3 Rules for a Healthy Relationship

The post will be useful to those who have been looking for a partner for a long time or are dissatisfied with their current relationship. So, you can check if you make mistakes to build a healthy relationship.

1. Firstly, this is Respect for yourself and your partner.

At the beginning of any relationship, we tend to lose our own importance and fall under idealized ideas about a partner. Remind yourself of what kind of person you are, what you know and can do – so you do not lose yourself in these relationships.

I also recommend that you think about whether you are repeating the scenario of your parents: for example, you were taught to give more attention and care to another and act to the detriment of yourself, which now affects your relationship, where you do not respect your interests.

Relationships are about balance: it is important to give and take in return. It is the balance that will not let you lose yourself and self-respect.

2. Second, It’s an Honest Look at Your Partner.

It happens that only after a few years of relationship, a person realizes that his partner is not the person he saw yesterday. Why is this happening?

First of all, this is due to the feeling of falling in love and the hormone dopamine, under the influence of which we constantly think about our partner and make plans for the future. Therefore, we do not notice those shortcomings or character traits that later, with the onset of mature relationships, will so strongly catch our eye.

Sooner or later, an inevitable collision with reality awaits us, when we suddenly “see the light” and see the partner as he is. Then we will have only two options for resolving the issue: accept its shortcomings that we did not notice before, or break off relations.

However, knowing about the role of hormones and your own projections on your partner, you can take off your rose-colored glasses and have no illusions from the first day you meet.

3. Thirdly, These are Honest Conversations with a Partner.

Only dialogue allows you to learn about your partner’s problems, discuss your current relationship and plans for the future, identify grievances and find ways to solve them. Talking with a partner is the key to a relationship that develops in a positive way.

Each couple has their own secret of a long harmonious relationship. But these 3 principles are the foundation of any strong relationship in which both partners feel comfortable.

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