Psychological impotence

Erectile dysfunction – difficulty in achieving and (or) maintaining an erection caused by internal experiences is called psychological impotence. With the disease, there are no pathological disorders that spoil the sex life, and the root of the problem, as doctors say, is hidden “in the head” of a man. The mental factor leads to a decrease in the quality or a complete lack of sex, which causes secondary problems: new complexes, fears, low self-esteem.

The dependence of sexual dysfunction and psychological characteristics of a man was noticed by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. In ancient treatises, he emphasizes that it is caused by a keen attention to the fulfillment of a man’s duty in the absence of sexual desire on the part of women. By the 21st century, this issue has already been comprehensively studied by psychiatrists, neurologists, urologists, andrologists and other specialists. They have developed effective ways to help a man with psychological impotence.

Description of psychological impotence and the mechanism of its development

With psychogenic impotence, the work of the genitals is depressed by the central nervous system. Doctors agree that the main reason for the block is neurosis, often hidden and hidden behind the masks of success, or, on the contrary, substance abuse. Neurosis is provoked by short-term and long-term adverse external influences (for example, stress). This disorder leads to functional and, in advanced cases, organic impotence.

The fear of sexual contact is often not realized by the patient, but with the development of the disease, he paints a vivid clinical picture. Constantly worrying about bed failure or other traumatic situation, a man fixes it and forms a thought about illness in his brain. This leads to suppression of erection, and a vicious circle is closed. If a man is unable to cope with his anxieties on his own, a competent psychotherapist will come to the rescue.

This is especially painful for young people. The disease can ruin their sex life in the distant future. Echoes of psychogenic impotence, transferred in adolescence, are the cessation of erection until the end of sexual intercourse or premature ejaculation.

The main essence of emotional impotence lies in the obsession with the negative situation associated with sex. Therefore, help for men, provided by a psychiatrist, is to get rid of disturbing thoughts and phobias.

Symptoms: when is it time to worry?

It is possible to suspect that a man has erectile dysfunction caused by psychological problems by a number of signs:

  • premature ejaculation or inability to achieve it;
  • lack of physical and psychological pleasure from intercourse;
  • decreased sexual desire;
  • unpleasant emotions before sex;
  • the desire to avoid sexual intercourse.

All these are alarm bells that require examination. The disease often occurs spontaneously, but rarely goes away without help. It is interesting that problems can appear only when having sex with a certain partner, or, conversely, sexual contact is possible with only one woman, and in bed with others, a man is powerless.

Reasons: psychological portrait of the patient

Impotence and psychosomatics are closely related: sexual desire is first formed in the brain, which, through impulses, transmits commands to the nerve endings of the genitals. The spinal cord acts as a kind of conductor. Arousal – a reaction to what is seen, a fantasy presented, or a disturbing image from the past – can be blocked by the brain.

Before deciding how to treat psychological impotence, the doctor begins to find out the causes of the block. They are conventionally divided into 3 groups. One patient may have several reasons of a different nature.

Personal characteristics of a man

This group includes:

  • low libido;
  • decreased self-esteem;
  • psychological trauma (what happened in adolescence is especially important);
  • complexes;
  • having fantasies about unusual sex;
  • difficulty in determining the orientation and many others. dr.

This is just a short list of the reasons leading to impotence.

Psychiatric practice shows that usually there are several such problems, and they all aggravate each other. Moreover, such negative features of the psychological portrait of patients are very common in healthy men, therefore, they can cause erectile dysfunction after stress or a single failure in sex.

A special group of “psychological impotent” are men, in whose opinion quantity is more important than quality. They painstakingly calculate each of their sexual intercourse (per week, per month). Ultimately, this leads to disappointment and self-doubt.

But the most important reason is the fear of defeat, inherent in all men by their nature. The brain is trying to simply prevent sexual intercourse, which will bring disappointment. The psyche operates according to the principle “No sex – no shame.” For example, this can happen after a sexual encounter that ended in failure.

Psychosocial causes: the role of the outside world

The root of psychosocial problems lies in the negative experience of interacting with people around them and society as a whole. This could be:

  • too strict sex education in childhood;
  • low communication ability, inability to get along with others;
  • disagreements with a partner;
  • lack of experience of sexual contacts;
  • addiction to bad habits;
  • low position on the social ladder,
  • dissatisfaction with life, etc.

A man’s potency is influenced by the behavior of his partner. Expressing disapproval of sexual activity can cause psychological trauma and become a starting point in the formation of an illness. Comparisons with past partners, in which a man loses in some way, will not be helpful either.

Long-term abstinence from sex is another common cause of psychological impotence. Even rare intercourse negatively affects sexual self-esteem, and the first contact after a long break often lasts no longer than a minute. It is caused by a combination of stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs and strong emotional arousal. After such a short sex, a man begins to subconsciously fear repetition.

Psychoneurological causes: age and stress

Sexual dysfunction is often caused by neuropsychiatric reasons:

  • age-related changes in the body of a man;
  • the influence of stress, neurosis, depression;
  • incompatibility with a female partner.

Erectile dysfunction is not necessarily caused by stress related specifically to the sexual sphere. Failure at work can lead to anticipation of failure in bed. At the same time, fear takes control of the situation from a man, which becomes the reason for poor-quality sex. If left untreated, the delicate problem becomes pathological.

Potency directly affects a man’s self-esteem. Experiencing sexual problems, he becomes more and more afraid of becoming insolvent as a sexual partner. Unfortunately, in most cases, such experiences lead to the formation of persistent psychological impotence. But doctors know how to cure a disease, so you need to start worrying about your health earlier, before problems form a snowball.

Video about psychological impotence and the fight against it

The importance of lifestyle

The unfavorable factors that increase the risk of impotence (and not only psychogenic) include an incorrect lifestyle. A man who has bad habits and eats fast food, who spends long hours in a sitting position, is in danger.

To reduce the level of threat, you need to establish a sleep routine, make a menu of healthy foods, minimize or completely eliminate cigarettes and alcohol. Exercising regularly will be helpful. Even a fishing trip will bring pleasant emotions that have a positive effect on the functioning of the brain.

Treatment of psychogenic impotence

Before looking for methods on how to get rid of psychological impotence, it is important to make sure that sexual dysfunction is not caused by pathological diseases. Therefore, you need to undergo an examination in consultation with an andrologist.

Since the cause of the disease lies in the psyche of a man, the main emphasis in treatment is placed on long-term work with a psychotherapist. If necessary, medication is connected, special procedures are local injections with prostaglandins and the vacuum-constrictor method (exposure to negative air pressure on the penis). It is necessary that the man understands the importance of therapy and is interested in its success; started to lead a correct lifestyle and took up physical activity.

Working with a psychiatrist: an important step in dealing with insecurity

Conversations with a psychiatrist help to find the root cause of psychological impotence, the treatment of which is impossible without such sessions. The patient should be sincere with the interlocutor, honestly talking about his past and the emotions triggered, no matter how ugly they may be.

1-2 visits to a psychiatrist are not enough to eliminate fear. During this time, the specialist will only have time to collect primary information about the patient and establish a trusting contact with him. The total number of meetings depends on the neglect of impotence, its causes, the dynamics of treatment and the personal characteristics of the man. If the patient has a regular partner, then psychotherapy may be more effective with three sessions.

Drug therapy

Special medications successfully complement personal meetings with a psychotherapist. Since neurosis causes impotence more often than other causes, tranquilizers are actively used in treatment. They significantly reduce the internal tension that prevents a man from relaxing; eliminating feelings of anxiety and fear. It is these inner experiences that are often a barrier that does not allow for a full sexual intercourse. Therefore, the prescribed tranquilizer is not taken systematically, but several hours before the scheduled sex.

If psychological impotence is caused by depression, then after the diagnosis is made, the doctor will prescribe a constant intake of antidepressants and special therapy. This disease requires close attention.

Many men ask the question: “Will Viagra help?” Indeed, sometimes doctors recommend the patient to take drugs that promote sexual arousal. The fact of sexual activity and prolonged erection is well perceived by the psyche of a man, forming a positive image of sexual experience. This produces a powerful healing effect, and in a short time, perhaps, a man will be able to do without drugs that stimulate an erection.

The basics of self-help

At the initial stage of the development of the disease, a man can try to cope with it himself. First of all, you need to strive to achieve a healthy lifestyle and get positive from it.

If the cause of stress is identified, then you should try to get rid of it. Perhaps it’s time to find a new position when unpleasant conflicts constantly occur in the workplace.

Psychological discomfort provoked by internal negative emotions – resentment, anger, irritability, is relieved with the help of mild sedatives sold in the pharmacy without a prescription. For example, this tincture of motherwort or “Novo-Passit”. They will alleviate the condition and restore calmness, including in relationships with women.

The use of sexual drugs will have a positive effect: pills to increase libido, stimulating ointments and creams. It will give you new experiences that will inspire you for passionate and carefree sex. They can be bought in sex shops or ordered online.

It is possible to bring the psychological status of a man back to normal and return him to a full sexual life using a set of methods. All of them harmoniously complement each other, but they are used only after a diagnosis by a qualified specialist.

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