7 erotic games for adults

What are erotic games for? They are multifunctional and help solve several problems. Having studied the experience of various couples and the recommendations of specialists in the intimate sphere, we have chosen fun entertainment for adults that transform intimate life.

Let’s see why adults need any kind of games of an erotic nature. If two people have been together for several years, then their relationship can become insipid, boring. You are like two insects in amber stuck in the routine of life. All positions have been tried, all ideas have been exhausted, sex has become a routine and frankly boring process. In this case, games for adults will help to bring back a feeling of youth, novelty, flirting in a relationship. On the other hand, adult games also help partners who have just started dating. In the process of the game, excitement helps to overcome awkwardness and open up to your chosen one. In general, adult games have many advantages. So let’s look at a few examples of such entertainment.

1. Cold, warm, hot

The essence of the game is that one partner must kiss the body of the other partner exactly where he intended. For example, your loved one writes a part of his body on a piece of paper, and you start kissing him. With each kiss, the partner gives hints like “cold” (if you are too far from the hidden point), “warm” (if you are moving in the right direction) and “hot” (if the hidden zone is already close). During the game, partners can awaken a real volcano of passions in each other if they master the secrets of exciting kisses. 


2. Unlucky in cards – lucky in love

You will need a regular deck of cards, which will need to be assigned a special meaning. For example, tambourines will denote oral sex, clubs – hand caresses, hearts – kisses, spades – massage. Shuffle the deck and draw a card trying to guess the suit. The winner gets pleasure in accordance with the guessed suit, the loser gives pleasure in accordance with the drawn suit. The number of the drawn card will indicate the time. For example, your boyfriend calls diamonds but draws a nine of spades. He lost and gives you a massage for exactly 9 minutes.

3. Ready to start, attention … march!

Set a time on the stopwatch. For example, 25 minutes. Until the signal goes off, caress each other as you please, but without penetration. I assure you, you will be looking forward to the desired signal for action. Once the time is up, the moment of penetration will seem unusually sweet.

4. Sea figure freeze in place!

The essence of this entertainment is a bit similar to the previous game with a stopwatch. For this game, you will need to master the technique of edging , developing the ability to balance on the brink of pleasure. Edging allows not only to prolong, but also to enhance pleasure. During sex, when the process is in full swing, either of you can shout “Freeze!”, After which both partners must freeze and not move. Who will last longer? If there is no strength to endure, it is allowed to use the pompura technique , but you can only move the vaginal muscles.  

5. The language of love, or the Sexual alphabet

One partner closes his eyes, and the second begins to caress his erogenous zones with his tongue, drawing out the letters of the alphabet. The first one must guess the letter, not peeping, but focusing only on his feelings. If your partner is unusually sensitive and guesses everything correctly, you can complicate the game by “drawing” whole words with your tongue. Instead of a tongue, you can use your fingers, a feather or a tickler as a “drawing” tool – this is such a nice tool for sex and foreplay. Incidentally, this game enhances sexual sensibility.  

6. My light, mirror, tell me …

An unpretentious but enjoyable game for couples. It is especially well suited in the following cases:

1) when one of the partners is inexperienced and does not even know his own body well;

2) partners are new to relationships and want to better understand each other’s bodies and reactions;

3) the couple is eager to strengthen the bond and achieve mutual understanding in the bedroom.

During the game, your chosen one must accurately mirror your actions. Let’s say you kiss his neck and he kisses you in the same place. Then the roles should be reversed: he performs the action, and you mirror it .

7. Erotic cubes

Erotic cubes can be purchased at almost any adult store or ordered online. On the edges of such dice, words with sexual actions are written or poses from the “Kamasutra” are depicted . The more faces a cube has, the stronger the intrigue. Just roll the dice in turn and let chance decide how your stormy night goes. All kinds of role-playing games will also be a good solution Use these ideas or come up with your own erotic fun to make sex spicy. Let the games begin! 

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