What is important for everyone to know about sexy lingerie

Erotic or sexy lingerie looks very beautiful on the body. He is chosen for bright dates, seduction. But there are facts that you need to know about such items so that their wearing is pleasant and long. This information will be useful for women and men who choose such wardrobe items for themselves or as a gift.

Not for constant wear

Beautiful underwear is decorative in nature, it is not intended for daily wear. Often artificial materials are used in its creation, they look great, but at the same time do not allow the skin to breathe. Such items are worn for several hours, it does not harm the body. But if you wear them often, various diseases are possible due to the fact that there is no proper air circulation ..

Ideal for a gift

Erotic items are one of the best gifts, especially women like them. A person with whom you have sex can be given panties with access, underwear sets. You can always give stockings to a friend or relative, it will be very useful, but not a gift. And a sister or niece should choose knee-highs or stockings with decor, they are not always used to create an erotic image, sometimes they go well with ordinary clothes.

After the store, be sure to wash

An interesting idea seems to be that after presenting a gift, a person will immediately put on new clothes. But in life this is not worth doing. Any erotic underwear must be washed before putting it on a naked body. This will remove any dust that may have gotten onto the fabric. And if the linen was also measured in the store, it will remove traces of other people’s touches. Even if something was custom made, it still needs to be rinsed before use.

The shelf life of linen is not long

Erotic lingerie is made from the most delicate lace, satin, silk. And the more small details, the faster it loses its appearance. After several washes, fabrics become brittle, often torn. It is important to understand that daily laundry lasts longer, although it is washed more often. Decorative things retain their ideal look for less time.

Appearance and price are linked

Erotic lingerie is not cheap. But the higher the cost, the better the quality. Cheap sexy lingerie never looks fancy. Simple materials don’t make a model great. The beauty in such items is a combination of good fabric, interesting cut, and it costs good money. Even the development of stylish linen is costly, which speaks of sewing from the most delicate fabrics.

Things for any size

When choosing erotic lingerie, it can be difficult to choose the size. Then universal things come to the rescue. For example, body stockings are made to fit ladies from 42 to 50 sizes. These are elastic things that fit the body. It is worth buying a catsuit so as not to worry that it will not fit. An item like this always fits perfectly. Even regular stockings for legs can be more difficult to choose than such a jumpsuit.

Better to take a kit

If possible, buy erotic lingerie in sets. A single style will make the image complete. If you choose only one thing, for example, panties, it is very unlikely that later you will be able to buy a bra to match or from the same material. The selection of sexy items is difficult, and it is not always possible to find a single pattern. This is why a set of items is the best solution.

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