Sexual bonding. Real women experience

Bondage is the binding of a person during erotic games. What does a person feel when he is bedridden? We interviewed different women to know what they experienced in the process. Their opinion will help to decide on such an experiment or abandon it forever.

Alena, 32 years old.

My husband gave me handcuffs for my birthday. And it was so unusual, they were with a cannon, they looked funny. They decided to try, and he chained me from behind. And all would be well if he had not thrown me onto the bed on my back. I lay on my hands and realized that they were numb. At that time he was trying to excite me, but I felt that I was uncomfortable, and could not think of anything else. And she didn’t want to tell him not to offend. I did not like.

If your hands are tied, you need to choose the right posture. It is important to ensure that the limbs do not numb and there is no unnecessary load on them. If your hands are tied behind, you do not need to lay a person on his back. It is ideal to chain your hands to the bed: to the headboard or legs. Then the choice of poses is greater, and the probability of flowing less.

If the hands are tied above the chest, they can be left in this position for 30-40 minutes. If more, there is a violation of blood circulation, it is dangerous to health.

Irina, 27 years old.

He tied me to a bed. Not just hands, no. He fixed the wrists and ankles with a special tape. And then he picked up a vibrator and started playing with my body! I have never experienced such an orgasm before. First, from the caresses of the clitoris, and then from his penetration. I felt helpless, and it was so exciting! And yet I could not move, for some reason I really wanted this to fuck me, but I did not move at all. This is a great experience, very enjoyable.

The feeling of helplessness or weakness seems exciting to many. But this only works with full trust in the partner. The experience of full fixation is different from any other sex, but so you need to experiment only with a person who will not cause harm. And it’s important to come up with a stop word that will signal a stop if something goes wrong.

Tatyana, 39 years old.

The first time I was tied up many years ago. And I realized that the most interesting thing for me to get out of the ropes. What excites me is not the fact of limiting mobility, but the ability to gradually remove these fetters. It is like a trance or meditation, when I gradually stretch my fetters, freeing my hands. And the harder the harness, the more interesting for me. I even fell from a tree when they hung me. Out of habit, I began to unleash, which led to the fall. Any bondage session is a holiday for me, but this is my personal thrill, partners do not always share my desire to spoil the binding pattern.

Bondage is not always associated with sex. Binding and releasing is a good practice, and genital contact is not necessary. Psychological satisfaction is no less than during sexual intercourse. But not everyone likes to get out; there are people who, on the contrary, are afraid of helplessness and feel miserable. Only through personal experience can you understand your attitude.

Anastasia, 25 years old

Why bind someone? What is the idea of ​​taking the ropes to bed? I think this is terrible. I never allowed myself to be restricted, and even more so in sex.

Bondage is not interesting to everyone. And ropes, handcuffs and other accessories cannot be liked by everyone. And in the process of binding, fear, indignation, or aggression may arise. If there are such conditions, if they do not bring pleasure, it is worth looking for other ways to get pleasure.

Marina, 42 years old.

I tie my hands behind my head sometimes. And then I give him a blowjob. And if you also blindfold him, it’s interesting in general. He tries to break free, but his leather handcuffs hold tight. He likes it too.

You can connect both women and men. Moreover, after the restriction, any practices are possible. You can not only do a blowjob, but also try some masturbator on a man. The sensations will be new and unusual, this will make the evening unforgettable.

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