5 dangerous places to have sex

Experts constantly recommend adding variety to your sex life. Following their advice, many begin to experiment with poses, scenarios and places, completely forgetting about their safety. After all, some positions proposed in the “Kamasutra” require special physical training, and certain scenarios of sexual games can have a detrimental effect on the human psyche, and few people know that not all selected places for intimate games are safe.

Location 1. Pool

Many women dream of crazy sex in the pool while on holiday. All this, of course, is very exciting. However, very often we completely forget about the requirements of the sanitary services. In order to keep the water in the pools clean and have an attractive bluish tint, it is treated with chemicals. During intimacy, harmful elements along with water penetrate into your body, disrupting the acid-base balance and provoking the development of various infectious diseases and inflammatory processes.

Location 2. Natural reservoirs

While relaxing on the shore of a lake or sea, you also need to exercise maximum vigilance and caution. Someone would argue that they do not contain harmful chemicals. You can’t argue with that, of course. But you completely forget about the existence of natural harmful microorganisms (microbes, bacteria), which, getting into damaged parts of the body or mucous membranes, also provoke health problems.

Location 3. Sandy beaches

Do not forget that sand is a foreign body. The internal microflora of a person is very sensitive and can react quite unpredictably and painfully when foreign elements enter.

Place 4. Balcony

When the impulse of passion rolls over, the veil of pleasure fogs up consciousness, a person ceases to control himself. Perhaps the wonderful bird’s eye view adds to the thrill of the experience, but consider your safety. After all, an awkward movement can cause loss of balance and fall from a height. 

Location 5. Moving car

All traffic rules always state that the driver must be attentive and maximally focused on the environment. Traffic police officers advise drivers not to be distracted even by conversations while driving. Starting to play love games while driving, you risk not only your life, but also the safety of all road users.
Nobody forbids you to indulge in carnal pleasures where you want. You just need to think about how safe it will be for you and take precautions.

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