18 tips for an unforgettable first time with a boyfriend (not for virgins)

You’ve been dating for a while now and it’s time to move from verbal romance to bodily romance. Or maybe the first night of passion was outlined immediately after the first date? Be that as it may, it is extremely important to do everything so that the first sex leaves behind pleasant memories. Indeed, further relationships often depend on the quality of the first intimacy.

The first sex for many becomes a stressful situation. And I’m not talking about losing virginity, but about the very first sex with a specific partner. Both girls and boys are equally nervous. Even if it seems to you that he is an ordinary pick-up artist , believe me: the guy is nervous and wants to make a good impression in bed. You want it too, right?

High-quality sex consists of many preliminary and subsequent nuances that we can overlook, focusing on the sexual act itself. I tried to carefully analyze all my experience, as well as take into account the stories of my friends. Let’s take a look at the aspects of the first night that will affect its quality.

1. Marafet

The quality of the first sex with a guy directly depends on how confident the girl is. Confidence requires preparation, which can take half a day: hair removal, manicure, pedicure, masks , makeup, choosing underwear … All this takes time. I strongly advise against trying something new just before the first sex. Apply your usual epilation or depilation. Do not use new types of cosmetics to avoid allergic reactions (it used to be unpleasant). A few days before sex, monitor your diet to avoid skin rashes, flatulence, and so on.

2. Planned unplanned sex

You are preparing to surrender into his strong hands on Friday night, and he suddenly offered to meet on Wednesday … Men interpret women’s refusals in their own way. It would never even occur to them that we have to refuse, because our varnish has peeled off, the bikini line is overgrown, or a pimple has popped up on our nose. In order not to miss out on spontaneous sex (which you yourself want), be always ready. Salvation will be a bag for sex, in which you should put everything you need in advance to quickly put yourself in order: beautiful panties, a cosmetic bag, a razor, contraception. You can always take a shower for about 20 minutes and get out of the bathroom ready for sex. We talked about the bag for unscheduled sex in the guide to frivolous relationships. In a serious relationship, a “sex bag” is just as important. 

3. Means of protection

Speaking of contraception, stop thinking that the responsibility for protection rests solely with the man. It’s not for him to cry over a pregnancy test, so take care of your remedies beforehand. I recommend carrying both condoms and birth control pills (pills, suppositories, etc.). This is in case, say, the condoms are not the right size. There are several options for contraception, and every woman should know about them. 

4. Choosing a love nest

Do not rely too much on the choice of a man, otherwise he may suggest having sex for the first time in the back seat of his car. You will feel offended, in addition to this, it is uncomfortable in the car, postures are limited (as well as movements), there is no shower and toilet, and so on. If you are not against such experiments, then it is worth exploring the most comfortable positions for sex in the car, so as not to lose face. And yet I advise you to have your first sex in the walls of a cozy bedroom. Neither your nor his living space is suitable for this case? Then offer to rent a cozy apartment for a day (or a night). 

5. Drinks and meals

Couples usually have dinner before their first sex. Consider in advance your choice of dishes for a romantic dinner. Food and drink will affect your well-being. Avoid heavy meals, don’t eat fatty foods. It is better to give up carbonated drinks so that your stomach does not boil. 

6. Stimulants

Many people drink before sex for courage, but it is better to minimize the amount of alcohol. The guy offers illegal stuff like a joint? I do not advise you to agree, as there are many disadvantages of marijuana sex. In an effort to make a good impression, guys often take stimulants like Viagra before sex. Do not be surprised if a man turns out to be suspiciously insatiable, and then passes out, as if someone pressed the “OFF” button on him. As a rule, guys do not seek to advertise their desire to take doping, because they are afraid to appear weak. But if your chosen one himself spoke about this, suggest doing without a stimulant for the first time. It is better to use natural aphrodisiacs. 

7. Conversations about desires

All people are different and everyone has their own idea of ​​ideal sex. In order not to waste time on vain attempts to please each other, start a conversation about desires. This conversation should not be conducted as an addiction interrogation. It is better to turn it into an erotic game, into flirting, spraying sexual arousal. For example, you can passionately, with a breath, whisper in his ear what you would like on the first night and ask about what he wants.

8. Abstinence before sex

In order to last as long as possible during the first sex, guys often resort to masturbation. When talking about women’s training, I advise you to do the completely opposite way. A couple of days before the appointment, avoid self-gratification so that desire builds up in your body – this will affect your behavior in bed. The thirst for intimacy will make you more sensual and relaxed.

9. Personal hygiene

You should not immediately run into the bedroom as soon as you cross the threshold. Be sure to take a shower. It is preferable to shower separately before the first sex. This way you can put yourself in order and be sure that you look just fine. By the way, this is another aspect why I do not recommend having the first sex in the car. If you are turned on by jets of water, then you can invite a partner with you by choosing positions for sex in the bathroom and shower. 

10. Down with phones

Turn off that damn cell phone. The last thing you want is for an annoying and unbearably long bell to ring at the time of orgasm. Just turn off the sound and ask your partner to do the same. Don’t be distracted by the thought of who is texting him at 12 at night.

11. Petting

You have passed the first stages and now you are in the bedroom. Don’t think that foreplay is only important for women! Please your chosen one by caressing him. I’m not talking about a banal blowjob. Look for the man’s erogenous zones, give him a relaxing massage, apply the techniques of exciting kissing.  

12. Choosing a seductive pose

Every girl wants to look seductive in the bedroom, so it’s worth exploring slimming positions in sex. They will help you highlight your strengths and hide minor flaws. At the same time, you will feel more confident. 

13. Erotic attitude

Now you are already together under the same blanket, but you cannot relax and enjoy the process. Has this ever happened? The reason may lie in excessive nervousness or in high expectations. To immerse yourself in the moment, you can connect your imagination. When making love, imagine an exciting scene. As a last resort, you can imagine your sex idol. There is nothing wrong with that. You’ve been preparing for this first night with all your might, so you have every right to have fun. And if for this you need to imagine sex on a yacht with a young Brad Pitt, then so be it. 

14. Erotic games

If it is difficult for a couple to overcome the constraint before the first sex, then erotic games can be a salvation . They will allow you to unobtrusively explore each other, giving mutual pleasure. 

15. Role Juggling

There is no need to lie on a log, beautifully spread out on the bed, expecting that a man will please you in every way. Do not hesitate to take the initiative in your own hands. The ideal tactic for first sex follows the principle: you – me, I – you. Everyone should both enjoy and give it. To get a better feel for your partner, you must use both dominant and submissive roles. Explore the most appropriate man-on-top and woman-on-top positions.   

16. Sexual techniques

Do you want some nice sex? Then forget about laziness and passivity. Surprise him and delight yourself using all sorts of sexual techniques. For example, you can apply the pompour technique . Perhaps there are men in the world who do not like this technique, but I have not yet met such. Edging technique can be another good solution .  

17. Awkward moments in the bedroom

The most embarrassing part of an intimate relationship is awkward moments in the bedroom. Learn to overcome them with dignity. Anyone can experience embarrassment, but because of them, the white world will not collapse. Depending on what the awkward moment was (someone called the wrong name, someone spoiled the air, and so on), you can either turn on the ignore “Did something happen? I didn’t notice anything, ”or treat the situation with humor. 

18. Behavior after sex

Talk about what you will do after sex right away. Warn me if you need to go home, find out if he wants you to sleep together until morning. No guesswork, act like an adult, wise woman. You shouldn’t be hysterical and hysterical right away if he offers to call a taxi and take you home. Maybe the guy snores like a horse. Maybe he’s just shy and doesn’t want to make you dislike the first night. Nobody wants a bitter aftertaste after sweet sex. Be understanding and considerate.
Good sex is a giant mosaic in which every piece can play a significant role. I hope these simple tips will help you open up and enjoy such an important first night with your chosen one.

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