4 reasons why you are embarrassed to date

The dream of any girl is a man with whom she will feel like behind a stone wall, and whom she can rely on. With such a person, you can build strong relationships and think about a joint future. Each of us considers himself the most worthy of men, but you may have heard such stories or yourself found yourself in the position of being rejected without explanation.

Even in a time of freedom of morals, when extravagant appearance and behavior are not surprising, there are instances that do not meet generally accepted standards. What makes a girl feel embarrassed about her partner? Here are some of the possible reasons why it’s embarrassing to date a guy.

He has a complete lack of sense of style.

Guys who have no idea what style is is a real disaster. Girls expect a man next to them to look attractive and respectable. With a person who does not know how to dress at all, it is a shame to go for a walk, not to mention meeting friends.

Imagine that you came to a meeting with a young man and saw a fashionista in socks with sandals. It’s bad manners. And walking with such a fashionista will be at least uncomfortable.

He has bad manners

Imagine what it’s like to be around people who do not watch their speech and swear using profanity. It becomes especially embarrassing in public places.

For example, you are having dinner in a cafe, and the guy starts throwing mud at his boss, who reprimanded him during the day. And he does it very colorfully, not embarrassed in expressions. Of course, perhaps the reprimand was undeserved, and your man has every right to be dissatisfied, but it is better to say such things in private, and not in the presence of strangers around.

He is a sissy

At first glance, such men may seem cute and funny. But with closer communication, it becomes clear who you are dealing with.

Even at the age of 40, they often live with their parents and do not plan to move anywhere from their native nest, because after work they always have a delicious mother’s borscht and a cozy bed, and their clothes are always washed and laid out on shelves. It doesn’t matter that the relationship involves living together, and not teenage sleepovers with each other. It can be embarrassing to tell even close friends about this.

In addition, such a man is dependent on the opinion of his mother and lives the way she wants. He enters the best, according to his mother, university, the same goes for work and the choice of a girl. Being in the company of friends, he will gladly describe what an excellent relationship he and his mother have and express his dissatisfaction with the fact that the girl is so unlike her.

He has a bad sense of humor

His jokes are often not funny, and from the outside it looks just awful. He makes himself and his girlfriend a laughingstock in front of his acquaintances. With inappropriate jokes, a guy can hurt someone in a common company, thereby putting you in an awkward position.

Sometimes his humor reaches the point of absurdity: he can jokingly speak about your girlfriend’s new hairstyle or mock her because of a recent breakup with a young man. You will have to apologize yourself for the man’s punctures, because he will not agree that the joke was not very good.

Of course, everyone has their flaws and cockroaches in the head, which you can find fault with. In a normal relationship, there are times when you feel embarrassed for your partner. But it doesn’t come close to the shame you feel when you’re in a relationship with the guys described above.

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