If a girl, being in a previous relationship, squirted at least once and was misunderstood by her partner, then negative experience can restrain her from repeated ejaculations. Worst of all, things are when the lover laughed at the jet and teased that she “peed”. In such a situation, you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

6. Mistrust

Girls who have learned the mystery of jet orgasm unanimously assert, they say, in a state of highest pleasure, they become extremely vulnerable and cannot control their bodies. Provided that a woman does not feel boundless trust in her partner and does not rely on him in everyday life, her lover cannot see squirt like her own ears.

7. Fear to describe yourself

Often, a strong urge to urinate precedes a powerful discharge. Girls trembling in their knees are frightened by the possibility of such a low fall in the eyes of a loved one. Ask yourself if you admit the thought of dousing your spouse with a yellow liquid with a specific smell, then you will understand why you have not squirted yet.

8. Illiterate partner

Men know catastrophically little about the nature of female sexuality. For some, the fact of the existence of orgasm as such remains an incomprehensible mystery. Perhaps the partner simply never tried to bring his lady of the heart to a gush. The culprit of the girl’s lack of squirt is her uneducated lover.

9. Sexual trauma

Victims of violence, in principle, painfully perceive sexual contacts, here the problem is not so much in the inability to squirt, but in deep disgust for the entire male sex and in panic attacks before each sexual intercourse.

5 steps to squirt

After watching specific pornography, couples hungry for new experiences tend to overestimate their abilities. The fact is that most of the filming process remains behind the scenes, and only selected fragments of the hours-long work of the actors and support staff get into the film. Both partners will have to go through a thorny path to a jet orgasm, it will be filled with difficulties and will require lovers to support each other at every stage. Are you ready to partake of the forbidden fruit?

1. Making a decision

It doesn’t matter who is the initiator of the experiments, the main thing is to get consent from the other side. Discuss details, watch tutorials together, read reviews posted on the forums. Be sure to study the topic, your desire to squirt should be unshakable.

2. Health is in order – thanks charging!

The condition of the vaginal muscles makes a significant contribution to the process of achieving orgasm. Developed smooth muscles increase the chances of success. For training, women use balls from a sex shop for only 10-15 minutes a day and after a few weeks they notice amazing results. They learn to contract and unclench the intimate muscles at will. Although the contraction occurs involuntarily at the moment of climax, effective training will form fertile ground for squirting. When a partner helps her lover in his manipulations, then they succeed in everything with a bang.

3. Relaxation

A man is obliged to surround his beloved with affection and care, to remove the slightest tension from her body. There is no need to be lazy, the partner should give all his best, because a 10-minute foreplay is clearly not enough. Let him spend at least half an hour on erotic massage and the same amount on foreplay. The teasing cunnilingus showed itself on the good side. The guy brings the girl almost to a frenzy with his tongue, stopping just a few seconds before orgasm. After the sweet torture, they begin to take more decisive action.

4. Control of breathing

For some reason, the importance of breathing practices is undeservedly neglected. But even in ancient India it was proved that knowledge of pranayama techniques has a beneficial effect on love games. Deep and slow inhalation and exhalation saturate the blood with oxygen and contribute to the growth of arousal.

5. Stimulation of the G-spot

There are a lot of techniques designed for a comprehensive study of the Grefenberg zone, even more special positions have been invented. However, in the laborious business of squirting, only manual massage and the use of vibrators have proven their effectiveness. The more intense the friction, the faster the orgasm occurs. Some sex gurus recommend using the fingers of one hand to wield the vagina and the other to caress the clitoris.

Dear ladies, release your inner beast into the wild and go to the land of extraordinarily strong pleasure. Dear men, do not give in to imaginary difficulties and love your chosen ones. Squirt will make life happier, bring the couple closer and give an incentive for further sexual experiments.

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