French kissing is a legal drug, take it with care

The results of sociological research show that the kiss is the most important element in an intimate relationship between a man and a woman, surpassing even sex.

This is a special type of connection that establishes a common emotional level in communication, connects the spiritual worlds of partners. There is a variety of types of kisses, but the main thing in this matter is not the technique, but the sincerity of emotions.

Some of the interesting physiology: during a kiss, about 30 facial muscles are involved, adrenaline is released into the blood, which has a beneficial effect on all organs. The heartbeat quickens, blood circulation accelerates, as a result of which the body is saturated with oxygen. There is a production of the hormone of happiness – endorphin, which makes us more relaxed and joyful.

How to learn to kiss in French: the basic way

Before you kiss your partner, look into his eyes, not at his lips. When touching, the hands on the machine wrap around the partner. An exciting moment comes, the production of dopamine, endorphin, serotonin and oxytocin begins, energizing you. Therefore, it is true that kissing is a legal drug and antidepressant.

When kissing, tilt your head slightly so that your nose does not interfere. Breathing should be measured, and lips should move like when eating ice cream. A French kiss is not just a contact of the lips: when it is performed, one of the lips is between the lips of the partner, while the position changes.

Open your mouth slightly and move the tip of your tongue into your partner’s mouth a little, but not too far, otherwise you can cause discomfort. Your hands should not move frantically. Stroke your partner on the back, waist.

At such moments, you should not overstep the boundaries of what is permitted and start taking off each other’s clothes. It is better to keep the interest and mystery so that you want to kiss as often as possible. End the kiss gently and slowly. Make it short.

How to understand if a partner is ready for a tongue kiss?

Not always your desires will coincide with the desires of your partner, even if you think otherwise. Therefore, a good solution in such a situation is to ask a direct question. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it or think it’s not romantic. On the contrary: you will show that you respect the personal space of a loved one and want to please her / him.

Ways to learn how to kiss on your own

Often, before the first kiss, doubts seize you: how not to fail this exciting event. We present several training methods – choosing one of them, you can prepare and improve your kissing technique:

1. Train on tomatoes

Kiss the fetus in a way that does not damage its surface with your teeth. Bite into the skin and suck up the pulp. French kissing requires gentle suction of the juice while rotating the tongue inside it. The same can be done with ice cream, but it will be a little chilly.

2. Try it with a mannequin or doll…

The mannequin can also replace a kissing partner. Learn not only to kiss, but also to control your hands, gently, without too much fuss, clasping your waist and back.

3. Learn with a ball in your mouth

Put the ball in your mouth and start pushing it out using your tongue. It may seem to you that this is quite difficult, but after a little practice you will understand how this method works and notice progress. So you will learn how to masterly kiss in French and perform a variety of movements.

Types of kisses

With tongue

The essence of this kiss is that lovers tightly touch their lips and caress their lips or tongue with their tongue, sucking them. It is not necessary to use the tongue, only the lips can be used.

No tongue

This is a gentle version of the kiss, in which your lips lightly touch your partner’s lips.


When French kissing, the lips often close and open with constant use of the tongue.


A suction kiss is one of the most passionate kisses, in which a vacuum is created in the mouth when the lips are drawn in by the lips of the kisser.

An important point. Don’t use kissing, especially French kissing, as a form of entertainment. A kiss implies sincerity, trust and passion in a relationship.

Recommendations for men

A guy must be confident in himself and in the things he takes on. It’s about relationships and kissing: you have to be the initiator. About the approximate procedure has already been told, there are a few rules that a real man should remember.

  • In no case do not be nervous, otherwise the uncertainty in the movements can be transmitted to the girl.
  • You may have to teach her how to kiss, even if you don’t know how yet.
  • Be decisive and show that your lady is in good hands.

Tips for girls

More often the initiator of the kiss is a man, but if you are confident, you can take the first step. When kissing, it is important that a man gets a return from you: the partner should feel warm from you and feel confident, understand that he is doing everything right.

Common kissing mistakes

  • Girls really don’t like it when a man tries to swallow them like a fish with his mouth
  • Lots of lipstick. Do not apply a layer of makeup, otherwise you will not be able to get pleasant emotions during the kiss. It will be enough to apply a light shine.
  • Watch your salivation before kissing.
  • Frequent tongue movements are acceptable, but do not turn a passionate kiss into a windmill.
  • Do not kiss with dry and chapped lips. For a kiss that brings maximum pleasure, use hygienic lipstick or just wet your lips.
  • Try to be on the same wavelength with your partner. That is, don’t go too fast, but don’t be passive either.
  • Don’t grab the girl roughly by the hair. Do it softly and gently.
  • Don’t stretch the kiss. The average kiss time is one minute.
  • When you see fit to end the kiss, don’t do it abruptly. Slowly slow down and at the end, smoothly move away from your partner.
  • If you don’t feel like kissing, then say so. Truth is better than lies.
  • If you don’t know how to kiss at all, don’t try to stick your tongue deep into your partner’s mouth out of excitement. Vary the depth of the kiss without going too far – that’s the whole tactic.

Can you bite your lips when kissing?

If, when aroused, you have a strong desire to bite your partner’s lips, do not overdo it. Know the measure. Start with light bites , and if your partner likes it, you can continue.

20 interesting facts about kissing

In many cultures, kissing is an important part of a relationship. Here are 20 weird facts about kissing.

  1. At the end of the 19th century, Kissing Day was established in Great Britain. Now every year on July 6, the whole world celebrates this holiday.
  2. Approximately 45 percent of the population does not close their eyes when kissing. They enjoy looking at their partner’s face.
  3. Kissing gives confidence and motivation in any business. Social polls show that those who receive their kiss before leaving for work have a higher income.
  4. In Russia, it is believed that kissing the eyes means parting. In Italy, such a gesture is regarded as a sign of greeting.
  5. In France, a kiss in French is considered the union of souls.
  6. The primitive tribes that still inhabit the Earth today believe that life-giving force and energy can be transmitted through a kiss.
  7. In one of the tribes of Africa, it is customary to kiss the ground on which the leader has passed, thereby showing respect for him.
  8. With the help of a kiss in bed, you can get rid of fatigue and tension that have accumulated over the whole day.
  9. On average, it takes 14 days to kiss in a lifetime.
  10. After eating, kissing is considered more beneficial than chewing gum.
  11. With a kiss, the number of breaths increases by 3 times, which contributes to a rich supply of oxygen to the body.
  12. Kissing can help you lose weight. A passionate kiss burns 25 calories, and a peck on the cheek 5.
  13. Kissing boosts thyroid function
  14. Passionate kisses cause the production of adrenaline in quantities equivalent to skydiving.
  15. Thanks to the exchange of saliva during a kiss, immunity increases
  16. Many animals love a kiss on the lips, in monkeys it is most similar to a human.
  17. fear of kissing is called philemaphobia .
  18. Kissing is a good prevention of wrinkles.
  19. Kissing has a healing effect. It is believed that if loved ones kiss the patient more often, he will recover faster.
  20. With the help of special neurons in the human brain, we find our partner’s lips even in complete darkness.

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