The benefits and harms of coffee for male potency

They drink coffee in the morning. It is affordable and pleasant, you can buy it almost at every turn. Women and men drink several mugs during the day.

How does this affect the body?

There are two opinions: some say negatively, others, on the contrary, consider it useful in certain quantities, as it invigorates and improves mood.

Men think: if it stimulates the blood and forces the body to produce testosterone, then it can also affect the increase in potency? Let’s figure out the effect of coffee on a man’s potency.

What is useful

If you drink it in moderation (a mug, two mugs a day), your metabolism is significantly improved. The ability to work increases, new information is absorbed faster.

Studies have shown that drinking caffeine can reduce the development of depression and reduce the risk of kidney stones and cancer.

Overall, it is a very healthy drink in moderation. It improves well-being and tones the body. Green beans, roasted and cooked correctly, have a greater effect than granulated beans. 

The question of the effect of coffee on male potency has become overgrown with rumors and speculation, but one thing can be said for sure – it is a natural aphrodisiac. Thanks to the smell alone, the man’s attraction to the opposite sex increases. A coffee drink, even in small quantities, enhances blood circulation, tones the skin tissue and improves the flow of oxygen. This means that the body is working in an enhanced mode. 

The erection increases, the sensations become brighter and longer. Only real, freshly ground coffee beans have this effect.

What is harmful

Many foods are harmful if consumed excessively. Also, coffee in large quantities has a negative effect on male sexual potential. In adequate doses, it increases fertility and sperm activity. In contrast, if you drink more than one to two cups a day, you can become addicted to your daily caffeine intake.

Estrogen begins to be released vigorously. It is similar to female hormones, if the value exceeds the permissible norm, a man’s libido will decrease. The body can begin to change towards the female structure of the body: the chest, abdomen increase, even the timbre of the voice changes. An excess of female hormones threatens with impotence.

Caffeine in the male body

Each person has a different reaction to the drink. Many are simply drowsy – everything is purely individual.
There are a couple of ways to test your compatibility with a natural pathogen.

  1. Try a cup at breakfast and listen to how you feel. It is important that on this day you feel good and do not drink it on an empty stomach.
  2. If one cup doesn’t invigorate you throughout the day, drink another one at lunch. The dose of caffeine you need is different for everyone. Perhaps yours is two cups.
  3. After the burst of energy, listen to the sensations. If the body is filled with strength and a noticeable vigor appears, most likely, the drink can be your reliable assistant in life.

Experts have studied for a long time how coffee affects the potency of men, and came to the conclusion that there are significant pros. Here is some of them:

  1. Natural aphrodisiac. If you drink a cup of strong natural drink, fatigue is relieved, brain function and motor processes are improved. In such conditions, a man will be capable of more.
  2. Stirs up desire. It has been proven that the smell also has a positive effect on the libido of both sexes. The invigorating scent will captivate both partners and create a positive attitude.
  3. Do not drink it right before intimacy – a little time should pass.

Sometimes the suggestion works better than the effect itself. In most cases, your experiment will only work from self-hypnosis.

But isn’t it easier to believe and feel great than to be disappointed once again?
Of course, you should not consume five cups a day on this matter.

It has been proven that coffee addiction and overexcitability can negatively affect both male potency and well-being.

In optimal quantities, it can be consumed without harm. Scientists have established the norm of caffeine per day for a healthy person – 200-300 mg. Fans don’t have to start with three cups a day. The body needs to get used to it: start with latte, then move on to cappuccino, americano and espresso for seasoned coffee lovers.

The approximate caffeine content of coffee drinks:

NameThe amount of caffeine 50-70 mg(one cup)
Espresso25-23 ml
Americano50-70 ml
Cappuccino140-180 ml
Latte240-280 ml

Caffeine is found in tea, cocoa, and some sodas.

Do not drink later than 5-6 hours before bedtime.

How to drink correctly

  1. The amount of caffeine in the body is individual.
  2. The dosage should be based on how you feel.
  3. If you have trouble sleeping, reduce your intake.
  4. Do not drink instant coffee before intimacy.

Many people dislike the drink because of its strength and bitterness. Add milk or cream to it. If you drink strong espresso or Americano, the effect of an elevated mood occurs very sharply, overexcitement can occur, and coffee with milk will simply support your tone.

Depending on the degree of roast and the blend itself, the taste of the coffee, as well as its intended strength, may vary. The effect of the effect can be different.


Of course, coffee affects potency in men. However, how exactly, you need to check yourself. Experts can argue about the effect for a long time, but nobody canceled the identification of personal preferences. The main thing in this matter: do not fall into caffeine addiction and listen carefully to your body – then the effect will only be positive. If, due to your personality, he is not able to cheer you up, you will simply acquire the pleasant habit of drinking a delicious drink.

Effect of baking soda on potency

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, has long and firmly entered our lives. It is familiar to everyone: it is used to wash dishes, bleach linen, clean any surfaces from dirt. 

Soda to increase potency

It is believed that this remedy is useful for the potency of men. Doctors say this effect is possible if used correctly. 

If a man has infectious diseases, treatment therapy can be supplemented with baking soda baths. The appropriateness of the use of this powder must be approved by the attending physician.  

Baths are carried out regularly for 10-14 days. To complete the procedure correctly, you only need three things:

  • roomy basin;
  • several liters of water;
  • baking soda.

Pour water into the basin, with a temperature slightly above room temperature. Dissolve soda in it at the rate of a handful of it per liter of water. Sit in a basin and relax. The procedure takes 15 minutes. If the water starts to cool, you can add hot water.

This method of treatment will kill representatives of pathogenic microflora and warm up the genitals. And this will have a positive effect on enhancing blood circulation in the small pelvis, eliminating stagnant fluids and improving the functioning of the reproductive system. It is in this application that sodium bicarbonate affects the work of the male reproductive system.

Myths about soda and men’s health

There is a lot of information on the Internet about what “magical” properties baking soda has. This product will quickly get rid of all possible diseases. How true are these statements, and what are they based on?

Some doctors claim that baking soda is able to cope with diseases such as prostatitis, prostate adenoma, and even malignant formations of the male genital organs. To do this, you need to regularly consume the food solution inside. Once in the stomach, soda enters the bloodstream, from there – to the affected organs. There sodium bicarbonate has a detrimental effect on cancer cells, dissolving them.

This statement is false. In order for soda to dissolve the cells of internal organs, its concentration must be very high. That is, for a therapeutic effect, you will need to drink about a kilogram of soda dissolved in water. And what will happen to the stomach of such a patient? Sodium bicarbonate is an aggressive substance, and first of all it will dissolve the gastric mucosa, leading to the formation of erosion and ulcers.

The next hit will be the kidneys, which will have to neutralize the harmful effects of sodium bicarbonate on the internal organs. The result of such treatment will be the appearance of diseases of the digestive tract, kidneys and urinary system.

Will this treatment be effective? In the world, not a single case of successful treatment has been recorded, not only for a malignant neoplasm, but also for any other disease using this remedy. 

Baking soda for cleansing

The second “magic” property of the powder is the ability to cleanse the body. According to statements, its use in the form of microclysters can cleanse the intestines, remove toxins and toxins from it, and remove feces adhering to the walls. This will restore metabolic processes, improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs, as a result of which such male pathologies as prostatitis, low erection and weak potency will disappear.

What actually happens when a soda solution enters the rectum?

As in the case of the stomach, a burn of the intestinal mucosa occurs. This is dangerous with the formation of wounds and erosions, which will manifest themselves as acute pain both during bowel movements and in the usual state. Possible bleeding from the rectum, difficulty with bowel movements and stagnation of feces.

Long-term constipation, which occurs due to the fact that it hurts to defecate, will lead to disruptions in the functioning of the entire digestive system, pain in the abdomen and anus.

Another statement is the ability of baking soda to strengthen the immune system. This statement is only partly true. Baking soda is not able to significantly affect immunity.

Instead of an afterword

As it becomes clear, soda must be used correctly and carefully. No doctor will prescribe the use of sodium bicarbonate inside. The only possible use in traditional medicine recipes is outside.

Before using any recipe for traditional medicine, even if these are just baths with baking soda, you need to consult your doctor and clarify if there are any contraindications.

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