Erotic massage for a woman

Erotic massage, techniques, rules of conduct

This manipulation is performed carefully, gently, because its main goal is to relax the muscles and increase sexual desire. The basic techniques are the same as for classic massage:  

  1. Stroking – longitudinal, transverse, zigzag, circles, spirals.
  2. Grinding – sawing, crossing, hatching, raking rubbing.
  3. Kneading – pressing, shifting, rolling, pinching.
  4. Vibrations – patting, chopping, puncturing.

Unlike classical techniques, erotic techniques are performed with less intensity, smoothly, slowly, affectionately. From them the female sexual energy should be revealed . Better to start by creating a romantic setting:   

  1. Dim lighting, dim light, and it is better to light candles or an aroma lamp with aphrodisiacs.
  2. Quiet, gentle instrumental music.
  3. Necessarily fresh, beautiful bedding, a soft little pillow or roller.

To give your beloved maximum pleasure, you must follow the rules:

  • Before the massage, take a bath or shower, preferably together. Perhaps a woman will already have arousal in her soul from the intimacy of a partner.
  • It is necessary to remove distractions – forget about problems, turn off the phone, possibly an intercom.
  • Make sure your hands are warm and soft.
  • It is better to massage the genitals with lubricant, and the body with aromatic oil.
  •  With erotic caresses, not only hands are used , but also other parts of the body: stomach, feet, chest. 
  • No need to get stuck in one place for a long time and use monotonous techniques. Strength, amplitude, smoothness, speed should alternate.
  • The pleasure during massage should be mutual. Unpleasant sensations are unacceptable.

 Erogenous zones

Erogenous zones, these are special places on the body, touching which cause sensual arousal, awaken sexual desire. Erogenous zones are different for everyone. What one person likes may not please another. Erogenous sites are found empirically or the partner herself points to them. Usually (but not necessarily) the sensory places of the female body are:

  1. Breast and nipple area.
  2. Neck – the area under the hair, behind the auricle.
  3. Feet, toes.
  4. Inner thigh.
  5. Lower abdomen, bikini area.
  6. The genitals.

Massaging the back goes to the sides along the waist line, then to the stomach and rises to the chest. You need to move to the chest smoothly. Stroking, circular motion, lip seizure will awaken a storm of emotions in the girl. The final stage is the stimulation of intimate areas.  


During intimate caresses, additional elements can be used, they will enhance sensuality:

  • aphrodisiac oil;
  • feather;
  • fur fabric;
  • ball;
  • rings;
  • beads;
  • a piece of ice.

Acupressure erotic massage, how to do

Acupressure massage is scientifically called acupressure. With the help of acupressure, you can not only achieve arousal, but also improve your overall health. Acupressure gives maximum relaxation, prepares for intimacy.  

Thanks to her, mental and emotional health returns to normal, stress is relieved. All organs are strengthened, sexual energy is transformed.

 Acupressure of the points of the head

Better to start with the head. Kneading the head and neck leads to stabilization of the lymphatic system, which in turn strengthens the immune system. The active points are located at the top of the head, above the ears. It takes at least 5 minutes to activate them:   

  • Slowly, hard enough, but so as not to cause pain, press with the pads of the fingers on the head clockwise, then against;  
  • smoothly descend on the neck, it is impossible to press on the lymph nodes, only stroking. 

As a result, blood circulation will improve, the stress of the working day will go away, and headache (if any) will ease or completely disappear.

 Acupuncture of the auricles

Many women are pleased when the ear is kissed, tickled, nibbled. There are zones on the ears, kneading which will excite even an asexual. Here are the places where these zones are concentrated:  

  1. Ear curl, outer edge.
  2. Earlobe, gentle stimulation can lead some girls to orgasm.
  3. Internal ear cavity. But not everyone likes it when they climb there with their tongues without warning. It is better to use your fingers, knead in a circle, first in one direction, then in the other direction. They puncture the auricles as long as possible.  

Acupuncture of feet, thighs 

Active zones are located in the following locations:  

  1. Foot near the fingers, the fingers themselves;
  2. the inner surface of the foot and at the base of the toe;   
  3. 12 cm above the knee, on the inner side of the thigh.

With slow, spiral movements, they knead the foot, go to the socks. The thighs are affected with the palms of the entire surface.   

Enough from 5 to 10 minutes. During ear stimulation, blood rushes to the genitals and their sensitivity increases. Aphrodisiac oils can be used.

Abdominal acupuncture

Abdomen sensitive and knead it costs very carefully. The active points are located under the navel, about 2.5-3 cm below. Lead to rapid, intense arousal. The points are punched out in a circle.    

Movements are slow, in one direction, then in the other. Repetitions up to 4 times a day for 8 minutes will increase libido. Many women will prefer the technique of using the lips to massage the abdomen. 

Enhanced orgasm

A video with step-by-step instructions will help you master the techniques of erotic massage .    

One of the active zones of orgasm is located above the ankles. It is thoroughly kneaded, first on the left leg in a circle and in the opposite direction, then on the right. The longer you massage, the better the result.  

Intimate massage and the G-spot

Erotic massage of the genitals is done in the last place, this completes the session. The genitals of most women are a continuous erogenous zone. But still it is worth highlighting the main zone and a point on it. This is point G. It is started at the very end, when the partner is excited.    

Finding it is quite simple – a part of the anterior wall of the vagina differs by touch by roughness, tuberosity – this is the G zone and it is located 3 – 7 cm deep from the entrance to the vagina. G itself is the most sensitive area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis zone.

Kneading G must be intense, making efforts, but within the limits of comfort. G is not located on the surface of the mucous membrane, but as if under it and gentle touches it cannot be reached. There are no time recommendations, since manipulations usually end in orgasm.   


Any technique has its own prohibitions. There are 3 main types: 

  • An absolute contraindication is a strict prohibition associated with pathological processes: malignant tumors, venereal diseases, thrombosis.
  • Temporary – at the time of exacerbation of chronic diseases, when you feel unwell, when the temperature is high. 
  • Local. For example, massage of intimate organs during menstruation, with inflammation, thrush.

Erotic massage is a painless, comfortable procedure aimed at relaxing muscles. It is transferred comfortably and pregnancy will not be a 100% contraindication if a woman feels great and her doctor has not forbidden sex.


Erotic massage should not be uncomfortable. Before embodying an idea in life, you need to figure out how your partner will react to this.

If the relationship began recently, then you need to understand whether there is a sufficient degree of intimacy in the couple, whether this will not embarrass the partner.

Otherwise, she will not be able to relax, and it is impossible to relax a person by force. For stable couples living together for a long time, erotic massage can give a new wave of sensations.

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