How to increase potency in an hour

You are about to find yourself in the same bed with the girl of your dreams, her eyes are burning, and her body is screaming “yes!”

Do you want to run aground? Read below and the question “how to increase potency” will no longer arise!

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The penis of a man, despite the anatomical characteristics, can be compared with a sponge swelling with water. When blood is supplied, the genital organ begins to increase in size.

The process can be divided into several levels:

  • Cerebral. A man has feelings for a woman, the excitation of the central nervous system begins, the transmission of impulses through the body;
  • Hormone. There is an active production of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone;
  • Blood supply to the genitals.

If the mechanism was not automatically regulated and turned off, then a person, like the character of Greek mythology Priapus, would walk on bent legs, stoop and avoid the modern fashion for tight things

PDE-5 inhibitors that increase potency

Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) is responsible for the outflow of blood from the penis, and drugs that enhance erection block the production of an enzyme.

Medicines were invented for patients with pulmonary hypertension and heart pathologies, now they are drugs that increase potency.

PDE-5 inhibitors, pills for potency
Sildenafil-SZ (North Star, Russian equivalent)Up GreatVilitra
DynamicallyTadaraisVardena Professional


The cheapest, common stimulant. Recognizable blue color of the pill. Has “generics” – non-original medicines that use an identical active ingredient. They are sold at a price lower than the promoted brand.

To increase potency, take one hour before sexual intercourse. It works, depending on the dose, from 6 to 10 hours. Alcohol and fatty foods inhibit the effect of the medicine. Avoid combination with beta and alpha blockers.

Advice: to enhance the effect, while reducing the dose of sildenafil to ¾ or ½ tablet, you should take it together with papaverine and pentaxifellin.

The first drug relaxes the muscles, improving blood flow. The second thins the blood with the same result. Ideal if the patient has hypertension. Aspirin can be added to the scheme.


A more modern medicine with a prolonged action, at least 30, maximum 40 hours from one tablet with a dose of 20 mg. You can drink it at any time of the day, after 15-40 minutes the drug will begin to work. Mixing with alcohol is not recommended.

Side effects in the form of headaches, nasal congestion, increased blood pressure are less than that of sildenafil.


The newest drug that helps to increase potency. There are fewer side effects than two analogues. It works on average as much (6-10 hours) as sildenafil. Can be consumed with a small amount of alcohol, onset of action – 30 minutes.

According to the patients’ reviews, with fewer side effects, the firmness and strength of the erection is still weaker than that of the two counterparts. Most secure.

The effect of drugs does not come abruptly, the development of an erection depends on mechanical stress and nervous excitement. May prolong sex slightly. Use with caution in heart disease.

This is interesting: a more complex analogue of drugs is the “Caverject” injection, which is used in the diagnosis of the functioning of the vessels of the penis. Onset of action after 5-10 minutes, duration – from one to three hours.

These drugs do not cure a disease that leads to dysfunction, but increase potency, relieving the symptom. You need to restore health in a comprehensive manner.

An instant result is not possible, each drug acts with a time delay.

Creams and gels. Application

If everything is clear with the pills, then the question arises: are there other forms of drugs that enhance erection?

Some of the genitals can be partially empowered by:

Heparin ointment

  • used in the fight against hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and other diseases of a similar genesis. Increases blood flow. It is recommended to smear the base and root of the penis.

Nitroglycerin gel

  • significantly dilates blood vessels, the tablet preparation is used for heart attacks. When used on the penis, it gives good blood flow. Can’t be overused.


  • a hormonal agent that increases testosterone. Indirectly, but effectively, it improves potency. Smear the chest, stomach, shoulders.

These medications help to strengthen erections, but the end result is weaker than PDE-5 inhibitors in the form of pills.

Penis girth at the base

When the strongest erection is reached, a special ring is put on the base of the penis to prevent the outflow of blood from the genitals.

You can buy it in any sex shop. The method really works, the powerful “riser” is preserved, but it has a strict limitation – you cannot pinch the penis for more than 25-30 minutes.

It is not worth checking the time limit, serious complications threaten: slow destruction of the cavernous bodies, priapism or tissue inflammation with necrosis.

Correct postures. Come on, man!

Try to avoid passive positions, when the partner is on top, acts of masturbation, too emotional oral sex. You must accelerate the blood as much as possible, move the pelvis measuredly and clearly.

Choose a missionary position or doggy-style, one in which your psycho-emotional arousal keeps an erection and ejaculation approach within acceptable values ​​(about 12-16 minutes). Light oral sex will help maintain and increase an erection when changing positions. 

Non-critical pain caused by a bite or scratching by a partner will also delay the onset of ejaculation.

List of diseases affecting erection and ejaculation

  • Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, in which the entire mechanism of urination and erection suffers. Blood supply is impaired, testosterone is produced in minimal values, erection is unstable.
  • Colliculitis is an inflammation of the seminal tubercle. The organ is located closer to the base of the penis. With an advanced form, the root of the penis becomes inflamed, blood supply, nerve transmission suffers, the pelvic muscles do not relax, full blood circulation becomes impossible.
  • Urethritis is an infectious inflammation of the anterior and posterior urethra. Also affects erection.
  • Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicles. Reduces “dough”, threatens infertility. Sexual function suffers.
  • Adenoma of the hypothalamus, a part of the brain, as a result of which prolactin grows and the sex hormone decreases.
  • Vascular and venous diseases. They require a special approach.

All these diseases interfere with increasing potency, cause pain, discomfort, and shorten the time of intercourse. With advanced colliculitis, an erection can arbitrarily disappear, and ejaculation can be very fast. There is a possibility that the amount of fluid will be reduced significantly, it will be completely absent due to the inflamed seminal mound, which blocks the path through the urethra.

How to prolong an erection

What can be considered the norm in the duration of sex?

We answer: there is a problem when the erection weakens quickly, within 120-140 seconds, disappears, and ejaculation occurs in less than 5 minutes of sexual intercourse. Then, in order to satisfy a woman, you need to achieve her maximum psycho-emotional arousal, which is not always possible.

If there are no diagnosed health problems, then the methods of solution are as follows:

  • physiotherapy
  • medicinal
  • psychological
  1. Physiotherapy includes, for example, prostate massage. It is performed by a urologist. As a result of progressive movements along the prostate gland, excess secretion is released, blood flow increases, and the muscle tone of the organ increases. Ensures increased potency. It is difficult to do it on your own, you need a special massager or assistant.
  2. Heating the gland with a special device has the same effect, but the procedure is more gentle, less likely to cause injury. There is no escape of the secret.
  3. Acupuncture also stimulates blood flow, but it helps to a lesser extent.
  4. It is possible to prolong sexual intercourse medically with the help of vitamin B complexes, taking a moderate dose of alcohol, or by using a trick:
    1. Most of the sensations come from the glans penis, if you deprive it of sensitivity, then the orgasm will come later. To do this, you can buy specialized products, prolongers and lubricants. Their actions are based on anesthetizing the organ with lidocaine. The rest of their price is brand, packaging and flavors. Rarely hypoallergenic ingredients.
    2. You can go to buy inexpensive anesthesia in the form of a spray at the pharmacy. The effect will be the same.

Heavy artillery 

The drug Dapoxetine. It was initially considered as an antidepressant that affects the work of neurotransmitters and serotonin. But practice has shown that this substance prolongs sexual intercourse. In combination with any PDE-5 blocker, the effect will be significant – prolongation up to 2-3 hours.

Minus – the medicine affects the psycho-emotional state. Some patients complain of apathy, prostration, lethargy. It has no analogues. Other antidepressants can delay ejaculation, but negatively affect potency and erection. Does a man need such potency?

Psychology is important

In case of failure, the feeling of fear can haunt a man for a long time, misfires will be repeated. Calmness, confidence, understanding and love from a constant partner are important. A romantic atmosphere, scented candles, a minimum of lighting, soothe the nervous system.

How to maintain and increase potency in everyday life

There are general recommendations:

  • lifestyle change,
  • proper nutrition,
  • getting enough sleep per night
  •  power sports.

All of these points affect the production of testosterone, which is important for a confident erection. Regularity in the genital area is also important.

Abstinence is contraindicated – long breaks negatively affect endurance in bed.

Kegel Workouts

Exercises to improve potency – for the pelvic muscles. These muscles are also responsible for the strength of the erection and the power of ejaculation. What is this muscle and how do you find it?

  1. Imagine stopping a small need by making an effort. Congratulations, you understand what this is about.
  2. The exercise is to repeat these contractions 20-30 times, breaking them into sets.
  3. You need to do 3-4 approaches per day.

You can add to the therapeutic gymnastics program

  1. Contracting the anus muscles in the same manner, plus knee raises and deep squats.
  2. All these tricks affect muscle tone (timely relaxation and tension) and blood flow.
  3. You can complete the workout set by walking on the buttocks for 8-10 minutes.

An important condition: training must be regular. The improvement will be noticeable after a month of daily practice.

Diet. Products and potency

Try to fill your diet with the maximum amount of boiled protein foods, fresh vegetables, nuts, cereals. Avoid overly salty, greasy and fried foods.

SugarNuts, peanut butter
Beer (and any alcohol)Pumpkin seeds (eat 20 grams per day)
White breadSeafood (oysters, oily fish)
Fatty meat of cattle and pigsPorridge (buckwheat, pearl barley, oatmeal)
SaloSpices (cinnamon, pepper, coriander speed up the metabolism)
Carbonated drinks (lemonade)Fresh vegetables (lettuce, herbs, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.)
GrapefruitDried fruits

Food is not just fuel or pleasure, but a collection of important micronutrients.


The strongest influence on erection and potency are:

  1. Jogging. In the mornings, evenings, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is the regularity of training and the load in the range of 20-35 minutes of continuous running. At first, walking at a speed of 5 km / h for long distances is also suitable.
  2. Important: an exercise bike or a bicycle in this case is not your choice, because seating and restricted movement negatively affects pelvic blood flow and can lead to prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
  3. Squats with a barbell or dumbbells, jump rope (high tempo), burpees, uphill. All of these exercises will increase testosterone levels, increase blood circulation to the body and to the pelvic muscles in particular.

Herbs for potency, traditional medicine

Try herbs to improve and increase potency.

The most effective and simple recipes: decoctions and teas.

Ivan tea (fireweed)

Contains a large amount of ascorbic acid, which has a beneficial effect on hematopoiesis, immunity and general tone. It has diuretic properties. Indirectly affects potency. Ready-made tea is sold at any pharmacy or tea shop. To achieve the effect, drink every other day for a month.

Ginger root drink

Thanks to its composition and essential oils, ginger acts as an aphrodisiac. There is a very simple recipe:

  • Grind a few pieces of ginger on a grater
  • Add boiled water
  • Mix with a spoonful of honey
  • Stir and take an hour and a half before sex.

Grandfather’s home method

Do you think mustard plasters and cans on your back are a relic of the time?

  1. A hot bath followed by the installation of a mustard plaster on the perineum and buttocks is guaranteed to increase blood flow, invigorate the body, and enhance an erection.
  2. General recommendations: add bee honey to regular black tea – the product contains many useful substances, strengthens the immune system. You can drink before bed.
  3. Drink more water. Drink 0.2-0.3 ml every hour.

What is LOD therapy?

LOD – locally negative pressure.

  1. The essence of the method is to use a vacuum pump.
  2. The penis is placed in a cylinder, air is pumped out with translational movements, negative pressure is created.
  3. Blood flows to the cavernous bodies, a stable erection is formed.
  4. A retainer ring is put on the genitals to hold the result.

The method is working, can be used on an outpatient basis, and is relatively safe. Has a cumulative effect of stretching the cavernous bodies.


  • You can not hold the retainer for more than half an hour, the risk of causing irreparable harm;
  • Causes bewilderment among partners;
  • Temporary.

Important: Penile enlargement with this method is impossible.

Is shock wave therapy ideal?
If the situation is at an impasse, medications, lifestyle changes, simple physiological methods do not help, shock wave therapy is prescribed. The consequence of inflammation and blood flow disturbances is fibrosis in the corpus cavernosum, aggravating a difficult situation.

In order for the fibrosis and seals to dissolve, the action of acoustic impulses on the tissue is necessary.

The method has proven itself in the treatment of injuries of patients with diabetes mellitus, fractures, injuries, cuts. After the procedures, revascularization occurs – the growth of new blood vessels.

Tissue regeneration is stimulated.

The positive effect occurs after 1-2 procedures:

  • Morning erection normalizes
  • Improves the quality of sex
  • Spontaneous erections appear

A young body will recover faster. The natural mechanism of erection will be restored completely.

Buds. Potency increasing agents

There are nutritional supplements that are guaranteed to increase the production of testosterone, which have a positive effect on the quality of potency:

Maca Root (Maca Peruvian)

grows in South America, 3-4 km above sea level. Because of its properties, it received the unspoken name “Peruvian ginseng”. Contains healthy vitamins and minerals and is used as a strength sports supplement by famous athletes and fitness models such as Frank Medrano.


It has a general tonic and strengthening effect on the body. Contains many vitamins: groups C, B, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, zinc. Increases immunity and indirectly affects male strength.


Extract of the plant “creeping anchors”. Increases testosterone levels, potency, libido, physical strength and endurance. Used by athletes as a legal, non-anabolic steroid.

It is not recommended to use it for more than 1 month in a row, since the adult body gets used to the effect of the drug and can reduce the production of testosterone. Drink in courses 3-4 times a year.

Complexes of vitamins

containing a combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B-6. A working scheme that improves immunity, nerve conduction, libido and mood. Apply once a day.

Yohimbe plant ash

The drug will increase potency and tone the body. It can be used as a complex therapy for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, and as an auxiliary element in sports nutrition. Natural potency enhancer.


Ensures increased blood flow in the small pelvis. It contains three components:

  1. Damiana extract
  2. Creeping palm
  3. Eurycomas

Should have a positive effect on potency, erection. Customer reviews are mixed.

Relieve stress

The basis of problems in bed is excessive stress, nervous exhaustion, overwork. To normalize the autonomic nervous system will help:


  • The best aerobic workout is to improve immunity, strengthen the body, and run blood. Moderate activity in the pool will benefit the body, water resistance is perceived more easily than monotonous running on a treadmill or stationary bike.


  • The experience of the Indian people in the ability to curb their temper and emotions has degenerated into a whole culture, spiritual practices and physical exercises aimed at stretching, breathing, control of their body and emotions. Perfectly disperses blood through the body.

Punching bag

  • The writers of TV shows and films don’t lie – hitting the pear really relieves stress. All negative emotions go to an imaginary opponent, and the body, getting tired and splashing out stress with physical exertion, rewards you with hormones of pleasure.

The opinion of sexologists and andrologists

Potency does not need to be increased on purpose. Just lead a normal active life with a minimum of bad habits and it will always be at its best.

Impotence is not a shameful and irreversible condition! At the first symptoms, you need to contact a therapist or urologist-andrologist, go through an online consultation. The doctor will write a referral or diagnosis, prescribe medications, and write out an action plan.

Do not self-medicate. Explain to your other half what you are facing. A husband and wife should not get away from the problem – nothing will go away by itself, self-hypnosis will not help. Old age should not be an obstacle – a man always remains a man.

Quitting smoking, which destroys the blood vessels of the genital organs, is important.

Often the source of problems with erection are microorganisms living in a woman’s vagina. Then both partners must undergo diagnosis and treatment.


To simply increase potency, which is a little uncomfortable, herbal teas, proper diet and exercise are enough.

To solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, an integrated approach is needed. It is important to timely treat the underlying pathology, discuss the situation with loved ones, take stimulating medications in recommended doses for regular sex and change the lifestyle.

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