What condoms are best to use

Appears on sale from 500 models of condoms annually. Manufacturers change their properties, texture, thickness.

Let’s evaluate the condoms by sensations and characteristics.

Does the appointment affect the choice?

Condom refers to barrier methods of contraception. Its functions:

  • prevents pregnancy;
  • adjusts sensitivity;
  • reduces the risk of infection by fungi, viruses and bacteria;
  • makes penetration pleasant due to lubrication;
  • disinfects and aromatizes;
  • changes the parameters of the penis, which brings novelty to intimate relationships.

Quality condoms bring harmony to a couple’s sex life. Due to the variety and additional properties, they solve many problems.

Example: with rapid ejaculation, models that reduce the sensitivity of a man will help, which will increase the time of sexual intercourse.

Manufacturing materials

There are 4 known materials – raw materials for the manufacture of products:

  1. Polyurethane – occupies the first lines of ratings. Condoms from it for allergy sufferers suffering from a lack of sensitivity. They fit snugly to the penis, accept its temperature, are very durable and for any lubricant.
  2. Latex is the most common raw material for condoms. They fit better and are cheaper. The disadvantage is that in 15-20% of cases an allergic reaction occurs, in women it manifests itself as a burning sensation in the vagina. Oil formulations damage the condom, so water-based lubricants can be used with it.
  3. Tactylon is a rare material that is similar in characteristics to polyurethane. It is used to make thin and strong condoms.
  4. Lambskin is an organic material that is a fragment of the intestines of a lamb. Loved by conservationists, as it does not pollute the environment. Permissible for regular partners, as they cannot reliably protect against STDs.

Doctors recommend not to experiment, but to choose latex or polyurethane condoms. Refrain from buying condoms made by an unknown manufacturer to be sure of the degree of protection.

Cheap Chinese latex are of poor quality, more often they tear and slip during the act.

Brief description of types of condoms

The main difference between condoms is the type of lubricant. She happens:

  • silicone;
  • oil;
  • flavored;
  • with water main;
  • increasing prolonged sexual intercourse;
  • spermicidal .

The amount of lubricant is also different. Models devoid of it are for allergy sufferers, but such condoms are quickly torn due to friction. If a woman has a problem with vaginal dryness, then a composition with an increased volume of lubricant is needed .

Pay attention to the width. Diameters 49, 52 and 56 mm and others.

Do not know the size of the penis, then – the standard model, deviations are rare. The width of polyurethane rubber bands should be selected more carefully, as they almost do not stretch.

In Switzerland, smaller condoms for teenagers are available on request. XXL condoms are produced in the USA, they are delivered to Russia by mail from American online stores.

Differences in appearance and method of use:

  • embossed;
  • with spines, rings or antennae;
  • with an unusual shape;
  • multi-colored;
  • glowing in the dark;
  • with a large margin of safety;
  • classic;
  • ultrathin;
  • edible.

Some women are more pleased with embossed models, while others do not feel the difference between the classic model and the variant with an unusual shape.

Top Brands

The most popular brands of condoms have a wide range of models, are electronically tested and certified. Unknown manufacturers do not monitor the quality of the product well, so the risk of contracting a venereal disease is high. Their use increases the likelihood of unplanned conception.

It is difficult for a simple person to choose means of protection, because new manufacturers of them appear regularly. They improve technologies and come up with new models.

Durex Extra Sensitive

It will be highly appreciated for its prevalence, sold in most pharmacies and supermarkets. Their characteristics:

  • spermicidal lubricant;
  • width 5.5 cm, length 20;
  • colorless, transparent;
  • with a smooth surface.

Men and women leave rave reviews about this brand. They are made in the UK. They gained fame in our country due to thin walls that do not reduce sensitivity. They fit well to the penis, emphasizing its natural relief.

Condom Innotex Plus

This model got into the rating due to its increased size and width – 56 mm, but opinions about it are contradictory. Model characteristics:

  • ribbed surface;
  • silicone lubricant;
  • length 20 cm, width 5.6;
  • despite the use of latex, they rarely cause allergies.

Innotex is made in France. Some people have a problem when using this condom – it wraps inside during intercourse, causing discomfort.

VIZIT Classic

German condoms “Visit” are preferred by 30% of men. They are comfortable and of good quality. Specifications:

  • standard size;
  • lack of dyes and aromatic fragrances;
  • strong walls;
  • Silicone Grease.

This model is produced in a standard size. They rarely tear and slide, which allowed them to earn the status of reliable. The consumer demand for them is stable, many couples do not change this brand model for years.

Crown Less Skin

Crown Skin Japanese Condoms Less Skin have repeatedly become winners of various ratings. Their parameters:

  • thin walls;
  • smooth texture;
  • Silicone Grease;
  • length 18.5 cm, width 5.5;
  • absence of foreign smell and taste.

For lovers of classic sex. Another advantage is low cost. The most common preference is Skinless Skin is given by men, since condoms are practically not felt on the penis, they do not dull sensations.

beyond Seven Aloe

Another Japanese condom. It has the following characteristics:

  • the presence of aloe extract;
  • increased amount of lubricant;
  • thin latex;
  • tight fit to the penis.

It is recommended to choose it as a means of alternative medicine for problems with the microflora of the vagina, with frequent inflammatory processes. In the line of models of this manufacturer there are colorless options that do not have extraneous extracts. In this case, there will be no Aloe label on the package.

Despite the absence of an auxiliary component, the amount of water-based lubricant remains increased.

Durex Her sensation

For several years in a row, Durex secured a leadership position. Her Model Sensation of this brand is different in that both partners get pleasure from the act. In general, the characteristics of condoms are standard, coinciding with the parameters of other models from this manufacturer.

In the area dedicated to the head of the penis, they are wider, which men like. There is no unpleasant odor after opening the package. The ribbed surface and a lot of lubrication speed up the female orgasm.

LifeStyles X2

These condoms are produced in Thailand. They are of high quality. Their characteristics:

  • lack of smell;
  • smooth texture;
  • length 20 cm, width 5;
  • L-arginine as a lubricant;
  • transparent, without dyes.

A feature of this option is that the lubricant is applied to both sides of the condom, which allows both partners to experience pleasant sensations without feeling the presence of a barrier.

Impulse Bare Pleasure

This condom is recommended if a woman does not have an orgasm for a long time. Its characteristics:

  • ribbed surface;
  • length 17 cm, width 5;
  • thin walls.

Lubrication of this model is water-based. Testing, surveys and reviews say that women experience more pleasure from the act with them. The condom is being sold at an average price.

beyond Seven Studded

Condoms from this company help to increase the sensitivity of women. Their characteristics:

  • length no more than 19.5 cm, width 5;
  • rough texture;
  • lubrication in large quantities;
  • thin walls.

The surface of the condom is covered with ribs and pimples that stimulate the nerve endings of the vagina. This version of the condom speeds up the woman’s orgasm. Men highly appreciated them for the abundance of lubrication and thin walls.

Masculan Classic Sensitive

Maskulan condoms take into account the wishes of men. The German manufacturer did everything to please both sex. Characteristic features of Masculan :

  • smooth texture;
  • walls tightly adjacent to the penis;
  • small thickness;
  • light fruity aroma;
  • standard size.

The chance of the condom breaking during contact is minimal, as thin latex is used, which has been rigorously tested for rejection and abrasion resistance. They belong to the middle price category.

Contex romantic love

Sold everywhere. This brand has many options, Romantic Love has the characteristics of:

  • transparent;
  • Silicone Grease;
  • fruit flavor;
  • length 18 cm, width 5.2.

Contex is loved for large packages of 12 pieces. In each box with them is a small napkin for sex in extreme conditions. The fragrance of this option is more pleasant than that of other condoms.

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive

The Ultra Sensitive by LifeStyles fits the penis well. If you unfold this condom, it will resemble a light bulb. The Thai manufacturer left the rest of the characteristics unchanged – this model is as thin as the X2.

They are suitable for those whose head diameter in an excited state does not exceed 6 centimeters. The condom does not press during use. Thin walls do not reduce the sharpness of sensations.

How to choose the right condom?

It is recommended to give preference to well-known brands.

Do not buy in dubious places, but it is best to go to a pharmacy. The conditions for storing condoms are observed there, you are less likely to buy a delay. Supermarket checkouts often sell damaged packages and kiosks overcool them.

Keep track of where the seller gets the package from. If the cabinet is located near the heater, do not take such a product.

It is difficult to say which condoms will be the best for you. Some people prefer inexpensive Sensex Soft, others prefer Durex , so it is recommended to make a choice based on reviews, ratings and your own feelings.

During the acquisition, it is worth looking at the integrity of the packaging – it should be smooth, without dents.

Do not buy products individually (individually packaged). During storage and transportation, they can be damaged by a thin sharp object, which will make them unusable.

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