Erotic fantasies

Erotic fantasies are characteristic of people of any age. According to polls, only 3% of the adult population of both sexes do not fantasize about sex and do not see erotic dreams.  

But the remaining 97% do not limit themselves to anything. What are these secret dreams about, we will describe the most popular of them.

Women’s erotic fantasies, top-10

Women are less likely to admit such things and more often modestly look away and blush, but women’s erotic fantasies cannot be called innocent. In bed, women focus more on the emotional component of sexual intercourse. They have a romantic attitude, so fantasies are based on sensations, not physiology.

Dominant man

In our world, where gender equality is welcomed, ladies have long fought for their rights to the “male” aspects of life, have forgotten that a woman is the weaker sex. It is by nature that a man is strong and can subjugate his woman, and some erotic fantasies are built on this.

This is often dreamed of by romantic, gentle young ladies. Even those who never say it out loud. Subconsciously, a woman is looking for an alliance with a man who can lead and be the main one in the relationship.   

This does not always work, and it is worth distinguishing tyranny from patriarchy. But when coming up with their sex fantasies, girls usually see a rude dominant male. The severity varies from innocent spanking to complete submission, bondage and humiliation.

Psychologists say – such tough desires come to minds of ladies who are used to leading subordinates at work or members of their families. Those who carry a large load on themselves. Discharging such erotic fantasies helps to achieve balance. 

Or defenseless girls fantasize like that, getting excited with thoughts that a domineering man will take responsibility for her. And this man is not a soft slobber, but a dangerous and predatory male, capable of grabbing her by the hair, protecting her, but also punishing her.

Be mistress

There is also a completely opposite option to the previous one, intimate thoughts about domination. This image may have been imposed on us by television and the film industry. We’ve all seen these sexy women in high heels, covered in latex and with a mysterious mask on their face.

Women would like to be in the place of such a “mistress” if only for the sake of looking the same. Basically, such a fantasy is due to the desire to increase self-esteem, show their importance and demonstrate will. 

Therefore, those who want to dominate in life, everyday life, are forced to be not in the first roles, but feel themselves, at least, unattainable goddesses, whom everyone secretly envies. But this is not always the case. Sometimes powerful women transfer their image to the sexual sphere. 

Group sex

There can be many options for such a fantasy. The most common group is sex with two (sometimes more) men. Imagining herself surrounded by several strong and beautiful males, a woman feels that the attention of all of them is riveted only to her.

Therefore, such a fantasy is much more common than about one man and several women. In this situation, the man’s attention is scattered on several partners, and the woman does not want to endure this.

Sex with a stranger

In real life, few ladies can decide on this. This script is very popular in intimate dreams. Thinking about how a woman seduces a charming stranger, or how he seduces her, looks so attractive. 

It doesn’t matter who it is: a taxi driver, a fitness trainer or a pizza delivery man. The main thing is to invent that he is a completely stranger, a stranger, a connection with whom does not mean anything except pleasure itself. Most often, such fantasies are born in the minds of girls without a lot of sexual experience and subconsciously wanting to gain it.

Bonding with another girl

Only a girl can understand all the touching moments of female sexuality. Because only she can experience the sensations inherent in the female body. A woman knows better than a man all intimate areas and how to caress them.

The female body is attractive not only in the eyes of the opposite sex. How many times have we seen the admiring glances of the girls, directed at the long-legged beauties passing by. Therefore, fantasies about intimacy with a woman are also present in the ranking. Although they usually do not become an obsession and do not persecute young ladies relentlessly.

Sex with teacher

These erotic fantasies are rooted in adolescence, when a girl fell in love with a young teacher.

Such a dream looks sexy: a serious, strict and concentrated teacher lustfully looks at his student, she is a kind of Lolita in a very short skirt from a school uniform. When a student is alone with a teacher, they have sex.  

Role-playing games

Statistics show that a very small number of respondents fantasize about intimacy with a movie star or famous person. Usually the hero of intimate desires is a regular partner or a complete stranger.

But the setting and roles are completely different. A girl can imagine herself as a princess, and her admirer or husband as a brave knight. 

Or it is a nurse and a patient whom she treats in a non-standard way. The range of fantasies is limitless. The reason for such thoughts is the monotony in sexual life, the desire to be an actress and to play in a sexual performance, which can be corrected by introducing role-playing games into real life. 


The girl dreams of how she shows people her nakedness. This could be a sign that she wants attention and admiration. Indeed, in such a fantasy, she looks gorgeous, sexy and catches rapturous glances on herself.

Here adrenaline plays a big role , which the girl receives from the thought that strangers are eating her naked body with their eyes. Sometimes fantasies are manifested in the fact that a woman walks without underwear and wants to have sex in a public place. After all, such situations are fraught with the danger of being caught. 


The flip side of the coin is to spy on someone. It’s almost like watching a porn movie, or rather a performance. In the days of brothels, there were rooms with holes in the walls where you could buy a ticket and watch what was happening through these holes.

Although the angles and the picture are not as good as in a professional film. But the moment of danger, suddenly someone notices an immodest observer, the unpredictability of the plot can be very exciting.

Sex with a young boy

It is considered a popular fantasy among women over 40. Young boys are not as skillful in bed as adult men, but they are very hardy and mobile, in need of training.

With them, you can arrange sexy marathons for many hours. A mature woman in bed with a young man herself begins to feel younger and sexier. Sometimes the very idea that they can teach an inexperienced guy a lot is exciting. 

Male erotic fantasies, top-10

In his sexual intimacy, a man is most interested in the physiological aspect, action. Therefore, men’s fantasies themselves are more often directed at actions, and not at sensations. But one should not think that male fantasies are more primitive than female ones. All male vulgar dreams carry a deep psychological meaning.

Group sex with two women

It is generally accepted that these erotic fantasies are widespread in men . But it is not so. Yes, in the eyes of people, a man who seduced two women at once, a real macho and an alpha male.  

Imagining this, he thinks so of himself. But in fact, men often fear that they will not satisfy their partner, and if there are two of them, then the fear doubles. Intimacy with two girls is not a secret dream, but a desire to prove your sex abilities.   

Group sex with a woman and a man

Psychologists are sure that this is the most popular fantasy among men. Its origins come from the depths of the subconscious. Firstly, for any man, his sexual organ is practically a shrine, like any phallic symbols.

Therefore, watching another person nearby actively use a member is a very exciting sight. Secondly, any self-doubt disappears when two men are involved in intercourse.  

A lot of male complexes coming from childhood are associated with the fact that girls emphasized their indifference, demonstrated by their behavior that the young man was not worthy of them, ridiculed him, questioned his sexual abilities.

A complex appeared and self-esteem decreased. Being in bed with a partner and another man, complexes go away. After all, the young man is not alone with his partner and he will no longer be ridiculed and kicked out. A kind of male support and spying on someone else’s sex in one bottle.

The woman shows her “charms”

Everyone knows the phrase that “a man loves with his eyes.” This is absolutely true. Since childhood, boys love to watch adult magazines or spy on girls in the locker room, inventing naked desires. Often women are embarrassed to show their intimate parts of the body, which is completely in vain, since this is one of the most exciting types and a vivid male fantasy.

Sex with a stranger

Any man wants to feel like a passionate macho, which is why sex with a stranger is so attractive. In such fantasies, any beauty is ready to surrender as soon as she realizes what kind of alpha male she met.

Rape fantasies

One of the themes of domination, total female submission. Most often, a man wants to show his power to a woman, and sex in such dreams can be quite harsh, more like rape. 

Such a fantasy can be applied in reality, but only by prior agreement with a partner, as a role-playing game. Otherwise, such behavior could lead to imprisonment.

To be punished by the “mistress”

There are most of the men who prefer erotic fantasies of submission. A strong, domineering woman in a tight leather suit, a mask and a whip is a very exciting image.

Such a woman wants to obey and follow any of her instructions. And a certain amount of pain during intimacy brings new sensations. Men are often reluctant to admit such fantasies, as they risk losing their image of a strong alpha male. Although it is usually the domineering people who dream of such scenarios of sexual intimacy.    


As mentioned above, men love to look at an attractive picture or an interesting story. Even in childhood, spying on girls dressing up, boys begin to feel sexual arousal.

Growing up, men do not change, and already adults want to spy on the details of someone else’s intimate life. There is nothing strange or reprehensible in such fantasies, just desires coming from the subconscious.

Clothes and lingerie fantasies

Every man has a slight weakness regarding women’s clothing. Such a thing by its very appearance can cause insane desire. This can be pretty lingerie, a specific color of clothing, stockings with chubby legs, an ankle bracelet, or extra high heels.

It happens that women’s shoes turn on and ask the partner not to take them off during sex. Popular fetish – stockings and tights. The stockings are very pretty, a piece of lace may drive some men crazy. Tights are a very sexy piece of clothing that a man will gladly tear apart to get to the most intimate. 

Deprivation of virginity

Previously, a girl could only lose her virginity by getting married. It was a tradition that must not be violated. Now we must try to meet a virgin over 16 years old, this is a decisive factor in the emergence of such a dream.

Men tell each other that this kind of sex can be unusual due to the narrow and elastic walls of the vagina of a virgin girl. And it also warms the soul that a girl without sexual experience has nothing to compare her first sex with and it is easy to teach her things that are pleasant for men. All these reasons make intimate fantasies very exciting.

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes virgins. For a separate category of men, virgins inspire fear with their physiology alien to them. Squeamish men can hardly bear the blood on their precious penis and thoughts of virginity deprive them of all excitement.


The female body is very beautiful. But if several naked female bodies caress each other, this is something even more beautiful. In such a fantasy, girls are beautiful, sexy, liberated and do not mind taking a man into their company. 

Watching lesbian sex play is a popular story in pornographic films as well. It is often used for sexual self-gratification. But if there are no films at hand, fantasy will helpfully reproduce them from memory. 

There are many more fantasies than described above. You can try to implement them with your partner, a loved one, but only in case of mutual consent or as a role play.  

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