Impotence is a violation of sexual functions, a weakening or lack of an erection (18 drugs to increase an erection), as a result of which a man cannot complete sexual intercourse. In this case, the penis may be in a short or long period in an excited state. The disease requires combined treatment.

Types of Impotence

Impotence in men is divided into two main types - organic and psychological. The third category is combined, in which both main types of the disease are combined.

Erectile dysfunction

Organic impotence is a gradually increasing sexual impotence, which is caused by physiological factors (urological ailments - sexually transmitted diseases, problems with blood vessels, etc.). The duration of an erection begins to decrease, gradually it disappears altogether. In this case, spontaneous in the morning and night hours is absent.

Psychological impotence is formed against a background of psychogenic factors (depression, stress, neurosis, etc.). Male weakness appears unexpectedly. At the same time, sudden morning and night erections do not disappear. Psychological impotence manifests itself sporadically.

There are other types of impotence of male impotence - neuroreceptor and spinal (organic and functional). Combined combines the causes of different categories of the disease.

Causes of impotence

Potency can be impaired for many reasons. In some cases, sexual impotence is observed in old age. The cause is hormonal imbalance. Many men experience a decrease in potency after 40 years. Organic impotence is classified into several types:

  • Impotence of endocrine origin occurs due to a deficiency of the hormone testosterone. Most often, this type of sexual impotence occurs in men after 50 years. The cause may be an imbalance in the hormonal background with the subsequent appearance of endocrine diseases.
  • Anatomically caused male weakness appears due to the curvature of the penis, its partial, complete removal or painful erection. Pain sometimes causes a hernia in the scrotum. A cause of impaired potency may be too short a bridle or other congenital defects of the penis.
  • Neurogenic disorders are associated with diseases of the nervous system, various injuries, and injuries. The causes may be sclerosis, neuropathy.
  • Vascular impotence appears due to a violation of the blood supply to the genital organ. With insufficient blood flow, penile swelling occurs very slowly or does not fill the organ. The reason is also the weak muscles of the penis.

There are a number of other types of male impotence and the reasons for their appearance.

TitleCauses of impotence
TitleCauses of impotence
NeuroreceptorReceptors are affected in the head of the penis, prostate gland or seminal organs.
SpinalIt is formed due to dysfunction of the spinal centers.
Spinal organicThe defeat of the same nodes located in the sacral or lumbar. The cause of this can be injuries, malignant neoplasms, etc.
Spinal functionalIt occurs due to "overwork" of the spinal centers, due to overly active sex, frequent masturbation, etc.

Other causes of impotence:

  1. inflammation of the reproductive system that is transmitted from partners;
  2. diabetes;
  3. chronic prostatitis;
  4. taking certain medications;
  5. poisoning with toxic substances (gasoline, lead, etc.).

Any problems with potency are greatly aggravated by alcohol, which negatively affects the testes and prostate gland, as well as nicotine addiction, which inhibits the reproductive centers. As a result, an erection gradually weakens. More often, such symptoms are observed in young people.

With organic impotence, a gradual manifestation of symptoms occurs. At first, signs of impotence are mild, episodic, not causing any concern. A man can attribute everything to fatigue, lack of interest in a partner, etc. The first signs of impotence include:

  • suddenly disappearing erection during sex;
  • prolonged ejaculation;
  • complete lack of erection;
  • ejaculation ahead of time;
  • weakened erection.

Most often, such symptoms are observed in men at the age of 40. After this milestone, hormonal changes occur in the body. Many organs begin to “wear out”. Age-related changes contribute to a decrease in erection.

After the first manifestations, the progression of the disease begins. Additional symptoms appear. The penis becomes flaccid during an erection. This condition occurs more often.

An erection becomes more rare. It disappears in the morning and at night. With premature eruption of a seed, a man begins to feel his inferiority, which exacerbates the disease.

Common treatments for impotence

The restoration of potency is complex. First of all, the causes of sexual impotence are determined. Treatment should be aimed at eliminating the causes of weak erections. Both psychological and physiological factors are considered. A man can use many methods of treating impotence on his own.

Important! There are many cases when the potency was restored after a change in a man’s lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, regular physical activity, restoration of proper nutrition).

When signs appear and treatment of impotence is prescribed in accordance with the cause of the disease. A doctor may prescribe medications that are taken 30-60 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse. They guarantee a temporary erection. At the same time, herbal remedies are prescribed, injections are made.

Physiotherapy gives a positive effect in the treatment of erection, especially acupressure. Sessions are conducted with vacuum devices that contribute to the appearance of persistent erection, expansion of the cavernous body. Psychological techniques that provide moral assistance are used. The methods are aimed at eliminating depression, stress, inferiority complex, anxious expectation of failure.

Drug treatment

Drugs for the treatment of impotence differ in two ways - in effect and method of use. Means are available in the form of tablets, powders, tinctures.

Comment! The drugs according to the effect are presented in the form of natural homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements. The synthetic ones include various FED5 inhibitors.

Effective Drugs

Effective drugs are divided into two categories:

  • Synthetic products contain a substance that suppresses the production of phosphodiesterase-5, which helps the rapid completion of sexual intercourse through an early erection. Inhibitors contribute to the normal blood supply to the penis, supporting sexual arousal. They are most suitable for the elderly. Remedies for impotence after 50 years are Cialis, Viagra, Levitra.
  • Natural herbal preparations improve blood circulation, mood, and the central nervous system. This increases potency in men. At the same time, the products fill the body with vitamins, minerals, enhance libido, and stimulate muscle work. The composition of natural remedies includes ginseng, ginger, cordyceps, as well as other plants.

However, dietary supplements are only auxiliary drugs in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The drugs have distinctive positive qualities. For example, they are not addictive, have a small list of contraindications, and do not cause complications.

Drugs by method of use

Preparations according to the method of application are divided into three groups:

  • Urethral remedies for impotence are injected into the urethra 10 minutes before sexual intercourse begins. However, they often cause side effects in the form of burning, itching. Rectal suppositories may be prescribed. They do not cause side effects.
  • With the help of injections, drugs are introduced into the penis to treat impotence, which stimulate the expansion of the organ and its rapid filling with blood. An erection occurs quickly, lasts for an hour. Most often, Alprostadil, Papaverine, or its mixture with Phentolamine is injected into the penis.
  • Oral drugs for impotence are among the most popular and best remedies. They give a good effect even in 60 years. Means improve blood circulation, make up for the deficiency of hormones. Such drugs include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These are the most powerful remedies for impotence.

The list of medicines also includes drops. They are made from ginseng, lovage, with the infusion of leuzea. These substances are used in homeopathy. Drops act quickly, promote sexual desire, enhance erection.

Non-drug treatment

Before treating impotence, it is necessary to find out the cause of the disease. The fault may be a little physical activity, stress or other factors. In this case, medication may not be required.

Non-pharmacological methods of treating sexual impotence include exercise therapy (a special complex of physical education). Exercises can be performed at home. Exercise therapy increases muscle tone, improves the general condition of the body, partially replaces the necessary physical activity.

Massage helps to restore an erection to impotent. It must be carried out according to certain rules. Massage has several varieties. It can be performed at energy points, in the inguinal region, for the testicles, penis. Acupressure alone is not recommended. Improper exposure can cause additional problems.

Massage can be done for the feet, on which there are many active points. In any case, the procedure should not cause pain or discomfort. Testicular massage is done no more than two minutes. During the procedure, the penis should not be in an erect state.

How to cure impotence with a vacuum pump? It can partially replace drugs. The method is one of the safest. The procedure is performed using a special pump with a cylinder. This type of massage provides the filling of blood vessels and small arteries with blood, which leads to the onset of an erection.

Alternative methods of treatment

Herbal impotence treatment has been used for a long time. Means improve blood circulation, increase the strength of an erection and the quality of sexual intercourse. In folk recipes, a collection of St. John's wort, nettle, clover is often used. Each herb must take 2 tbsp. l., pour into a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water. The drug is infused for several hours, then it is drunk in a glass three times a day.

Ginseng tincture has proven itself to increase potency. It is made on vodka or on water. This is an effective folk remedy for male power.

For example, alcohol tincture will require 300 ml of vodka and 20 g of crushed plant root. They are mixed, then the product costs 3 weeks. Shake it daily.

After the expiration, the liquid is filtered, then it is drunk 3 times a day, 25 drops, 30 minutes before meals.

Mummy for potency is sold in pharmacies. It refers to fortifying agents. In 10 tbsp. l dissolves 2 g of mummy. The tool is taken in the morning, 1 tablespoon, before breakfast. The course of treatment is 5 days.

In the treatment of impotence at home, folk remedies use many herbs. Well-established golden root. It mixes with Lungwort and rose hips.

An infusion is prepared from herbs. For it, you need 30 g of golden root, 150 ml of alcohol, 10 g of lunar shell, diluted in a glass of boiling water. All ingredients are mixed, the remedy is infused for 2 weeks.

You need to take it 3 times a day, two tablespoons.

Restore male power with folk remedies will help honey balm. He insists 6 days. For the balm you need to take 250 g of leaves (chopped) aloe, cahors, honey. The ingredients are mixed and infused in the refrigerator.

After 6 days, the balm is filtered, drunk three times a day. You need to start with three teaspoons, gradually increasing the dosage to 1 tbsp. l The drug is taken before meals. This balm is a very effective remedy for restoring an erection.

Diet in violation of potency

To increase potency, diet is very important. The diet should be strictly balanced. It is necessary to completely eliminate alcohol, carbonated, energy drinks. Do not eat semi-finished foods, fast food. Sausages, sausages can only be consumed in limited quantities.

The same rule applies to foods high in carbohydrates (potatoes, white rice, pasta, sugar, etc.). A balanced diet includes only stewed or boiled dishes. Recommended:

  1. lean fish and meat;
  2. celery, parsley, cilantro, dill;
  3. walnuts;
  4. vegetables and fruits;
  5. fresh juices;
  6. buckwheat and oatmeal.

For breakfast and lunch, it is advisable to eat more high-calorie foods, and dinner with vegetable and dairy products. Spicy, fatty foods, smoked foods are excluded from the diet. Limit the use of caffeine and drinks containing it. Pumpkin seeds are very useful. Every day they need to eat 120 pieces.

Ginger is found in many popular recipes. Tinctures, decoctions are made from it. Dried and chopped ginger should be added to drinks daily. To improve the taste, honey is used. Ginger is used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of male impotence.

Impotence Prevention

Prevention of impotence involves a complete rejection of bad habits (cigarettes, alcohol). Daily physical activity, full sleep are necessary. Rest must be active. An important role is played by a healthy diet, lack of stress. Indiscriminate relationships must be ruled out, but regular sexual activity should be maintained. This will help maintain potency until old age.

Impotence can be cured by many methods. Potency is best restored at the first sign of weakening. In advanced cases, or if sexual impotence occurs against a background of other diseases, surgical intervention may be required. In order not to bring to this, it is necessary to consult a doctor at the first sign of a weakening erection.

Erectile Dysfunction: Home Treatment

When a man develops erectile dysfunction, treatment at home with tablets or folk remedies is a real salvation from a delicate, but very urgent problem. Turning to the doctor, a man hopes for a speedy recovery, but what needs to be done to do this, how to speed up the process and forget about sexual impotence?

Vacuum massage

There are several methods that can help prolong sexual intercourse. Vacuum massage occupies a special place among creams and tablets, since it is not toxic and helps to quickly cope with the problem by resorting to a pump.

Erectile dysfunction

Scientifically, this method of influencing the penis is called LOD therapy - local exposure to negative pressure.

How does LOD therapy affect libido?

  • Helps improve blood flow to the organ.
  • Increases an erection.
  • Increases the duration of contact.

Erectile dysfunction has several causes, one of which is a violation or weakening of the blood flow.

In insufficient quantities, oxygen and nutrients enter the genitals, resulting in impotence.

It is not psychological in nature, that is, a man has a desire for intimacy, but there are functional disorders.

Vacuum massage is effective if:

  1. there are problems with blood circulation in the lower part of the spine;
  2. varicose veins of the lower extremities are observed;
  3. there are diseases of the spinal cord;
  4. impaired blood flow to the brain.

If the disease is associated with the circulatory process, then it can affect the functioning of the reproductive system as a whole, cause not only sexual problems, but also lead to the development of other, more severe pathologies.

Psychological treatment

When impotence occurs in men, drug therapy is not always carried out, in some cases they resort to the help of a psychologist.

This method is effective if:

  • There is a psychological barrier.
  • Unpleasant memories are associated with the act.

The disorder is caused by various events that have had a certain impact on the mental state of a person. A man cannot cope with this problem on his own, realize the whole depth of fear, understand why sex causes negative emotions, work with a psychologist will help.

If the violation has a significant effect on the relationship of a person with the opposite sex, then in some cases, medications are prescribed. They will help level the patient’s condition, relieve him of fears and prejudices.

Therapy with a psychologist is also effective if the disease arose against a background of neurological conditions. In this case, not only drug therapy, but also work with a psychologist will help to improve an erection.

Psychological impotence is a disease that does not have age restrictions; it is diagnosed both in young people and in the stronger sex.

Impotence Medications

Status: "impotent", of course, puts pressure on a man to get rid of him, a person is ready for a lot. The simplest and most familiar solution is to consult a doctor to prescribe a medication.

Sexual impotence is treated with:

  • suppositories;
  • pills
  • creams and gels;
  • injection.

With erectile dysfunction, symptoms can occur on a periodic basis, that is, disturb from time to time. A pathological situation is considered if “misfires” occur more often 4 times a month.

Hormonal drugs

For the treatment of impotence in men with hormone-based drugs, certain features of therapy are taken into account. The body needs testosterone, it is considered the main male hormone and helps not only increase sexual activity, but also slow down the aging process.

With age, the level of the hormone decreases steadily, if the indicator fell too low, then on the background of this, problems of an intimate nature may arise.

An erection will recover if you resort to the help of specialized drugs containing testosterone.

Signs of a lack of hormone in the body:

  • Excess weight.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Changing the shape of a female type.

If the diagnosis shows that the level of testosterone is not high enough, the doctor will prescribe a replacement therapy for the patient.

It includes taking the following drugs:

  • Sustanon and Turinabol tablets are both considered powerful steroids, they are prescribed in conjunction to increase muscle mass, help increase activity, get rid of fatigue and problems in the intimate sphere. The duration of the course varies and depends on the general condition of the man, if the body is not prepared, then medications are rarely prescribed in conjunction, since they give an extremely powerful anabolic effect.
  • Sustanon and Deca are two drugs that can increase the level of a hormone in the patient’s blood. Sustanon has a high androgenic activity, and Deca enhances its effect. This combination can significantly increase the level of testosterone in the blood, but in combination and even separately, this treatment is under the supervision of a doctor.

If the causes of the disease are associated with a low level of the hormone in the blood, then substitution therapy is used. But since class preparations are considered anabolic steroids, it is recommended to use them under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Non-hormonal drugs

Treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with non-hormonal drugs also has a number of contraindications and side effects. But it is appointed much more often.

The doctor may prescribe the following medications to the patient:

  • Viagra - is considered one of the oldest, its popularity is due to its impeccable reputation. A tablet is taken an hour before the intimacy with a woman, a medication lasts 20 minutes.
  • Cialis is a medication in action similar to Viagra, but the effect after taking the pill occurs in 20 minutes and lasts for 36 hours. Refers to PDE-5 inhibitors.
  • Levitra - improves the hemodynamic process, releases nitric oxide and stimulates the nerve endings located in the penis. Due to which, the transmission of impulses from the brain to the organs of the reproductive system is improved. The medication is taken 25 minutes before proximity, is fully preserved for 4 hours.
  • Sildenafil - has an effect on smooth muscles, releases nitric oxide, stimulates blood flow to the genitals. Against this background, a persistent and prolonged erection is observed. It is used to treat patients of various age groups.


Age, stress, poor ecology, various diseases - all this negatively affects the state of health of a man and his sexual desire.

They will help to cope with the problem and solve it delicately - injections that are made directly into the genitals, using drugs that improve blood flow to the cavernous bodies.

The drug is administered immediately before intimacy with a partner, it helps to achieve a stable erection. Means improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients, expand blood vessels and capillaries.

Creams and gels

If the potency is just beginning to decline, then it can be restored with the help of local action: creams, ointments and gels.

When the first signs of pathology make themselves felt, "misfires" appear, Titan gel will help get rid of them - this medicine has a natural origin. The cream enhances the flow of oxygen to the tissues, helps to enlarge the penis in size.

The effect of creams and ointments does not appear immediately, it is cumulative in nature, on average, the course of treatment is from 1 to 4 weeks.


It is possible to cure impotence in men with the help of suppositories. Such therapy is only gaining popularity, it involves the introduction of a small suppository into the urethra.

They do this with the help of a special device, the effect of such therapy occurs after 15-20 minutes. As a result of the introduction of the suppository, it is possible to achieve a good result, which lasts for an hour.

Medicines their cost and characteristics

The most common pills for increasing erection, a list in the form of a table:

Viagra1300Releases nitric oxide in the cavernous bodies of the penis during the natural process of arousal.
Cialis2400Long-acting medication. After administration, the effect persists for 36 hours.
Levitra1500Acts as Viagra, but successfully combined with alcohol, the effect comes faster and lasts up to 4 hours.
Testosterone Enanthate Injectionfrom 1000The tool is hormonal in nature, prescribed by a doctor with an insufficient level of testosterone production.
Injectable vasaprostan9500Helps fill cavernous bodies with oxygen and nutrients. It blocks the venous outflow, due to which the effect is preserved.
Wooka Wooka1200Dietary supplement is a powerful sexual stimulant.
Vitaprost in the form of candles1000They have an organoleptic effect, improve the outflow of lymph and blood flow.

Which doctor will contact

Which doctor will help solve a delicate problem? With a decrease in potency, you can contact at least 2 specialists:

You can make an appointment with a neurologist and psychologist. Excessive verification of harm will not bring.

Treatment with folk remedies

It is unlikely that it will be possible to cure the disease using exclusively folk recipes, but it’s quite possible to improve the situation and increase the effectiveness of drug therapy using similar methods.

To treat erectile dysfunction at home with the help of folk remedies, it will help:

  1. bee pollen;
  2. Rhodiola rosea extract;
  3. Chinese lemongrass in dry form.

How and how to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse, restore and maintain male power? To do this, you can use bee pollen, it is eaten, mixed with honey. Every morning, without interruption, washing down the medicine with milk (15 g. 3 times a day).

Rhodiola rosea extract is sold at the pharmacy, it is taken dropwise every day, gradually increasing the dosage. After 2-3 weeks, reaching a maximum dose of 15-20 drops, gradually reduce it, diluting the extract with clean water.

At home, instead of regular tea, you can brew yourself a Chinese magnolia vine, it is prepared in advance, insisting in a thermos for 2-3 hours. Then take a portion throughout the day. If you do not like the taste of the broth, then you can dilute it with tea or sweeten with honey.

Impotence Nutrition

To increase sexual activity, it is not necessary to seek the help of medications; for this, it is enough to normalize the diet and "diversify" life with physical exercises.

Eat properly, include in the diet:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber.
  • Meat, chicken and nuts - will help to “saturate” the body with protein, add strength.
  • Beef, cereals and other foods rich in zinc and selenium.

The food should be full, but you will have to forget about overeating, take food in small portions several times a day.

If the reason for the decrease in erectile function is excess weight, then you have to follow a diet, refuse harmful foods, alcohol and fast carbohydrates, they overload the liver.

If the diet, the right lifestyle and the intake of vitamins do not give the desired result, then you can not do without medications. How long to treat, which drug is suitable and will help get rid of impotence - this will be determined by the doctor.


How can a man treat erectile dysfunction while sitting at home?

Impotence is considered the most "malignant" disease of the 21st century. It is possible to treat erectile dysfunction at home in men both with the help of pharmacy drugs and folk remedies.

When choosing an approach, it is important to consider the degree of development of problems with potency, which only a specialist can do professionally. That is why with the slightest symptoms of ED it is important to go to the hospital.

General scheme

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a violation of the male genital area, characterized by a lack of erection and ejaculation, despite the existing sexual arousal. In the old days, a similar problem concerned exclusively men over 50 years old. Today, it is safe to say that manifestations of erectile dysfunction can manifest themselves at any age.

The causes of sexual disorders are both physiological and psychological factors. To select the right treatment regimen, you need to visit a doctor. But men, as a rule, do not do this - fear and embarrassment triumph in the fight against common sense.

It is important to clearly understand what can cause erectile dysfunction before proceeding with direct treatment. And sometimes it is organic and psychogenic in nature.

Reasons for organic impotence:

  • endocrine pathologies - diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism and some other diseases that cause hormonal disruptions in the system;
  • severe intervertebral hernia, protrusion, severe lumbar osteochondrosis;
  • cardiovascular diseases, in particular atherosclerosis;
  • inflammatory processes in the prostate gland;
  • neurosises, depressive states caused by organic disorders in the central nervous system.

These are only the main ailments, the consequences of which can be a violation of erectile function. The full list is much wider.

Psychogenic impotence is always "taken by surprise." It arises suddenly depending on the situation and psychological state.

The reasons for its occurrence can be:

  1. chronic fatigue, regular lack of sleep;
  2. increased physical activity;
  3. exposure to stress, stay in psychological tension, moral discomfort;
  4. depression, depression.

In addition, bad habits, poor diet, poor ecology, and radiation exposure leave a negative imprint on sex drive.

In the courtyard of the 21st century, practically any ailments lends itself to therapy. Powerlessness is no exception. If you wish, you can even cure erectile dysfunction at home. For this, many drugs and proven folk remedies have been developed.

However, a specialist consultation to determine the root cause of the phenomenon and draw up a treatment regimen is still necessary - the only way to get the maximum possible result and not harm your health, because synthetic medicines have their contraindications that should not be overlooked.

Drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men

Modern medicine has developed a number of products, both synthetic and natural, that give men the opportunity to maintain their sexual strength. The restoration of erectile function in this case can be one-time or systemic.


Representative of the phosphodiesterase inhibitor group. Increases the level of nitric oxide present in the body. Thanks to this effect, smooth-bore muscles of the cavernous bodies relax and the blood flow to the penis increases.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with Viagra is justified only in the presence of sexual arousal. After all, an erection in itself will not come, even if you take two doses at once.

This is the so-called "ambulance" - taken about 30-45 minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse. Available in various dosages (25, 50, 100 mg). 1 tablet (the dose depends on the severity of ED) you need to drink plenty of water. The effect lasts for 5-6 hours.

Contraindications for use:

  • severe genital deformity;
  • reduced blood coagulation;
  • exacerbation of ulcerative processes of the digestive tract;
  • heart rhythm disturbance;
  • after a stroke or heart attack - not earlier than six months later;
  • severe hyper or hypotension.

It is important to consider that Viagra does not have a therapeutic effect, that is, it affects the symptom, and not the cause.


A remedy similar to Viagra action, but with fewer side effects and a longer action - up to 36 hours. Reviews about the treatment of erectile dysfunction at home by Cialis are mostly positive.

Despite the fact that the drug also works - only when taken, the reason remains. At the same time, men do not note increased nervous excitability, unexplained weakness or heart palpitations, which is typical for Viagra.

The recommended daily dose of Cialis is no more than 1 tablet (the drug is available in a dosage of 2.5 to 20 mg). The worse the erection - the more powerful the dose should be. You need to take 15-30 minutes before sex, washing down with clean (mineral or filtered) water.

It is contraindicated to take with:

  • cardiovascular pathologies involving a reduction in physical activity;
  • angina pectoris, arrhythmias, tachycardia;
  • hypertension and severe arterial hypotension (persistent low blood pressure);
  • renal or liver failure.


The preparation is on a natural basis, does not contain chemistry. Stimulates the reproductive system. Efficiency increases on a funded basis. Biomanix is ​​indicated for use at any age.

The course of treatment is 21 days. You need to drink 1 capsule in the morning and evening. Then it is important to take a break for a week and repeat the reception in the same way. The composition includes such natural components as muira puama, ginseng, poppy root.

Biomanix can be used not only to treat erectile dysfunction, but also to improve the quality of sexual life. In this case, take 1 capsule once a day for 30 days. Then the same time-out and a second course.


The drug is a new generation of domestic production. All natural. The main active ingredient is the extract of the antler males of the reindeer - a powerful aphrodisiac, used for a long time to enhance an erection.

The advantage of animal-based products is that the active components are better absorbed by the human body and their spectrum of action is wider. Stimerekt has a restorative effect on the whole body, enhances physical endurance, improves blood microcirculation in the pelvis.

It is taken according to the scheme: 1 capsule (preferably in the morning) for 3 weeks. After you need to take a week break, if necessary, you can repeat the course.

Contraindications include intolerance to the components included in the composition, hypertension, age up to 18 years. People with nervous excitability and sleep disturbances should better refrain from using until their condition stabilizes.

Solomon Vector

The natural composition and low cost make the treatment of erectile dysfunction at home with the help of drops of Vector Solomon harmless and accessible to everyone. The product contains Greek fenugreek, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and Peruvian poppy.

Each of the components affects the processes responsible for libido, normal erection and full potency. You can take Solomon Vector at any age, 7 drops 2 times a day for 5 days. After that, you need to take a five-day break, and so on the "thumb". The course of treatment is 1-3 months. The achieved effect, according to the manufacturer, lasts about a year.

The maximum effect is with psychological problems with potency, or due to improper diet. With serious violations of erectile function, the result will also make itself felt, but it is unlikely that a dietary supplement can fully restore male strength.

Folk remedies: recipes

In folk medicine, certain herbs and plants have long been used to strengthen male strength and treat impotence.

You should not expect instant results from such therapy, but the benefits for the whole body are undeniable, since the active components act systemically.

Herbal harvest

For cooking, you will need the most common herbs:

  1. May nettle (dry leaves and stems) - 40%;
  2. verbena - 40%;
  3. knotweed - 20%.

Mix the ingredients in the correct proportions, take 2 tablespoons of the collection. In a thermos fill them with half a liter of boiling water. Close the container and leave overnight. Strain before use. Drink 150 ml three times a day (one hour after eating) for a month.

Kalgan tincture

The root of the plant is popularly called the "male stem". Tincture on alcohol effectively helps to combat erectile function. To prepare it you need:

  1. 100 g of dry crushed root pour 500 ml of high-quality vodka;
  2. insist in a glass jar with a tight lid for two weeks, occasionally shaking;
  3. strain and pour again into a glass container.

Drinking a teaspoon in the morning and evening after eating for at least a month is required.

Iron Water

A tool that has been tested by time and by many generations of men. It affects the functioning of the prostate gland, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and stimulates the production of testosterone.

All thanks to the supply of iron to the body - the main component of red blood cells. You need to take a piece of iron, rinse it from dirt and dry it. Red heat over an open fire and lower into water. Repeat the manipulation several times.

Drink such water at least 500 ml every day. The use of other drugs is additionally recommended (therapy of erectile dysfunction to ensure better results should be comprehensive).

Dried fruits

The presence of a mass of useful components (vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements) in raisins, dried apricots, figs, prunes is used to treat many diseases. And if you combine all this with milk rich in calcium, you get the so-called "elixir of health."

In case of genital dysfunction in men, it is recommended to use raisins with figs boiled in milk. For cooking, you need to boil dried fruits over low heat for 5 minutes.

Features of use: cool slightly, eat a thick substance, drink with a milk drink.

Nuts, honey, perga

To prepare a healing product, it is necessary to mix nuts with honey and perga in the following proportion: 4/4/2. Place the mixture in a glass jar and let it brew for about 3-5 days.

As part of the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a tablespoon of sweep should be eaten every morning on an empty stomach, but not just like that - in small portions, chewing and dissolving. After a therapeutic “meal” you can’t eat or drink anything (for 30 minutes). After the specified time, you can sit down for breakfast, but preferably without coffee.

The described traditional medicine can be used in combination, which is recommended to ensure maximum effect. Each drug will enhance the action of the other, respectively, the result of the treatment will come many times faster.

Additional tips and tricks

Realizing how to treat erectile dysfunction correctly at home, every man will be able to achieve increased potency and improved erection.

Compliance with some rules will provide an opportunity to either not encounter manifestations of ED at all, or to consolidate the effect of treatment for a long period:

  • Rejection of bad habits. Smoking is generally a taboo. Alcohol - in moderate doses and for the right snack.
  • Body weight control. Avoid weight gain due to the deposition of fat cells (both on the abdomen and on other parts of the body).
  • Monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These indicators affect blood circulation.
  • Physical activity and sports. Rest is not on the couch with a glass of beer and chips, but in nature with a bicycle or on foot.
  • An introduction to the diet of vegetables and dishes from them. Instead of sweet pastries for dessert, fruits and freshly squeezed juices.
  • Regular sex. Very desirable with the same sexual partner. Otherwise, you must be protected.

And the last: in no case should one ignore the very first, almost imperceptible symptoms. It is better to prevent erectile dysfunction in time or treat it in the initial stages than to deal with a serious pathological problem.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction at home - how to get rid of an intimate problem

Erectile dysfunction refers to the physical condition of the penis, the filling of which with blood is not enough to perform normal sexual intercourse.

At all times, this ailment was considered the most unpleasant for the stronger sex. The loss of male power today is not a sentence.

Symptoms of the disease

Signs of impotence are indicative. This is about:

  • insufficient hardness of the penis during sexual arousal;
  • worsening erection directly during intercourse;
  • a decrease in sexual desire for the opposite sex, until its complete disappearance;
  • premature or too prolonged ejaculation, problems with orgasm.

It is worth noting that absolutely all of the above factors will not necessarily relate specifically to this ailment. They can also be manifested to one degree or another due to fatigue, various psychological problems, stress, alcohol abuse, smoking or caffeine.

Therefore, before striking a whiff, it is advisable to exclude all factors provoking temporary problems with potency. Particular attention should be paid to third-party signs indicating that everything is in order with your sexual health.

For example, an involuntary erection is noted - in the morning or at night. If several unsuccessful copulation attempts account for one successful one - the root of the problem is definitely not in erectile dysfunction.

The same applies to mechanical stimulation of the penis if it responds to it properly.

The causes of the disease

Experts identify the following factors that directly affect the development of impotence:

  • Hormonal disruptions. Infectious diseases, cancer, genetic disorders, various injuries of the internal organs - all this can lead to the fact that the human endocrine system stops producing enough important hormones, for example, testosterone. Without it, the male body “loses” its gender, and accordingly, the sexual desire for the opposite sex decreases. You can eliminate such problems with potency by treating the underlying disease;
  • Drug exposure. This is not only about various medications that can provoke hormonal disruptions, but also narcotic drugs.
  • Physical damage. Injuries, wounds, burns, bruises and much more also contribute to the development of impotence.
  • Neurological problems. Diseases of the nervous system are extremely negatively displayed on potency. Such ailments include epilepsy, sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, impaired blood flow in the spinal cord, etc.
  • Psychological problems - solving the question of how to get rid of impotence, many men first of all look for some physiological problems in their bodies, completely unjustly ignoring the possibility of their psychological nature. In fact, psychology plays an extremely important role in sexuality. If a representative of the stronger sex is in a state of prolonged stress, overworked at work, not sure of his male strength, experiences certain complexes about the size of the penis, does not find understanding with his sexual partner, etc., this can directly affect the quality potency, which may worsen up to erectile dysfunction.
  • Vascular disease. Enlargement and hardening of the penis depends directly on the filling of its cavernous bodies. Various problems with blood vessels impair his blood supply, which automatically leads to a decrease in the quality of potency.

Among the secondary factors, it is necessary to highlight improper nutrition, lack of useful elements and vitamins, abuse of alcohol and smoking, adverse environmental conditions, poisoning with toxic substances or radiation, as well as work in hazardous industries.

Also an important factor is the age of the man. Older people are much more prone to developing all kinds of diseases that can provoke the appearance of erectile dysfunction. It is much more difficult to cure impotence in an elderly man than in a young man.

How to treat erectile dysfunction at home

If such a diagnosis was made that only a specialized specialist can do (do not self-medicate in any case), then you will have to substantially reconsider your lifestyle, habits, etc., and refuse a lot. The treatment of this disease is a fairly long and complex process.

Most men prefer to resort to appropriate medical methods, as well as medications. However, you can solve the problem at home - alternative medicine offers a wide range of options that will help to improve the quality of your sexual function in a qualitative way, and again become a full man.

It should be understood that treatment at home is largely based on compliance with a number of recommendations, including, but not limited to, certain limitations:

  1. mandatory disposal of bad habits - smoking, alcohol, not to mention narcotic drugs;
  2. normalization of nutrition and careful selection of the diet;
  3. regular physical activity. It is not necessary to spend a day in the gyms - it will be enough to actively move, for example, take walks or light jogs. The main thing is not to lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  4. directly receiving funds created from medicinal herbs according to folk recipes that stimulate sexual function;
  5. if possible - massage;
  6. avoidance of stressful situations and overwork;
  7. the use of techniques aimed at increasing self-confidence, as well as their own masculine power.

Proper nutrition

Competent treatment of this problem, uncomfortable for the vast majority of men, should begin with the normalization of one's own nutrition. A high-quality diet containing a maximum of nutrients is crucial for the proper functioning of the male reproductive system.

First of all, it is necessary to abandon fatty and spicy foods. Seafood - squids, mussels, oysters, shrimps, crayfish, etc. will be very useful in this case. You should regularly consume fresh vegetables and fruits.

A very positive effect on potency has a walnut. Coffee, which is known to contain a lot of harmful caffeine, is best excluded from the diet.

Instead, you can add freshly squeezed juices or green tea there.

Some foods are characterized by the pronounced properties of aphrodisiac - their use stimulates the reproductive system, which increases male strength.

These products include:

  • berries - for example, raspberries or strawberries, contain a lot of zinc, which helps to increase libido;
  • some fruits, such as bananas, avocados or dates. In some countries they are even called the fruits of love;
  • among seafood it is, first of all, mussels and oysters;
  • greens - parsley, celery, mint, etc. very useful precisely for male potency, as they contribute to a significant increase in interest in the opposite sex.

The use of, for example, seafood stimulates the reproductive system, thanks to which male strength grows.

Medical preparations

Such drugs as Viagra, Cialis and others are well known. But few people know that treating them with erectile dysfunction at home is categorically not recommended - only under the supervision of a doctor, after consultation with him. But you can use them several times to have sexual intercourse, but you can not abuse it.

Gymnastic exercises

Looking for the answer to the question - how to cure erectile dysfunction at home, one cannot ignore such a universal method as physical activity. It is no secret that various exercises help get rid of many health problems, and impotence is no exception.

Gymnastics in this case is quite simple, and it is aimed at improving blood circulation in the pelvic area. Due to this, the blood flow to the penis will increase, which means that the potency will become better.

Various exercises help get rid of many health problems, and impotence is no exception.

The easiest option is walking. If the state of health allows, walking can be replaced or diluted by running. Moreover, it is very important that such walks or jogs are carried out in appropriate environmental conditions, away from harmful industries and heavy traffic with its endless toxic exhausts.

An important advantage of physical exercises is that they are able not only to relieve erectile dysfunction, but even to prevent it. The resulting effect can last a lifetime. In addition, a physically prepared person, as a rule, is stronger, more confident and healthy.

Here is just this method of treatment is one of the longest. The first noticeable result can be seen only after a month. If you abandon the exercises for at least a few days, you have to start all over again. Therefore, this is an option for purposeful people who know their goal and go to it.

Mental improvement

It will be impossible to cure erectile dysfunction if you do not have enough self-confidence and do not stay in a good mood. Moreover, psychological training will help in the future to avoid relapse of the problem. Positive emotions are an important component of a full sexual life.

It is very important during this period to receive full support for your soulmate. It is not always necessary to visit a psychologist if a man is not sure of his own abilities - often this problem is successfully solved directly between spouses.

You can read interesting books about psychology, use auto-training, etc. It is not necessary to abandon sexual relations during treatment from psychological problems - on the contrary, successful intimacy significantly adds confidence to any man.

Folk remedies

Effectively treat impotence using folk recipes:

  • bee products - royal jelly and pollen are taken in the form of drops. From honey you can make balm. To prepare it, take half a liter of honey, a pound of aloe leaves and a bottle of good red wine. All ingredients are mixed and infused in a dark, dry place for five days;
  • ginseng tincture. Good tonic. It is necessary to take 20-25 drops daily;
  • onions and garlic - they must be eaten regularly. In the evening, eat a few cloves of garlic, onions can be added to various salads, etc. If the garlic "does not go", you can replace it with infusion, and take it 20-30 grams daily;
  • St. John's wort is a very popular way to combat impotence at home. It is necessary to take one tablespoon of this plant and pour it with a glass of boiling water. Take three times a day, preferably before meals;
  • calamus infusion - one hundred grams of the roots of this plant are poured with a liter of vodka. After that, the vessel with the infusion tightly closes and is placed in a dark, dry place, about half a month;
  • hawthorn - you can use both fresh berries and jam from them. The most effective infusion of vodka is to fill in one hundred grams of hawthorn with a liter of hot drink and leave it for 10 days in a dark place inaccessible to children.

The causes of erectile dysfunction and treatment at home are a matter of interest to many men. You should know that it will be possible to cure this extremely unpleasant disease without tiring visits to the appropriate medical institutions. However, for this it is necessary to approach this event as responsibly as possible.

By: Dr. Brent Yanke

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