7 ways you should never forget to bring a woman to orgasm

How to bring a woman to orgasm so that she will forever remember this climax? In fact, everything is much simpler than it might seem at first glance, and you do not need to be a skilled seducer to achieve this. The main problem is that many people do some things wrong. We have written more than once about the need to carefully select sex positions for women that lead to orgasm, and also talked about how it would be good to set the stage: to relax and watch one of the hottest favorite TV scenes. But today we decided to go even further and give partners the keys to the greatest delight, or, in other words, describe the 7 steps that, according to research by the Kinsey Institute   

     in Indiana, capable of bringing any woman to orgasm. 

1) Contextualize

Women are different from men. Our orgasms are an emotional phenomenon: if the head is full of something incomprehensible, then, most likely, any attempts to reach a climax will not be crowned with success. Men often don’t understand why they failed. It would seem that everything was provided for: warming up, affection, but in the end – nothing. Not sure what you forgot about? Contextualize intercourse.

The most common mistake many men make is expecting female arousal immediately after clitoral stimulation. But in fact, the main task at the beginning of sexual intercourse should be working on how to make her forget about problems. Leave all the issues that she has to solve outside the bedroom: forget about the problems at work and about the upcoming meeting with her boss the next day. Women are not like men: it’s harder for us to switch. You will need additional paraphernalia: candles, massage, hot bath … Everything that will make her be in the present, right here, next to you. “Tell her how beautiful she looks by candlelight,” sexologist Ian Kerner advises in his book Men’s Health. “Negative thoughts exist to slow down female arousal.” 


2) Take your time

Many men make the same mistake: rushing too much. You can’t touch a woman’s nipples or clitoris and think that she will be aroused only from this. In addition, it can even cause inconvenience if she has not yet entered the game: you can simply hurt or unpleasant her. Start with kissing, then switch to the neck, to the back, gradually descending lower and lower. And only when you realize that your partner is ready will the moment come to stimulate the erogenous zones.

3) Stimulate the clitoris

After you have made sure that the woman is aroused enough, you can safely move on to stimulating the clitoris, that is, “press the pleasure button.” A study published in the Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy showed that 37% of 1,055 women surveyed , aged 18 to 94, needed clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm during intercourse. This is more than a third of the respondents. Over 40% of women claim to have achieved orgasm 75% of the time through clitoral stimulation. While only 18% admitted that they can climax due to vaginal penetration. The numbers speak for themselves. If you want your partner to have a great orgasm, work on it.   

4) Make sure the moment is right

Before you enter a partner, you need to make sure that she is ready. If you ignore this step and there is not enough lubrication, then you can hurt her for physiological reasons, which can lead to very negative consequences. However, keep in mind that a wet partner does not at all mean ready for copulation. It is best to ask her about it, and if she answers yes, you can start infiltrating. But don’t forget that often non-verbal language can give us more information. Wait a bit, don’t rush. There is no hurry. You can practice oral sex as much as you like for everyone’s pleasure. And when she can no longer contain herself, no questions will be needed.

5) Protect odors

Of all our senses, the sense of smell connects us to our most primitive nature. We may love a particular smell, find it unpleasant, or it may leave us indifferent. But few people think about the impressions he makes on us. The main symptom of strong sexual attraction is the accelerated course of chemical reactions in the brain, which begin with the perception of a person’s body odor.

In this regard, Rebecca Rosenblatt , a relationship and sexuality therapist, advises men to stock up on some masculine scents that mimic those caused by high testosterone levels. This will undoubtedly increase the intensity of your partner’s orgasm.

6) Remember the right back

It’s in your best interest to explore every corner of her body, but don’t forget about the woman’s back. Kiss, caress, or tickle the right side of that body part during intercourse. Due to the nerve endings that are located in this part of the body, Rosenblatt ensures that this area is more receptive to pleasure in women than the left side.

Gently run your tongue over her back, starting at the back of her neck and smoothly down to her buttocks. Just touch her skin and make the woman feel your breath on her skin. Just like the hips, shoulders, abdomen, or wrists, the back is an erogenous zone but little known to men. However, women are able to appreciate all the benefits of this pleasure. Remember that the more you work during intercourse, the more intense the end will be.

7) be funny

Laughter increases sexual satisfaction in women. For women, a funny man represents self-confidence. In short, men’s sense of humor is an aphrodisiac for the female sex. This fact is confirmed by studies conducted by the University of Albany under the guidance of psychologist George Gallup. Laughter promotes blood circulation and oxygenation, and stimulates the production of endorphins, also called love and sex drugs. The body produces them especially actively during the entrainment phase and also during orgasms. These 7 easy steps will help you take your sexual relationship to a whole new level, but when you get to know each other better, you can start implementing the wildest sex positions. And remember, whatever you do, do it efficiently and consciously. This is the only way to achieve success and satisfaction. 

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