5 misconceptions about sexual relationships

According to statistics, almost 50% of all married couples are unhappy with the intimate side of their lives. Researchers believe that the main cause of the problem is trying to conform to the false rules, judgments and statements that many of the spouses believe in. If you debunk these myths, you can become much happier and significantly improve your intimate life together.

The first delusion

The most common belief about family intimate relationships is that over time, all feelings become dulled and lose their relevance and meaning. Do not believe this if you do not want to become unhappy and dissatisfied, already a couple of years after the wedding. It is only in your power to maintain passion and romance with your spouse. Perhaps you don’t need to publicly show your feelings, but constantly remind each other of love, passion, attraction, desire. Do not let your intimate life take its course, always remember what your bedding relationship was like before marriage and on your honeymoon. Make an effort so that these memories are not lost under the heap of everyday problems. Learn to see each other’s attractive sides, not just shortcomings.

Second misconception

It is widely believed that sex is not as important for women as it is for men. This misconception causes problems in many couples. In fact, female libido is much stronger than male libido, but ladies are better able to control and restrain their needs.

The third misconception

The myth of the attraction of opposites is also not entirely true. If partners have nothing in common, it will be difficult for them to achieve harmony in the relationship. You, of course, may have opposite views on some particular things, but in general you should be able to come to a common opinion and have common desires and views. Dramatically opposite needs and preferences in bed will not make your intimate life happy.

The fourth misconception

The more sex a couple has, the happier they are. For some reason, many people sacredly believe in this, and in vain. The pursuit of quantity is often at the expense of quality. You should have sex solely at will and personal needs, and not in accordance with someone else’s standards.

Fifth misconception

Sign language can tell a lot about our subconscious expressions of feelings and emotions. According to some studies, the spoon position is considered the most appropriate for sleeping after sex. If, after intimacy, you fall asleep in the arms of your partner, this demonstrates the trust between you. Hugging you, a man expresses his desire to protect and take care of his beloved, and you, in turn, are not afraid to “substitute” his back, not afraid to be wounded. But these are only general judgments that can be attributed to only 18% of happy couples. The rest of the equally happy lovers prefer to sleep in different positions, in which they are most comfortable. And this does not affect their relationship in any way.
Do not live with an eye on other people’s opinions and experiences. You will become truly happy in personal and intimate relationships only if you focus on personal feelings and needs. Don’t believe everything you hear from others. There are only two in your bedroom, and only they know how they will be better and more comfortable.

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