Shower for masturbation: harm or benefit

People masturbate in different ways, and more than 60% of women and more than 90% of men do it. They use hands, sex toys or materials at hand. Should a woman get sexual pleasure from the shower? Does it harm your health? We figured out the harm and benefits of using a jet of water for self-satisfaction.

How does shower masturbation work?

The bathroom is a room where it is easy for a woman to retire. And that’s where you can relax. It is pleasant to masturbate in warm water, but if fondling is not enough, you can use a shower.

By changing the pressure, it turns out to regulate the intensity of the impact. You can direct the shower towards the clitoris or the entrance to the vagina. To make the sensations even more intense, remove the “watering can”, leaving only a stream of water.

You can experiment with the temperature of the water. Changing it, it turns out to play. But here it is important not to burn yourself. The skin in the perineum is tender and does not tolerate cold or intense heat.

Can I use a shower for masturbation?

Gynecologists say that the shower is not dangerous for women’s health. Stimulating the erogenous zones in this way does not cause negative consequences. This method is no worse than experimenting with sex toys.
Using water for sex can be beneficial because it allows you to relax, get to know your body better. Negativity is not associated with physical actions, but with the emotional perception of the procedure.

The benefits of shower masturbation

1. Exploring the body

With the help of a stream of water, it is easy to find out exactly what excites. By changing the intensity, the angle of exposure, it will be possible to understand what to do in order to achieve orgasm. This information can then be conveyed to the man, so that in a couple, the lady can always reach the peak of pleasure. In this case, the activation of nerve endings also occurs, which leads to an even greater number of orgasms in the future.

2. Sexual release

If you want sex, but there is no partner or he is not around, you do not need to give up pleasure. A shower will relieve tension, escape from problems, and enjoy pleasant moments. After orgasm, even the hormonal background is normalized, stress decreases, so it is worth experiencing it more often.

3. Relaxation method

A modern person does not always have enough time for a good rest. But sex switches attention, it helps the world to relax and distract. Shower masturbation can be used as a way to reboot, when you need to recover in a matter of time and return to vigorous activity.

4. Attunement for sex

If foreplay with a man lasts a little, there is not enough time for excitement, you can prepare yourself in the bathroom. A few minutes of exposure to water is enough to increase the desire, and then you can go to his arms. Or you can use the shower after sex if you didn’t manage to finish with a man , but you want to finish the process.
There are more useful moments than negative ones from the use of water.

The harm of masturbating with a shower

Shower manipulation is not hazardous to health. Water does not “wash away” the lubricant, does not impair microflora. When taking a bath, liquid always gets into the vagina, and this is not a reason to worry. Even with frequent experiments with water, there will be no problems with female organs. But there are still reasons to worry.

1. Decreased sensitivity

If you use a very intense effect on the clitoris, its sensitivity will decrease. Each time there will be a desire to increase the pressure even more. But this is a temporary effect, it even occurs with sex toys. But it is worth stopping masturbating for a couple of weeks, and sensitivity is restored. The action is reverse, it is not dangerous. And if it became not so interesting with a guy in bed, there is not enough intense stimulation, you need to give up water procedures for a while.

2. Decreased attraction to men

It is much easier to get relief on your own than with a living person. In sex, you need to adjust, try to give pleasure, and also get aroused. The shower is much easier, and at some stage it may seem more attractive. But water will not replace communication, it will not embrace. If a lady chooses only a shower, this is a psychological problem, not a physiological one.

3. Addiction

If you masturbate too often, addiction arises. This is a rare occurrence, with it a woman simply cannot refuse masturbation. If your erogenous zones are stimulated every time you shower, this can be a problem. It is worth talking about such an ailment if a lady masturbates more than 3 times a day, and this happens every day. But this is not the fault of the shower, and not of sex toys, it is a psychological dependence, with which you need to contact a specialist.
Shower masturbation is not dangerous! It may even be useful. Women of any age can do it. And there are no rules on how to do it. To enjoy yourself, you need to focus on your own feelings.

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