Age is not a hindrance to sex: who are panthers, milfs and gilfs

Panthers, milfs gilfs – you’ve probably already heard or seen these words (for example, on 18+ sites). All of them are associated with the fair sex, famous or not, but always bold, sexy and exciting. These three types of women have a strong erotic charge that causes arousal regardless of age.

Yes, because in the end it all boils down to this: panthers, milfs and gilfs are experienced women who love sex and / or are viewed by men as an object of sexual desire.

Who are the panthers

In English, they were named ” cougars “, which literally means “cougars”; we call them “panthers”. And in pop language, these are adult women who, like cougars, pursue their young victim. Their movements are polished, fluid and decisive – just like that of the animal, whose name they represent to some extent. We used a feline metaphor to clarify the concept, but that’s where the similarities end. Thus, the meaning of the term “panther” is as follows: it is an adult woman who has relationships with younger, often much younger, boys 


There is no specific age at which a lady can become a panther. But you can safely use this term for a woman over 40 who is looking for relationships with young guys between 20 and 25 years old. There is even a mathematical rule on the net regarding the age difference, according to which a panther can be considered as such: a man must be twice younger, plus seven years. But such a definition is not a rule or a starting point.

A panther is usually an independent and determined woman who is not looking for a prince charming or a man to marry. Rather, she relies on vivid sexual emotions, interesting experiences, unconventional and satisfying relationships. Because such a lady is not at all naive and knows exactly what she wants from a man.

Who are milfs

To begin with, this category and others like it have a meaning strongly associated with films for adults in which they are born and then enter society as completely normal phenomena.
The existence of a milf as an erotic dream is not at all new – this image was widely presented in the cinema several decades ago. In fact, it is from the movie “American Pie”, in which all the boys would like to have sex with Stifler’s mother , that the popularity of this concept begins.
Thus, the meaning of the acronym ” milf ” is : Mother I`d Like to Fuck (the mother I would like to have). A study conducted by Pornhub , shows that millenialy love MILF . This word is in third place among requests on porn sites; on average, around the world, 24% to 84% of young people aged 18 to 34 click on these videos. In theory, wanting to call someone a milf shouldn’t have derogatory or vulgar connotations. Rather, the opposite is true. And to add more pleasing characteristics to this category of women, singer Fergie wrote the song “MILF $”, in which the term becomes an acronym for Mother I`d Like to Follow (the mom I’d like to follow on social media).    

Difference Between Panther and Milf

From what has been written above, it appears that the difference between a milf and a panther is mainly related to motherhood: while milfs are mothers (not necessarily married), panthers have no children.
This leads to a number of minor differences between sexy moms and panthers. The latter want everything to be always under control, and can boast of great experience; while milfs are women who combine their maturity with extraordinary beauty and sensuality. The differences are, however, very subtle and sometimes confusing.

Who are the gilfs

Explaining the acronym ” gilf “, which is very similar to the previous one, we get Grandmother I`d Like to Fuck (the grandmother I would like to have). Do not rush to grimace in disgust. In this situation, the grandmother is not at all the one we used to imagine hearing this word. Such a woman is old enough to have grandchildren, but still has success among men, overshadowing even younger girls with her sexual energy. Which of the stars do we represent when we hear mention of the guilphs ? For example, Goldie Hawn , Jessica Lange and Kris Jenner. Look at their photos or interviews with them – you can’t say that the first two are over 70, and the third are almost 65! If you google ” gilf ” you get over 16,00,000 results. Some will explain the meaning of the term, but most contain pornographic material, videos and photographs with this very specific “flavor” for sophisticated, but not so rare and male preferences.   

And where without sexy men

What about men, you ask? Get: in addition to panthers, milfs and gilfs, there are also milfs – Dad I`d Like to Fuck (a dad with whom I would like to have sex). Because we women, too, have erotic fantasies about older men ..   

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