7 sex toys you can take with you on vacation

And here it is, here we are, we have made it to summer, to vacation, to sun and sand, to cocktails on the beach and hot dances by the sea. If you are one of those lucky ones who are already telling the days to a plane or train, your suitcase may already be packed. Take your time, are you sure you’ve captured everything? While thinking about swimsuits and sunburn, you need to think about yourself, your beloved, and about your pleasure. It is not necessary to start a beach romance with a whole venereal bouquet in the end in order to remember the rest, including sex. It is enough just to take with you the most convenient and best toys for this situation. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner entertain them in the room or while away the time on the beach yourself. The main thing is that they are with you this summer.

1. Wireless, mini vibration massager

The first thing on the list is a must-have on any trip. This is just an abyss of positive aspects, wherever you look. First, zero wires. You do not need to look for power outlets, you just need to charge the device and use it everywhere, be it a beach, a summer cottage or a shower. Secondly, the toy is small and can even fit in a cosmetic bag. Thirdly, it is useful not only for amorous pleasures. Imagine that you walked around the city with an excursion all day, climbed the mountains and descended from them back. The whole body aches and hurts, you do not care about sex and in general you do not care about anything. In such a situation, the vibrating massager will ideally relieve tension from the muscles of the legs, back, neck, arms. Going on vacation, you are taking with you a massage therapist and a lover in one person, which is very beneficial. Many models have enough battery power for several hours of bed comfort, which is more than enough in any field conditions. 

2. Universal lubricant for the aquatic environment

Naturally, in the summer you want to experiment and new places. We have already written about all the intricacies of sex in the pools and the sea. You need to remember that natural lubrication in water is instantly washed off and sex can cause a lot of inconvenience, not to mention hygiene and safety. However, an ordinary all-purpose lubricant will not only minimize risks, but will also give you a truly heavenly feeling. It can be used anywhere in and out of the room: on beaches, pools, rivers, seas. That’s why it is universal. To choose the right composition, pay attention to the fact that you buy a silicone grease. Usually they directly write on it what can be used in water. Well, after sex, it is advisable to take a shower as soon as possible. 


3. Mini vibro bullet in the form of a bunny

Orgasm is a great way to relax and relieve stress, which comes in handy during a tiring flight and flight delays. The bullet is so small and inconspicuous that it can literally be used anywhere. We advise you exactly the shape of a bunny, because such a nozzle is great not only for the clitoris, but also for the nipples, and as we know, with the help of toys in this area, you can easily get an orgasm. Lola Toys has a good line of devices : only 7-8 centimeters, and there is enough power to wake the Sleeping Beauty. This device is easy and simple to disassemble , you can take out the vibrating element itself and wash the bunny. And its small size and unusual shape will not arouse suspicion in anyone, even if you drop the toy out of the suitcase in public. And what, just such a keychain or a cosmetic thing. A perfect ally for entertainment.   


4. Vibrating egg with remote control

The perfect mystery toy if you are going on vacation with your sweetheart. Just hand him the remote control, going to the beach, and then watch how he increases everything and increases the speed with great excitement. Silent, small ally for sex play, the Nalone Chorus has seven speeds, ten meters coverage, waterproof bullet body, hypoallergenic texture. It is suitable for stimulation both external and internal due to the convenient pull-out cord. This is just manna from heaven, not only for couples, but also for girls who always want to have the opportunity to relax and relieve stress at hand. A powerful egg can give you an organism, as they say, in a minute, especially if you use it to stimulate the clitoris. And when the device is not needed, it can be hidden in a cosmetic bag.  


5. Waterproof vibrator

We use heavy artillery for amorous pleasures. Good old vibrators will never go out of style, and we are grateful to them for that. By the way, statistics say that it is the vacation of couples and single girls who choose as the best time to debut in the use of toys. What could be better for this purpose than a vibrator? Vibrating eggs and other stimulants are best used later when the hand and other parts of the body are sufficiently full.

Many models apparently not so resemble a phallus standing, so that at the airport, especially if the inspection has been done man, we can safely say that this is a new beauty – the device or some curling. We advise you to take a waterproof model on vacation so that you can have fun with it not only in the bathroom, but also on a deserted beach. Such a purchase will bring you to orgasm very easily. Perhaps even easier than a man. 

6. Deodorant for intimate hygiene

If you thought about how good it would be if such a deodorant was created, so – it was created. Heat and sand are not only paradise, but also the harsh truth of life. It consists in the fact that a swimsuit and underwear can rub, you sweat from the heat, an unpleasant smell appears and underwear, which cannot always be washed immediately, gets dirty faster. Not the best factors if you are planning a vacation romance with sex. However, the usual use of such a deodorant will save you from delicate problems. No smell, no charm, rubbed places. It is enough to apply the product to your intimate areas and also to your underwear – and it will not get dirty so quickly. Naturally, the composition here is special, which does not affect the mucous membrane, does not cause allergies, but, on the contrary, carefully cares for the skin and nourishes it. A miracle remedy, not otherwise. Now there are many variations with different smells to make your partner just crazy about the scent of roses or tropical fruits from you. 


7. Rechargeable clitoral stimulator

The clitoral stimulator can be very small in size, literally fit in your wallet. But there are a lot of benefits from it. As you know, female orgasm with clitoris stimulation is one of the brightest and longest. 90% of women can receive it. This definitely needs to be used, in addition, getting it is a matter of a few minutes with dexterous hands or a powerful toy.

Many models are 6-8 centimeters in size and have several speeds. One charge (of course, no wires in the process) is enough for 3-4 hours of intensive work, which is enough with your head. If you are an extreme lover, look for waterproof models. With the help of a small bullet, you can act not only on the clitoris, but also on the labia, which enhances the sensations. So, the suitcases are packed, the toys are packed, and you can go on vacation to enjoy all the benefits of relaxation, including intimate ones. Experiment, try and have fun. 

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