What are penises: size, length, and other varieties

Penis, penis, phallus, “baby”, “boy”, “boa constrictor”, “handsome” … You can go on and on, because the subject of male pride is almost the best friend of its owner, who (in addition to the common noun) should have and a proper name. How else?
Moreover, each of the penises is a real individuality. And for every man, his penis is the best, like a child for a mother. What can not be said about women who are free to choose (well, or rejoice at what they got). And no wonder. Each representative of the fair sex has her own preferences, physiological characteristics, aesthetic tastes, finally. After all, it depends on how satisfied she will be in bed.
In this article, we will tell you what penises are – in shape, size, appearance, etc. And also, we will try to find good, light, kind, and pure in everything (and everyone). Or in other words, show the dignity and advantages that one or another object of male pride has.

What is a penis, or there is no limit to Perfection

Naturally, every man has his own and there is no better one. But, nevertheless, there are common characteristics that distinguish one male organ from another. Now we will consider them.

1. Length 

Generally speaking, this is real “racism”. The palm in this “competition” is occupied by black macho. According to statistics, the average length of their penis in an erect state is 20-23 cm, or even more. Democrats-Europeans, as always, adhere to the golden mean – 16-17cm. The same goes for their American descendants. The most modest Asians and Hispanics are 13 cm.
Here, we must pay tribute to Mother Nature, who always strives for harmony. Just imagine a miniature Chinese woman or a Japanese woman. How would she feel with a 25 cm penis? But the long-legged beauty with ebony skin is the best!
But in practice, as life shows, everything is individual. For example, one woman needs cervical stimulation to achieve orgasm. Accordingly, the length of the partner’s penis is sufficient for this. And for another, it may cause discomfort. And to make a deep blowjob you will need to especially try.
In other words, a long penis is not an indicator that you have an ideal in front of you. The main thing is to be able to use anything and find harmony with your partner. Moreover, according to surveys, for most women, a larger diameter is preferable than length.

2. Diameter 

There is such an anecdote. In the queue for cucumbers, one woman says “I’m longer and fatter”, another asks for a shorter and fatter one, and the other says “and for me to eat.” So in life – to each his own. But if we talk about a thick or thin penis, then each has its own advantages.
For example, a thin penis will undoubtedly be appreciated by a woman during anal sex. Moreover, such parameters will make it faster and easier to persuade her to such a sexual act. But the fat one is able to provide maximum stimulation to erogenous areas. It is just perfect for women with large vaginas. And for a man, this is a great way to show off and raise his pride. Although there are cases that sometimes the dimensions are so impressive that a girl has painful sensations during a blowjob from the fact that she has to open her mouth so wide. In any case, if the diameter of the penis is not enough to bring the girl to orgasm, you can buy a special cream in the sex shop to narrow the vagina. Or, even better, start a woman to engage in intimate Kegel training using vaginal balls. 

3. Form 

In the Kamasutra there are two gradations in determining the shape of the penises:
– “Spear”. Straight and straight penis. Where the name came from is clear by itself. Looks very beautiful, natural, and aesthetically pleasing, which in itself can excite many of the fair sex;

– “Crescent”. Curved member. Usually left or right, sometimes up. In the writings on the art of love, he is considered ideal for every woman. Firstly, during penetration, he slightly straightens, and then bends again, thereby giving special and unique affection. And secondly, by choosing the appropriate position, they can stimulate the G-spot, the impact on which leads to powerful and numerous orgasms.

4. Circumcised penis

Such manipulations with the penis (or rather circumcision of the foreskin) are today considered to be a religious act. However, if you look at it from the other side, you can understand that it is rational. As a rule, this practice is common among residents of eastern countries, where a hot arid climate and little moisture. And if we consider that fatty grease ( smegma ) accumulates under the foreskin , which needs to be washed off regularly, then everything becomes clear. It is much easier to provide the necessary hygiene to the penis without the foreskin. When it comes to sex, many women find this penis ideal. This is because the naked head, constantly in contact with clothes, becomes less sensitive. And this means that a man with such dignity is able to stay in bed longer, and not finish first. Although it is not necessary to resort to this method, you can simply buy a prolonging cream.  

Which one is better?

Yes, not any! Here everyone is equal and to each his own. After all, as we have already seen, each of them has its own advantages, and the disadvantages can be compensated for by the ability to use the penis correctly. Moreover, it will only play into everyone’s hands. And the owner of the penis, and those lucky ones who are lucky enough to use such a “treasure”.

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