10 sex fantasies that are super easy to fulfill

The male mind and its characteristics cannot resist certain sexual fantasies that constantly live in the subconscious. When representatives of the stronger sex communicate with each other, especially in those cases when it comes to their beloved girl, they prefer not to share details. Unfortunately, often men do not disclose their desires to their soulmate, thereby creating the danger that their fantasies will never come true. We decided to describe the 10 most common male sexual fantasies that men most often visit. The most important feature that unites these fantasies is that it will be very easy for girls to realize them, after which both partners can get unearthly pleasure.


1. A woman who is able to ignite herself

Everyone knows that women need some time to warm up, but do not forget that all men really like it when a woman understands her body well and clearly knows how to prepare herself for sex.

It is for this reason that many porn films begin with a frame in which a woman caresses herself until she enters the desired state. “Many women still believe that excite them – this is an exceptional work of men” – says Gloria Brame , American seksoterapevt… “In order to make your sex journey truly exciting, you can and should make a little effort and please yourself,” added the expert. Your partner will definitely appreciate it, and you yourself will tune in to the sexual wave and be ready to conquer new heights.

2. A partner who knows how to enjoy the process

Unfortunately, the realization of sexual fantasies in reality is often different from the intended one. Often times, things are not as perfect as in the movies. Sometimes extraneous smells, sounds, or even your own thoughts can ruin the moment and kill passion. This happens when partners are too focused on the result and forget to enjoy the process. If you suddenly cannot repeat the intended pose, a whole drama can erupt in your head, which can ruin the mood and extinguish any desire. In this case, an elementary sense of humor and a positive attitude will save. Be flexible and try to turn every situation to your advantage. 

3. Sexy leader

Men love it when you direct them, but you don’t give orders. If you do instruct, try to be as sexy as possible and remember to reward your partner when he gave you the most pleasure. Always let your significant other understand that he did everything right and that you are now very good.

4. Brave mistress

Many women are afraid to destroy the image of the “ideal friend” that they have created with so much effort. Often, for fear of appearing too depraved, we stop hearing our partners, we do not try anything new, and our sexual fantasies disappear without being realized. The truth is, men love hot sex, so don’t hold back. Do not be afraid to express your desires, do not hesitate to use sex toys or dirty talk. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and be able to hear yourself and your partner in time. 

5. Emotional surge

Men like it when they think all day about something new that they experienced the day before. It can be oral sex, foreplay, or intercourse itself – but you should definitely like your partner enough to remember you forever. One incredible detail can stay in his head for a long time. This is an emotional experience that pops up in a guy’s thoughts in the form of a sexual fantasy that has come true.

6. Varied pleasure

Stay open, do not be afraid to experiment in everything: change poses, rhythm, add new affection. Any small variety can take your pleasure to the next level.

7. Sex in a new place
You can fulfill one of his sexual fantasies by having sex in an unexpected place. Invite him to retire in a closet or in a dark room in the midst of a party, this will not only diversify your sex life, but also increase your self-esteem, because your partner will understand how much he turns you on. You can choose both an unusual place and a new, but comfortable corner. Your man will love it if you run your hand in his pants at the movies or during dinner, or if you ask him to stop the car on the highway on his way home at 4am.

8. Wake up the beast
Many men dream that they first wake up the beast, and then tame it. How can this be done? Try the game “I don’t want to. I want”. First beckon your partner, call him to follow you, for example with a passionate kiss or gesture. And then push it away. Go to action, for example, you can rip off his shirt. This will encourage the partner to actively attack.

9. Role-playing games

Some men fantasize about trying new roles and storylines for themselves and their partners, such as teacher and student, or nurse and patient. 

10. “Leave it, I’ll do everything myself!”

Just like women, sometimes men do not want anything, just wait for the girl to take the initiative and demonstrate all her skills. You can push him onto the bed and rip his pants off, or sit on top of him and grab his arms so he can’t move while you kiss his neck. All these actions will drive him crazy.

As you can see, the most common sexual fantasies are very easy to fulfill. You just need to show a little imagination and listen to yourself and your partner, and also not be afraid to experiment and take the first step. Sometimes it is difficult for us to decide on something new in sex because of fears or complexes. But only mutual understanding and a desire to deliver indescribable pleasure to your partner can take your relationship to a new level.

And if you are afraid or do not know where to start, study the features of the wildest sexual fantasies , and find out what nuances may arise in their implementation. Then you can prepare yourself and positively turn any difficulties in your favor. 

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