How to order?

Go to our website and select the needed number of the Cialis Black pills. Add it to the shopping cart. Then confirm the order and enter your address details and name. Then you should pay for your order and wait for the shipment.

What medications do you sell?

We sell Generic medications only. Cialis Black is generic of Cialis. It does not mean that it has another chemical composition. All medications have the same active ingredient as the brand drugs do.

Why your prices are low?

As we do not use promotion, and we do not have real offices and shops to sell the medications, we may sell products at their real cost, without extra charges. We sell medications online, and it means that you will receive your drugs right from the manufacturer's factory.

Cialis Black differs from Cialis, why?

Cialis Black has a different shape and color of the pills because it is Generic. It has Tadalafil in the dose of 800 mg. Generic medications cannot use the same name and appearance of the pill, but the pharmaceutical formula is kept the same.

What payment systems do you accept?

We accept E-Checks, Visa and MasterCard.

Do you deliver medications internationally?

Yes, we send packages to any place in the world.

Do you have age restrictions?

Yes, you should be a full-aged person.

Do I need a prescription?

We do not ask you for a prescription. Any person may buy Cialis Black online. However, we highly recommend you to consult a doctor before taking any medication in order to avoid serious side effects.

May women take Cialis Black?

No, women are contraindicated to take Cialis Black.

Will I cure of the erectile dysfunction?

The erectile dysfunctions cannot be cured completely. The medication will just help you to avoid the symptoms that this sexual disorder cause (weak erection). It will cause a release of the blood to the penis tissues, and so your erection will be hard and long-lasting. Cialis Black works only during the sexual arousal of a man.

Will I have side effects after the use of Cialis Black?

Every human body is individual, and we cannot predict how your body will react to the action of the active ingredients. The manufacturer indicates that the drug may cause some side effects that will pass. If you experience any side effects that last long, please, stop taking the drug, and go to a doctor.

How do you ship the orders?

We offer two types of the shipment: EMS and AirMail. Please see more details on our shipping policy.

When I will receive my order?

It depends on a shipment method you have selected during the order. If you use EMS, your order will be delivered in 5-8 business days. In case of the AirMail, the order will be arrived in about 4 weeks.

Do you have discounts?

Our regular customers receive 10% off for the next orders.

Why I cannot pay for the order?

Please, check your bank account details, you may have some limits for the online payment. Or make sure that you have enough sum on your account.

May I cancel the order?

If we have already sent your package, it is impossible to cancel the order. You may cancel the order only when you have not paid for it yet. For more details, please contact us.

Why I have not received my order in time?

The shipment period depends on many factors such as season, holidays, and others. Please, wait for a couple of days. If you still have not received the order, contact us and we will solve this problem.

Are there limits for the pill number?

No, you may order as many pills as you need. Bear in mind, that we may split your order, if you order more than 60 pills at once. It means that you will receive two separate packages.

What is a shelf life of medications?

Please check the blister of the pills, it has an expiry date. We do not sell outdated medications. We carefully check every blister before sending it to a customer. In any case, we do not recommend you to take outdated medications.

How do you protect personal information?

We use up-to-date security systems. We constantly check for new systems to protect personal and financial data of a customer. The SSL encryption is used. None third party will know your personal information.

Will you sell other medications?

We are going to broaden our assortment. If you have any preferences or requests, please contact us. How to contact us, go to Contact Us page.

Are medicines FDA approved?

We sell only proved and quality Generic medications. All products are carefully tested and checked and meet all needed requirements. All medications are approved by the Indian FDA.

May I take the drug, if I don't have a sexual disorder?

We highly recommend you to consult your doctor before taking any medication. If you do not experience any erectile dysfunction symptoms such as weak or poor erection, we do not recommend you to take these pills. Well, it will not cause any harm, if you take it once, but if you take it on a regular basis, it may lead to certain medical issues.

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