Sex in clothes. How to implement, what kind of underwear to choose

Clothed sex is a very exciting practice. Unremoved things create a special atmosphere, allow you to experience familiar processes in a new way. The right underwear does not interfere with intimacy, but only adds piquancy to it. Especially for sex, you should buy stockings, accessory panties or jumpsuits. They will decorate the body, hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Types of sex in clothes

Sex in clothes is practiced by many couples. But more often all this happens spontaneously, they simply do not have time to take things off at the time of excitement. But it happens that part of the wardrobe is not removed on purpose. So, all sex in clothes can be divided into 3 categories:

  • In ordinary things. In home clothes, in everyday things, in socks, in your favorite T-shirt. It is common, but rarely is something memorable. 
  • In special costumes. Role-playing games imply the presence of some special things that create a new image. You don’t have to remove them in the process. The process is very exciting, as it gives a feeling of novelty, helps to realize fantasies. A schoolgirl dress, nurse costume or Superman cloak adorns the process. 
  • In comfortable things made for sex. Sexy lingerie arouses desire. The woman in him feels irresistible and confident, the man is excited only at the sight of such accessories. Moreover, such things do not need to be removed, they do not interfere with penetration. 

Very often, clothes in sex are used not to stir up passion, but to mask flaws. With the help of properly selected linen, it is easy to mask the marks on the body, extra pounds or not the perfect breast shape.

What kind of lingerie is made for sex?

Lingerie for sex does not need to be removed in the process. It remains on the body at the moment of copulation, without interfering with movements. What things are suitable for such experiments?

  • Stockings. Thin material that hugs the legs and lace elastic always look spectacular. Available in a variety of colors, can be with a pattern. They are also comfortable in everyday wear, but for erotic meetings, you can choose models of special beauty. 
  • Panties with access. There is a special hole in the crotch that allows you to make love without taking off your clothes. 
  • Jumpsuits. They are made of different materials, most often they resemble an openwork mesh. In intimate areas he eats slots so that he does not have to remove such a thing during intimacy. 

What clothes to buy for sex? Which is perfect in size, sits well on the body, gives a feeling of confidence.

Types of Sex Stockings

Any stockings look very seductive. Moreover, they are comfortable in everyday wear. For special cases, pay attention to the color of the product, the pattern on the surface. Sometimes it is important to study the elastic band, very wide options fit perfectly on fat girls. Conventionally, all stockings can be divided into several types:

  • Seamless, uniform. Classic options that look perfect on any girl. Size from 42 to 50 for slim ladies, but there is an option for full women. Models with elastic can be worn without a belt, models without support must be combined with holding braces attached to the belt. 
  • With a seam. Usually, it is located behind. Visually stretches the legs well. But it is worth wearing only to those ladies who are confident in the evenness of their legs. If there is even the slightest curvature, it will be noticeably much more with a strip on stockings. 
  • Mesh stockings. Large and small. They look impressive, but it is important to combine them correctly with clothes. Sometimes they seem very challenging, as they greatly attract the eye. 
  • Stockings with a pattern. A floral or geometric pattern can adorn the entire surface, located only on the ankle or along the entire leg. A drawing can lengthen, or it can decrease, it is important to find your option correctly. And such models are sometimes decorated with additional accessories, for example, bows. In an erotic game, this is appropriate, but you cannot go to the office in such stockings. 
  • Stockings with a belt. Visually, it resembles tights, but with slits. The one-piece construction looks sleek and requires less attention than a garter belt. Models do not hinder movement, do not stand out under clothes. 

The main criterion for choosing a model is external attractiveness. The owner should like the stockings. It’s also important to pay attention to the size so that the clothes for sex do not fall off in a fit of passion.

What panties to choose for sex?

Seductive panties with access are ideal for an erotic adventure. A special cut in the crotch area looks very spicy. In this case, the linen itself can have different shapes. Thongs, shorts, slips – all these models can be with a convenient neckline. Each girl chooses a shape for herself that emphasizes the charms of her figure. Sexy lingerie is created from delicate materials. Guipure, lace, mesh look great. But not always suitable for daily wear. Such things are chosen specifically for a date. Lingerie is presented in a variety of shades . Most often, girls choose black and red options. But pink, peach, pale blue looks very piquant. The underwear should be imperceptible under the clothes, so you can focus on your wardrobe so that the color of the panties does not stand out under the dress.  

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