Where to find the men’s zone g

Each person has especially sensitive areas on the body, some of which we may not even guess. It is only through sheer luck that we find out what gives the most pleasure. Someone adores head massage, someone goes crazy when they stroke their back, and someone reaches the peak of pleasure when they kiss their tummy. However, sexologists are convinced that the maximum pleasure for a person is the stimulation of the G-spot. If its location in the female body is known to almost everyone, then not many know where it hides in men. It turns out that the G-zone in men is located directly in the rectum. If you want to give your beloved an extravaganza of unforgettable sensations, try to find it and stimulate it.

Condition 1. A man should relax as much as possible

This experiment can only be carried out with the consent of the partner and subject to complete trust. If a man is tense and constrained, the internal organs of the reproductive system will be in a squeezed state and deliver only painful sensations.

Condition 2. You need to get rid of the manicure

Never try to search for the G-zone if you have long nails. Perhaps you yourself are a beginner in such a spicy business. Any careless movement can cause damage to internal organs. Remember that the treatment of rectal microtraumas and the restoration of intestinal microflora is a long and unpleasant process.

Condition 3. You need to take care of safety

Medical reference books are full of information that the internal flora of the body contains numerous microorganisms and bacteria. Therefore, before entering the rectal cavity, it is necessary to disinfect your hands so as not to provoke the multiplication of microorganisms. After completing the procedure, try to avoid touching your partner’s genitals and yours for the same reasons.

Condition 4. It is necessary to take a comfortable position

According to anatomy textbooks, the sterner sex on the front wall of the rectum has a thickening the size of a large pea (this is the G-zone). It is most convenient to get to her when your chosen one is lying on his back. After inserting two fingers into his anus and feeling the seal, stop, let him get used to the new sensations. When your partner is ready, you can begin to gently stimulate her. It won’t take a long time for a man to get a bright and strong orgasm.
Oddly enough, but a strong half of humanity learns about this zone only when faced with the need to study and treat the intestines. But “every cloud has a silver lining.” After that, they are not afraid to entrust their body to a partner to get such strong sensations, since the result is worth it.

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