How to build a relationship with money?

Oddly enough, the sphere of money is another field in which our psychological state, childhood traumas, our hopes and projections play an important role. An exploration of the desires and fears that are associated with money leads to the themes of security, self-esteem, power, visibility, recognition, dignity, love.

To understand the connection between finance and the internal state of a person, let’s figure out what money is.

1. Money is Movement

Any fin. the consultant will confirm to you that there is growth where there is cash flow: earnings, spending, investing – all this creates a cash flow. Movement is weakened where there is total control. The greater the desire for stability, the less movement is given to finances.

2. Money is the Source of Your Strength

Money allows you to call cleaning, take a taxi, go on vacation. Money gives you extra time and the opportunity to relax. However, it happens that people avoid enjoying money. Some are simply afraid to do this: as a result, they exhaust themselves, considering it a way of self-preservation, and they consider the pleasure that money brings as a danger. And this is not about saving, but about fear.

3. Money Is What Adults Have

Children are always financially dependent on adults. Therefore, infantile people treat money in a childish way: they do not feel and do not believe that they can manage their finances. They believe that someone constantly gives and takes money at their own discretion, which means that control over them is in the wrong hands. An adult infantile person refuses to be responsible for his finances.

4. Money is the expansion of the circle of communication

When basic needs are covered, a person can reach a new level: open his own company, organize events – all these are ways to expand contacts with other people. And that means becoming more visible. But it happens that people consider such a development dangerous for themselves or their way of life and unconsciously avoid it.

5. Money is an Exchange

It is difficult for many people to exchange their product or service for a real material price. After all, when a person makes an exchange for a lower cost, he morally “gets” instead of a material amount: he considers himself a good person, receives more good-natured reviews, etc. Sometimes, in order to increase your income, it is enough to regulate the balance between what is given and taken in return only money. And the moral appendage is already to be found in other possibilities.

As you can understand, the relationship with finances is very dependent on our personal attitudes.

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