Choose sexy: top 10 dresses that he wants to take off you on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is getting closer. And any representative of the fair sex definitely wants to outshine everyone around her with her beauty. First of all, an outfit helps in this difficult matter. And if you have a man you have your eyes on, your dress can easily play the role of heavy artillery in conquering enemy positions. But even if you have been married or in a relationship for more than one year, what prevents you from making sure that the gentleman looks at you in a new way, wanting only one thing – to be alone with you and take off any clothes.

In principle, it’s not a secret for anyone that before the New Year, all stylists and fashionistas simply go crazy. The sexy image is what keeps them awake. And each year has both its own trends and proven options. After all, men are quite straightforward. No matter how fashionable the outfit is, if it looks like a bag, the gentleman is unlikely to want to undress you with his eyes or hands. Unless to end this nightmare.

Fortunately, all fashion designers and people involved in the creation of clothes are well aware of this. In any magazine you will find your rating of dresses for celebrations, and every fashion house puts on shows before Christmas. As a woman, your job is to find the option that’s right for you. After all, for example, if you have wide hips, and everyone around you asserts that a tight dress is the most sex, do not get fooled , it is highly likely that you will look ridiculous. The sexiest outfits are those that do not reveal everything in a row, but help to highlight your natural beauty. Which leave room for fantasy, which make you feel like a real fury or femme fatale. It will not be superfluous to outline the general trends of 2016-2017, so as not to look like in a rural disco. For example, all stylists and beauty experts agree that this period combines classics and winter fashion novelties. The most suitable colors are the holy trinity, which suits absolutely everyone: red, white, black. Unusual combinations and rich, dark shades are considered successful: purple, lilac, blue, dark green. Cream and beige shades will come in handy. What do you think the opinion of experts has to do with the views and tastes of my man? This year is the most direct. All these shades, according to polls, are the most mysterious and sexy in the eyes of representatives of the strong part of humanity. Otherwise, trust our advice to impress your boyfriend, evoke his wildest sexual fantasies and end the night hot. Below are the TOP 10 most suitable dresses for this. It is noteworthy that some options can be combined, for example, cut and glitters. 

1. Dresses with an open back

Opening the back has always been an unspoken sign of sexuality. There are countless styles of dresses with such an element, so it will not be difficult to choose an option for your figure and height. At the same time, you do not risk looking accessible or vulgar – an open back is much more democratic than a chest or a short mini. At the same time, the inflamed fantasy of a man is provided, you will make you imagine what is hidden there by clothes. A slender, smooth female back is a symbol of defenselessness and sexuality at the same time. This part of the body is equally attractive for chubby young ladies and bony models, for tall and short ones, for pale and tanned ones.

If you want to look not only sexy, but also stylish, pay attention to the styles that are fashionable this winter with various constrictions and geometries. The point is to create not just an open silhouette, but to diversify it with various techniques. Jewelry on the neck, in which the chain is directed not to the chest, but to the back, looks great and exciting. You can add some extra glitter to precisely draw attention to this part of the body. Note that both a fully open back to the tailbone and a small part of it look equally sexy . Dangerous moments: There can be no talk of any bras and shoulder straps. Nothing spoils the image of a vamp woman like a strap of underwear that has transferred her skin. Take care of this in advance – today in any store you can find models of bodices that are supposed to be worn under such dresses. 


2. Dress with a slit

When you think of a sexy outfit, you immediately get the image of a beauty with a slit to the thigh. In principle, you can choose less radical, but equally successful options. Believe me, many men are as far from fashion as the Sun is from the Moon, but at the same time they unconditionally “peck” at some tricks. Here the principle is the same as with the back – intrigue and room for imagination.

The sight of a naked female leg will make him mentally continue to draw a picture of other naked body parts. Even if he has seen you naked a million times, for the million first time he will look at the situation in a new way. One clear detail is much more striking than if you came to the party naked at all.

Note that this option is perfect for those ladies who have or think they have some disadvantages. Do you think you are overweight? That you have too massive bottom, full thighs, thick legs? Perhaps you have an opinion that your legs are not straight and slender enough? The principle of the incision is that only part of the limb is exposed. As a result, there is sexuality at the same time, and the exact volume is not visible, all defects are hidden under the dress, especially if you prefer a floor-length skirt.

An interesting, intermediate option, if you are shy about radical measures, a cut with a shurovka. So you can find a middle ground between secrecy and licentiousness. Dangers: Make sure you are sexy, not vulgar or even funny. To do this, control two points: the height of the cut and the tights. Stockings are rarely suitable here. You will look, to put it mildly, like a lady of free behavior, if you can see the elastic from the stocking in the cut. The rim of tights looks ridiculous, choose the most monophonic, bodily options. Plus, do not miscalculate with the cut itself, so that if you decide to sit down, embarrassment does not happen and the gentleman does not evaluate your underwear ahead of time. 


3. Dresses with a V-neck on the chest

This option is now not only super fashionable, but also insanely sexy. And don’t worry about the size, even if yours is zero. The current fashion is such that the appearance of a slender girl with neat breasts attracts men almost as much as curvaceous forms. A great option is the bodice of the dress with slight push-up effects . Note, easy, so that in the morning your prince is not disappointed that Cinderella has turned into a mouse. Yes, everyone has different tastes, it is quite possible that the stranger is just a fan of size 5, so he will be unpleasantly surprised that all this is the merit of linen or sewn-in linings. Otherwise, it is unlikely that with the right choice, you will look vulgar. A beautiful neckline reveals a hollow, but no more. He focuses on the perfect collarbone, on the shape of the chest. The ideal option is not just a deep V-shaped neckline, but an exquisite design of the part that just covers the chest. Three-dimensional embroidery, lace, asymmetry are suitable here. All this will have an exciting effect on any representative of the stronger sex. Here you can do the same as with an open back. Add an extra accent with a long jewelry, velvet, or add sequins to the neckline. By the way, if you think that makeup is appropriate only on the face, then urgently run to YouTube and see what the craftsmen do with the help of contouring with their cleavage. You will be amazed, and the male part of the company will follow. Dangers: As with the back, again – no bras or straps that spoil the impression. Thinking of the way in advance, you may well be able to find special underwear for deep x neckline or silicone lining. In addition, many dresses of this cut have a sewn-in bodice, which does not spoil the impression at all and at the same time will cover everything that is needed. With a deep V-neckline, the rule is that the length can be arbitrary, but the width cannot. In other words, choose the neckline even up to the navel, but the upper part of the iron should cover half or more of the chest. 


4. Off-shoulder or off-shoulder dress

Both are chic choices for the New Year. This is an idea for shy women, for whom even an open back is too much. At the same time, a rounded, white shoulder is an attractive part of the image that will excite a man. He will definitely want to know what this shy girl has hidden there? Open one shoulder is an incredibly fashionable trend of the outgoing year. Stylists unanimously say that in the future it will become even more fashionable, so the dress is unlikely to be lost in the wardrobe later. But keep in mind, this option is especially great for those ladies who have a narrow top and a full bottom, or have thin arms. If you fit these parameters, you will look incredibly seductive and sophisticated at the same time. Otherwise, the style can be any of your choice: it is from ballet tutus to floor-length dresses. Dangerous points: Be sure to choose a dress by size. There is nothing more non-sexual than bulging, squashed armpits. Weight does not matter here, even thin and sonorous models have come across this bait. In addition, the straps from the bra will also be out of place here. 



5. Chiffon and flowing silhouette

Do you think men don’t understand fabrics and styles? You’re right. But ask anyone what dresses are the sexiest for him, and he will show with his hands something airy, flowing, light. More than fatal beauties, they are attracted only by such innocent depravity, play on contrasts. On the one hand, chiffon really gives lightness, magic, even dreaminess. On the other hand, it absolutely perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure. It is not massive, not heavy, even with the most free styles, it sways in the slightest breeze and when moving, fits the waist and legs. Any colors are appropriate here, embroidery and prints only add beauty to the image. Even if you have no cutouts or slits, you are always a winner and sexy. But if you want to definitely make a splash, and at the same time be at the height of fashion, choose options with a chiffon, translucent top. Yes, the silhouette of the chest is clearly visible in it, but beautiful lingerie or a combination is the perfect way out for you. But you can hardly ignore the admiring glances of the men at the party. Dangerous moments: There are practically none. As mentioned above, any styles and colors will be appropriate and attractive. It is necessary to avoid only completely radical options like an absolutely transparent dress – this is tasteless and vulgar. 


6. Transparent bottom

A logical continuation or a variation of the previous version. This year, almost all world celebrities managed to appear on the red carpet in a dress with a transparent bottom, and at the same time got into magazines and reviews as the most stylish ones. It is not surprising, because this style is the golden mean between unbridled and bold sexuality and prudence. The sight of your lovely legs in the haze of chiffon is a certain attractive sight. At the same time, do not refuse this option, even if you have full hips and have the so-called “ears” on the inside of them. In this case, you can choose a skirt that is transparent to the knee. So you hide the flaws, but at the same time stir up the male imagination. There are a lot of styles here. There are those that suggest something like a short combination under the bottom, with a transparent skirt. And there are unusual outfits that, on the one hand, look like a strict tuxedo, and on the other, allow you to admire your feet. In such a dress, you will not only become the muse of the evening for a guy, but also cause guaranteed envy of the female audience. Dangerous moments: as with the cut, it all comes down to the right choice of tights or stockings. The best option is the most inconspicuous tights, without a mesh and pattern, without a visible line. In addition, a mini is good, but a chiffon skirt will not save you from incidents. Choose an outfit so that you can at least bend over and sit in it. 


7. Shiny dresses

Men are the same magpies. Get their attention with bright and shiny dresses. Judge for yourself and imagine the situation: a party, dim lights, flickering garlands, spectacular play on your outfit, mystery and showiness. A definite plus of glitter (solid sequins) is the ability to hide problems with the figure even with the most tight outfits. Sequins are a versatile tool that increases the chest and makes the waist narrower. Sheer magic and not a drop of fraud.

A chic overflow is always a festive look. You can’t wear such a dress for a birthday or someone’s wedding. It is bright and frank. But when, if not on New Year’s, which is only associated with glare and flicker? Any styles and cuts will be universal here. And it is this dress that can be perfectly combined with stockings, fishnet tights. It does not need additional decorations, it excites the imagination by itself. Dangers: Brightness is good in moderation. Even with men’s loyalty to sparkles, it is important not to overdo it and not turn into a market gypsy. In order not to be mistaken, do not choose a mini – there is a risk to seem like a lady of easy virtue. Another proven method is plain sequins. A simple silver dress will be a wonderful decoration for the evening. Avoid obscure combinations, flashy prints. For example, a shiny dress a la snakeskin will cause certain associations in a man with you and a representative of a poisonous species. 



8. Train and open legs

How can this be combined? Very simple. Train from the back, interesting transition, open to the knee or above the leg. Everything depends on their harmony and your modesty. Do you think this is too incomprehensible an option in men’s eyes? Maybe, only guys, this rule does not apply when it comes to female attractiveness.

The train will make you more feminine, elegant, and avoid the hackneyed version with a mini skirt. A short front length will demonstrate your sexuality, accentuate your legs. At the same time, this is an excellent choice for those girls who have a wide top and a narrow bottom, but at the same time have every right to be the sexiest lady of the evening. Dangers: Taking too long a train in a party setting will create more problems for you than joy. He is good on the catwalk, but when everyone is dancing and dancing around, you risk being left with a torn outfit and a ruined evening. If this is not your plan to quickly get rid of the dress in front of the man of your dreams, then choose the length wisely. 


9. Classic fitted dresses to the floor

Want to choose the option that will absolutely always win? Which is appropriate for a chamber evening and a noisy party? Which will outshine everyone else and will be smart, festive? A dress to the floor that fits the hips and leaves them in small waves is your option. Such a style does not suit a rare type of figure. If you have narrow shoulders, “balance” the look with flounce sleeves. Your man is most likely a conservative. Since the 20th century, this cut has won men’s hearts. This option is especially suitable for busy, married girls. Agree, which guy will like that at the holiday his girlfriend flaunts in a mini, in which you can practically see the underwear. In such a situation, he will not want to undress you, but to kill you is quite likely. And for free ladies, this is an option at the same time sexy, but at the same time not talking about availability. In addition, such dresses are wonderfully combined with an open back, and with a neckline, and with slits. Any colors and even decorations will be harmonious. Dangerous moments: Low girls need to be careful with such style. You risk appearing even less. High heels will help to partially correct the situation. Another questionable point is the lack of a waist. 


10. Dresses with lace

Lace is very popular and at the same time sexy in this season. They are associated with nudity, mystery, femininity, even if under them you have a completely closed body and solid lining. But it is best to opt for lace dresses without her. In a well-chosen outfit, everything that should be hidden will be hidden, but even in this situation, you can easily spur the fantasy of the man of your dreams.

Contrasting options are perfect. For example, black lace on a nude or white dress. White weave works best with bare skin or sheer fabric. In general, there are no special prohibitions here – large or small patterns, asymmetry, floral motifs are equally good. Dangerous moments: There are almost none. Just avoid being vulgar. For example, excess gold and lace is a bad combination. These are basic and universal recommendations that will help you be stunning for the New Year and conquer a man. Together with bright makeup and high heels, you will be irresistible and sexy. Just keep yourself in control and do not descend completely to completely tasteless options. Remember, a little secrecy is much sexier than being completely open. Stylists advise avoiding bodices, which are now associated only with striptease and sex shops, dresses that look like they came from prom photos, skirts that are too short. And then you will not only be attractive, but also stylish. 

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