How to persuade her to experiment in bed?

What if a woman doesn’t want to try something new in the bedroom? How can you convince her to start experimenting to make the intimacy brighter and more fun? Simple tips for men who dream of adding variety to their family bedroom. Methods that help change her mind.

Reasons for refusing sex experiments

If you understand why she says no, you will be able to find the right words. You need to understand the reasons in order to eliminate them. Experiments are often abandoned for the following reasons:

  • The wrong approach. This is an offer that was made at the wrong time and completely in the wrong words that she is ready to perceive. For example, there is no need to talk about intimacy, when after a working day she still cleaned the apartment, did her homework with the child, cooked dinner and collapses. At this time, any offer will be rejected due to fatigue. The right moment is half the battle. 
  • Doubtful proposal. The expressed desire causes fear and apprehension in her. The experiment seems threatening to her. This could be due to past experiences or fear of judgment. It is important to understand why she reacts in this way, what she fears, in order to smoothly push her towards implementation. 
  • Disinterest in sex. If there are grievances, claims, condemnation of a partner, then there is a reluctance to make love at all. This is caused by misunderstanding, emotional stress in a couple. And until the obstacles are removed, she will not agree to new actions. 

How to act in a situation if it refused and the reason is determined? There are several scenarios. This is a template that needs to be refined, choosing words and actions for a specific person. But consistency will get you started somewhere.

The right time and place

If the refusal was due to the wrong place and time, there is no need to despair. There is a chance that she did not hear or did not betray great importance to some words, you can try again.

Perfect timing. When she is not tired, she is in a great mood and flirts and flirts. If this has not happened for a long time, then it is time to start helping her with the housework and with the children, taking responsibility for her life on herself, so that she has time and rest. How to offer? Start with a compliment, talk about your love, and then dreamily say that one day you would like to play a certain game with her or see her in a new way. For example, “how I adore you! Especially when you are laughing! At such moments, I want not only to be near, but to completely obey you. Will you stay my mistress? ” Great time. When she had an orgasm. When she relaxes and hugs you with pleasure. How to say? Directly. But again, starting with a compliment. Example, “how good it is with you! Maybe we can try anal, I think it will be interesting. ” Chances are she won’t answer right away. But it will make her think. There is no need to demand a sudden decision. At such moments, she is often ready to please you, to thank you for the pleasant sensations. And here it is important to “sow” the idea, and someday it will sprout. 




If she is afraid

If she refused because she was scared, you need to find out what exactly scares her? Is it the proposed practice or the experiments in general? What influenced her opinion? There are not many fears, but understanding them, it will be possible to convince her.

  • Fear of pain. The woman did not try, but heard that it was not entirely pleasant. And she does not dare, because she is afraid of these sensations. In this case, you can convince by reasoning qualitatively why it will not hurt. But if she already had an unpleasant experience, it is much more difficult to fix it. 
  • Fear of judgment. She is afraid that someone will find out and condemn this experiment. She is afraid that her mother, friends or someone else will consider her an unworthy woman. It is instilled from childhood, it is difficult to dispel the myth, but it is real. You need to pay her attention to films, books, where such a practice is applied and is not considered something unnatural. 
  • Fear of rejection. She is afraid of being abandoned, and it seems to her that after such a man simply does not want to continue the relationship. She is afraid of parting, and here she needs to be carefully explained that this, on the contrary, will bring them closer together, make your couple more stable. There is no need to manipulate, threaten and intimidate with leaving, the effect will be the opposite. The conviction that you love her and will not leave her works here. 

Once you recognize fear, you can dispel it. But the past experience is more difficult. It is important to try to learn everything about previous experiences and not repeat mistakes.

Refusal not only from experiments, but also from sex

If she is not interested in intimacy, then, in her opinion, the man is behaving incorrectly. Claims, grievances do not arise out of the blue. And here it is important to understand what exactly does not suit her in the relationship, what changes she expects.

Without solving the problem, you cannot brighten the intimacy. Negativity will not allow you to get pleasant emotions. And here it is important to understand that a woman sees interactions differently. And until a man understands her picture, her desires, she will not go to meet him.

How to persuade her to experiment in bed? It’s not difficult, it is important to maintain emotional attachment and talk about your fantasies at the right time. With this approach, she will gladly participate in the proposed scenario. What experiments are worth trying? For example, role-playing games, BDSM experiences, use of sex toys. 

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